Big adventure from scratch: Dessert Prince 2

Big adventure from scratch: Dessert Prince 2

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For all the desperate fangirls out there, prepare to get your mind blow. Embrace your cooking and romance journey as you find yourself caught into an interesting teenage girl’s romance story. Fulfill your bakery dreams and meet the love of your life in this amazing game from Enjoygames. Find out more about Big adventure from scratch: dessert Prince 2 with our detailed reviews.


The game begins with you, the main characters, who’re looking for a way to pursue her bakery career. You’ll soon find yourself under the instruction of cute and handsome guys who all seem to have a crush on you. What more can you possibly expect?

In addition, you’ll also have your chance to open a bakery shop of your own. Enjoy the baking fun as you make your customers happy every day with your delicious treats. Study more about the art of bakery and enlarge your business as you progress further into the game.

And maybe, things can get all romantic with one of those hot guys that you’re working with. Who knows, everything is possible in Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Follow an exciting adventure and choose your own paths

In Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2, players will be playing as an enthusiastic young girl who always dreams about opening her own bakery. Now, she has made her first step on fulfilling her dream by having opened her first store. It’s your job to make her business thrive as well as helping her to learn new cooking recipe.

Along her journey, you’ll have your chances to decide your own future as you choose different paths. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to work with certain NPCs. Make friends with them and they’ll be extremely helpful when helping you to pursue your career.

12 different prince charming ready to satisfy you

For the fangirls out there, Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2 will be the place that you can find your true love. Interact with different male characters, each features a whole different characteristic, making them extremely attractive. Lazy and confident dessert king, warm and caring brother, cute and childish novelist, cautious and lovely childhood friend, etc. It’s your choice to make, no matter what partner you choose, you’ll definitely be satisfied with their qualities.

Experience romantic love stories with your desired counterpart

With all those attractive male characters surrounding you, it’s hard not to fall in love with one of them, or, all of them. Just kidding, still, you can choose your own partner in this game and have your own prince charming supporting you as you pursue your cooking career. Experience romantic love stories with your desired partner in Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2. Make your dream come true and have yourself the dream boyfriend.

Study hundreds of delicious bakery recipes

The game is also a wonderful cooking title as it allows players to gain access to over hundreds of different cooking recipes with most of them are for baking. Learn the art of bakery with all your heart and you’ll fall in love more with this job, and of courses, the lovely guys who help you with your baking too. Nonetheless, make sure you study and master a lot of recipes since they’ll be extremely helpful in the future as you expand your businesses.

Explore the business tycoon options

More than an average cooking or romantic game, Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2 delivers a complete experience for Android gamers. Here, aside from your cooking and loving businesses, you’ll also learn a lot about how to manage a true bakery. Arrange and organize your store to attract and satisfy the customers. Provide them with your most-confident cakes and gain your reputations as a great cook. Expand your business as you gain more success and achieve your dream life with your handsome counterpart.

Travel to the world most famous cooking paradises

As you progress further into the game, you’re also introduced to different story paths. Here you’ll choose your desired destinations and travel to them as you begin your baking career. Learn to cook from the best chefs from all over the world. Travel the glamorous France, the beautiful Australia, the amazing Japan, and so on. Decide on your own, where you want to go.

Free to play

For those who don’t know, you might find it surprising to know that the game is currently free to play and you can get it anytime you want. This is quite exciting as you can now enjoying your dream life with handsome boyfriends with your Android devices. What are you waiting for? Let’s download and install Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2 right away!

Visual and sound quality


For an Android game, Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2 delivers unmatched graphics with gorgeous hand-drawn images. In addition, each character in the game is carefully designed by the well-known painter Lu Chuan Ming, which is even more exciting.

That being said, you can literally see the facial expressions on your characters when talking to them. In fact, it’s so realistic that you can even know what they’re thinking. Sometimes, I feel like I’m caught in the fictional 2D world with those pretty boys.


With cheerful sound effects, players in Big adventure from scratch dessert Prince 2 will always feel motivated to do their work. In fact, as you complete your missions or challenges, the congratulation sounds even make you feel like you were truly praised. In addition, the peaceful soundtracks are perfect for long-session gaming.

Final thoughts

Those who’re looking for a romantic game with lots of exciting elements would definitely find this game satisfying.

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