Bridge Constructor MOD APK 12.1 (Unlocked)

Bridge Constructor MOD APK 12.1 (Unlocked)

September 29, 2023


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ClockStone STUDIO
62 MB
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A bridge is a structure that is built over a road, railway, river, … so that people, vehicles, … can cross from one side to the other. And there are many bridges that have become famous in the world such as Golden Gate Bridge in California, the U.S, Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia or Tower Bridge in London and so on. If you want to become a construction engineer and build the beautiful bridges, Bridge Constructor will help you to do it. Bridge Constructor is the game of the simulation genre. In the game, you can design the more beautiful and best bridges in the world. Let’s take part in Bridge Constructor now.

Graphic and sound

Bridge Constructor is one of the games that has been built and developed by ClockStone STUDIO. They are a company in Innsbruck, Austria, specialized in game development across numerous platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Bridge Constructor can run on many platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, WinStore, etc. And the game also is available on Google Play, App Store, Steam, and Microsoft Store. So you can install Bridge Constructor on mobile devices, and computers. Especially, the game also has native tablet HD graphics support. Finger controls and GUI optimized for big displays, stylus support for Samsung Pen tablets. But you will have to spend less money to buy the game. Bridge Constructor is only for single player.

Besides, 3D graphic is very eye – catching. The players can see great scenes in Bridge Constructor. High mountains with many trees, a white beach with crystal clean water or a big city with high – rise buildings and so on. Moreover, fire effect makes the game be more realistic. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. You can hear the vehicles’ horn when the vehicles have gone over the bridge or the sound when the bridge is broken. A light soundtrack will be always turned on while you are playing Bridge Constructor. This will make you feel comfortable. But you still can turn off the sound in the Setting of the game if you don’t like to hear them.

Bridge Constructor screen 0

Build the solid bridges

In Bridge Constructor, the bridges were destroyed by an earthquake. Therefore, the player’s main mission is to help the citizens to rebuild their bridges to connect the two ends of a city. Bridge Constructor also allows you to create the bridges your way, from materials to designs. Besides, when you start to build the bridge, you will be provided an amount of money so that you can buy the materials and build the bridge. But you need to keep an eye on your budget to be able to complete the strong bridge. If not, your bridge can be broken when the vehicles go over. Especially, Bridge Constructor also will provide a grid so that you can design the bridge more easily. Starting from a white anchor point, you will draw construction elements on the construction plane with your finger. The game also allows you to remove the elements that you draw wrong by using the undo button or double-tapping on them.

Bridge Constructor screen 3

In addition, there are many types of materials in Bridge Constructor so that you choose for each bridge. For example, wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars. Concrete is indestructible and concrete pillars can only be constructed from yellow anchor points. But the cables can be spanned over long distances and they can carry more tensile load than wood. However, the cable can’t withstand a compressive load. You won’t use all materials at the same time. You just unlock the new material when you overcome a certain level. After you has completed your bridge, the vehicles will pass over it. If the bridge is collapsed when the vehicles are passing over, you will have to rebuild it. So calculate carefully when building the bridge and then, put it to the test using cars and trucks.

Bridge Constructor screen 1

Special features

Like some different games, Bridge Constructor also has the special features to attract many players. The first feature is a lot of levels so that the players build the bridge. And there are 40 construction levels in the game. This will be a big challenge for you. Besides, there are 5 settings such as city, canyon, beach, mountain, hill and 4 different building materials such as wood, steel, cables and concrete pillar. They will allow you to create the bridges comfortably. In addition, the publisher used color to show the load indicator for different building materials. This helps you to see the issues of the bridge, the place where can be collapsed when the vehicles go over.

Moreover, on some levels, you will have to overcome three different load bearing levels. Car, truck and tank truck. Especially, the train is available now. But you will have to buy it on Trains Add-On. In this Add-On, you can open up 3 new islands with 18 new levels. You also can build the bridges for modern commuter trains and heavy freight trains. This also is a good opportunity for you to enjoy the view of picturesque mountains and ravines. The idyllic and beautifully designed landscapes will make the heart of every railroad fanatic skip a beat. Furthermore, when you are playing Bridge Constructor, you won’t have to watch any ads thanks to the No Ads feature.

Bridge Constructor screen 2

Become the best construction engineer

With simple gameplay, the players just need to build the bridges with the different materials and the certain budget. Bridge Constructor has attracted many players in the world. Besides, the stress simulator will reveal whether your bridge can hold the weight of cars and trucks or if the construction will crash. This will make the game become more realistic. Moreover, in the SlopeMania add-on, the game will take you to completely new Tiltin Islands. Here you can build the bridges inside colorful grottoes. In addition, there are up to 24 “sloping” levels in this add-on. These levels allow the players to use sloping lanes to overcome the massive height differences. Especially, the “Crazy Levels” will require out-of-the-box thinking and unusual solutions. This will help you to increase your ability to think. Furthermore, Bridge Constructor doesn’t require connecting to the Internet. So you can play the game whenever you want. This also helps you to relax and entertain when you feel tired without the Internet. Let’s install Bridge Constructor, build the strong bridges and become the best construction engineer.

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