Fist of the North Star 1.0.11 (MOD God Mode)

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6.0 and up
70.25 MB
MOD Features
- One Hit
- God Mode

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Prepare for the most epic publication of the famous manga series First of the North Star onto the touchscreen of Android and iOS devices. Embark a thrilling and exciting journey with your favorite characters from the series. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game from SEGA.


The game takes place in a fictional world, in which humanity has destroyed the Earth after a series of nuclear wars. The vegetation has vanished off the surface of the land and the seas have almost evaporated due to the scorching sun. Now, human is forced to consume and fight for its last bits of resources to survive.

The world has become such a cruel and inhumanity place to live where the weak are being hunted by the strong. Everyday life has become a constant war for uncontaminated water and food. Such a sad fate for the ones who’re still living.

Players will be playing as Kenshiro, the successor of the traditional assassination art with over 1800 years of experiences, the Hokutou Shinken. Knowing that the world is suffering from the consequences of the meaningless wars, you’re determined to put a stop to this madness.

As you take on your journey, you’ll meet up with new characters who also share the same dream as you. Together, you guys can create a better world. However, be mindful that you’re not the alone. There also are other groups who desire destruction and war. They know nothing but their own personal ambitions, and this is the main reason why the world still remains at wars Make sure you can defeat them and bring peace to the land.

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Here are the most notable features in the game that you’ll surely find interesting:

Play the game as your favorite characters from the series

In First of the North Star Legends ReVIVE, players will have their chances to enjoy the game by playing with some of your most favorite characters in the series.

  • Kenshiro – this is our main character who is also the successor of the Hokuto Shinken master Ryuken. He is considered to be the most powerful disciple of the art in over 1800 years and has proven himself worthy by battling many enemies throughout his adventures. Play as this man in your Fist of the North Star game and take down the opponents before they could even realize.
  • Raoh – He is probably one of the most respected character in the series for being extremely powerful and caring for the people around him. Raoh is also a disciple of Ryuken. Out of the four student, Raoh is considered the most hard-working one.
  • Yuria – Being the most attractive female character in the series, Yuria is loved by many characters. But she remains fateful to her fiancĂ©, Kenshiro.
  • Bat – A young boy who often accompanied Kenshiro in his adventure. Bat was a young orphanage boy who left his home village at an early age so that his adoptive mother can take better care of his cousins.

Together with our main characters, players are also introduced to hundreds more, each one possesses their own powers and abilities.

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Simple and intuitive controls

Here in Fist of the North Star, players are introduced to a simple and intuitive control system. You’ll have complete control of your characters while you’re staying in the world map or during combats. All the options are properly organized so that gamers can quickly gain access.

In addition, the enhanced touch commands allow gamers to effectively challenge the opponents using their wombo combo attacks.

Epic turn-based combat system

As you have collected powerful characters to your inventory, you’ll be introduced to an epic turn-based combat system. Choose your own team compositions and take on your opponents using different approaches. Enjoy the exciting turn-based combat as you encounters different opponents through out your journey.

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Upgrade your characters for improved skills and abilities

Each character in First of the North Star Legends ReVIVE takes the form of a card. Depending on their powers, your cards will have different looks. You can upgrade or fuse your cards to make the character stronger. In addition, as you take on the battles, you’ll also earn experiences that could be used to level them up. You can also equip items to your heroes, making them stronger and more capable.

Complete quests and challenges to unlock new characters

Also, the game features various quests and challenges so that gamers can compete to unlock valuable prizes. You can get new characters, items, or equipment just by making it through the levels.

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Visual and sound quality


With realistic 3D graphics, Fist of the North Star Legend ReLIVE is probably one of the best mobile game when it comes to visual experiences. Here you’ll enjoy stunning and accurate visual effects that would leave you speechless. On top of that, the realistic physics would make your characters look like they just stepped from the manga. All combined to make Fist of the North Star extremely entertaining. However, you should keep in mind that the game requires decent hardware to play so there are chances that your old phone won’t make it through.


Powerful and impactful combat sound effects will make you feel like you’re caught into a real fight between the best warriors on the planet. Make uses of your powerful combo attacks to take down the enemies before they could lay their hands on you.

How To Install Fist of the North Star APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.sega.HokutoRevive.en. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.sega.HokutoRevive.en folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Fist of the North Star latest 1.0.11 Android APK

Fist of the North Star is, without a doubt, one of the best turn-based 3D games for Android gamers. Start enjoying the game right now as you embark Kenshiro journey to bring internal peace to the world.

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