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No shoppers in the world ever wanted to be caught during a time of high price. It is common sense that anyone would hope whenever they want to begin their shopping spree, prices would be at all time low for stuffs that they actually wanted to buy. But that’s usually a very tall order. One part because sales, especially spontaneous ones, are hard to keep track of. If you don’t usually pass the place where they put banners and signs indicating that they are planning a sale, it will be blind guess to prophesy a sale. And even when they put these kinds of information online, not a lot of people have the time to check and re-check daily.

FreeKaaMaal is there to solve this tricky problem for the Indian market.


Aesthetically, the app isn’t bad, and it’s actually comparable to other e-commerce sites out there such as Amazon or AliExpress in term of app design. Besides the rather genetic look of an atypical Android app, the designers outdone themselves in term of organisation. The products are represented through a large picture portraying itself, and the app may have had taken inspiration from Amazon for that. However, it sure gives an intuitive and graphical browsing experience.

There are three notable features packed within the apps:

  • Live trend offers update: Information regarding products, sales, and offers are updated in real time. And if you keep on spamming refresh, you theoretically could have information the instant that they went up. But that wouldn’t be necessary …
  • Advanced notification system: This is the best feature, in my opinion. The reason you download the app in the first place would be to have instantaneous information on sales. Of course, no one has the kind of time to keep spamming refresh forever. That’s why the notification system is such a life-saver.
  • Coupon Store: Usually, coupons are earned after buying certain products from a certain shop, or once you’ve done something asked. Or maybe they’re completely free. No matter what the case is, they are all listed within the Coupon Store section.
  • Rich Offers: Like a true sale hunting app, FreeKaaMaal also has a section in its app dedicated entirely to offers, and its job is to compile a list of all sorts of offers you can get your hands on. From food and restaurant offers, to apparel and fashion offers, to computer and mobile offers.

And it will collect all of the data it could from up to 500 and more e-commerce sites. At least, that’s what it has claimed. However, the reality is that you might just be on the look out for a dozen sites at most. However, more, in this case, is not really that bad. If you don’t like the offers on any of the sites you frequent on, who knows, somewhere out there might be one that’s having a bargain for what you’re looking for.


FreeKaaMaal, for Indian shoppers alone, is a must have on your phone. Especially if you are a frequent shopper, or shopaholic – it would be a severe disadvantage if you’re not having this in your storage.

Download FreeKaaMaal latest v2.5.9

You can install FreeKaaMaal: Deals & Coupons on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and, respectively. Just download FreeKaaMaal APK on Apkdone and install it.

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