Artifact (Pre-Register)

Artifact (Pre-Register)

May 24, 2019


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Artifact Android

For those who’re looking for an exciting card game on the Android devices, the Artifact is definitely a great game to enjoy. Featuring detailed gameplay with lots of different cards, combinations, and strategies to approach the game. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game is based on the Dota world where the champions have many unique and epic powers. Here you’ll have different cards which possess certain types of powers and abilities. Use them wisely as you combine your strength to defeat the enemies.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

About the cards system

Card colors

Being a trading card game, Artifact focuses heavily on the cards system. Cards in Artifact are divided in different colors which are Black, Red, Green, and Blue. To play a colored card, you must have control of the hero with the appropriate card color in your lane.

Each color in the card system comes with a unique set of skills and abilities, allowing it too becomes effective in certain situations. Black cards are natural assassins which possess incredible slaying skills and capabilities. You can easily take down your opponents by using this card.

With Red cards, gamers can easily cause devastating damages in the beginning phases of the game, allowing for better snowballing. However, these cards will become less effective as you reach closer to the late game.

For the support heroes, we have the Green cards, which offer epic boosts and buffs to your side. You can even use them to summon incredible bosses that’ll deal devastating damages to the enemies.

And last but not least, we have the Blue cards which are essential for the magic heroes who’re often weak in the first game. This allows them to deal devastating damages to the enemies within seconds.

Artifact Android

Different types of cards

The cards system in Artifact features different cards for heroes, creatures, spells, and items.

Heroes –  these are the most important sets of cards in the entire game. In Artifact, players are only allowed to field 5 different hero cards in the table. So make sure you choose them wisely. In addition, hero cards also have their own powers and abilities, which make them extremely useful in certain situations. You’ll also need hero cards with all kinds of color in the game to be able to control the other cards.

Creatures – these are the lowest rank cards in the game, which are essentially minions for you to control and sacrifice for the better good. Normally, in a card game, you’ll have a lot of Creatures to throw at the enemies. Make sure you use them intelligently to gain the best outcome.

Spells – These are magical cards capable of doing incredible things. You can heal up the entire army, debuff the enemies, curse them with powerful spells, deal epic damages to the enemies. You can only receive a certain amount of Spell cards in your table, so make sure you use them effectively.

Items – And like an actual Dota game, players can also purchase item cards during the shopping phase. Use them to equip your armies and heroes. Use the advantages to win over your enemies.

Artifact Android

Unlimited strategies

With all the available cards, players in Artifact will have their chances to experience with different tactics and strategies in the game. Choose your own set of cards with the right heroes, minions, spells, and items. Take down different enemies using an appropriate approach and become the mastermind in this amazing game from Valve.

Explore the mechanics

The mechanics in Artifact are inspired by the traditional Dota game with the combination of card-trading game.

The resources

During your battle, it’s important that you can protect your resources from the enemies as well as earning new resources to improve your armies. In addition, you can loot resources from the enemies to strengthen your position. With enough resources, you can purchase multiple upgrades and perform more powerful skills during the battles.


Here you’ll have the same structures that you’ll have to destroy, just like a normal Dota game, which are Towers, Ancients, and Fountains. Protect yours and attack the enemies to quickly gain advantages. You’ll need to defend your towers for as long as possible to maintain the vision, protection, as well as keeping the enemies from earning loot money. You must protect your Ancients and attack the enemies’ Ancients to gain the final victory.

Artifact Android

Explore the gameplay

The gameplay in Artifact is divided into different phases, in which players are allowed to deploy their cards, experience the actions, take down the enemies in the combats, and purchase new items in the Shopping phase.

During battles, you’ll have different ways to deal damages to the opponents and defend your armies. That being said, players can make uses of the mixed attacks which consist of magical damages and physical damages. Depending on the enemies, some attacks would be extremely fatal while others won’t do anything significant.

Enjoy the online gaming experiences

Artifact is currently free for all online players to participate. Here you can meet up with some of the best card-trading from all over the world. Take on them to improve your skills as well as earning valuable rewards.

Players are also allowed to join friends in a PvP battle or take down other enemies as a team. All in all, you’ll have a lot of fun playing this incredible game.

In addition, there are also amazing tournaments being held every day, allowing players to join anytime they want. Battle some of the best card players and earn your desired prizes.

Artifact Android

Visual and sound quality


Here in Artifact, gamers will have their chances to experience epic card battles, in which all the cards seem to come back to life and take on each other in epic cinematic battles. In addition, the awesome hand-drawn cards will make you feel truly connected to your heroes. And last but not least, the powerful and epic visual effects when two decks crash into each other would certainly satisfy you.


With incredible and impactful sounds effects, each of your actions in Artifact will feel like a real treat. Moreover, powerful soundtracks will keep you immersed in the amazing card-trading world of Artifact.

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Among the card games in the market, Artifact is undoubtedly a great game to enjoy. It features a deep meta, lots of discoverable features, and frequently updated gameplay. All in all, this is definitely a great game for Android user that can’t be overlooked. Make sure you access their website and get this game for free right away to start enjoying the epic card battles.

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