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There are careers centered around social medias platforms, or the survival of a business is stressed heavily on their interactions with both existing and potential customers on social medias. While Facebook usually takes the cake for online marketing, Instagram, however, centered more toward building an individual career on sponsorship and advertisements. Many people flocks to Instagram and begin to build their account with this thought in mind, but not a lot of people realise that there is a difficult catch to that: “How to build the first block?”

You need a lot of likes, and you need it immediately and in high number to reel in additional viewers. But as beginners, it is the most difficult step in building a profession out of Instagram.

That’s what IG Hoot is for.


IG Hoot is a programme that is called an ‘Auto Liker’ – it will generate likes, comments, and follows on whatever account that it is attached to. Yes, all of these numbers are virtual and they are not real, however, they would provide an account the necessary boosts to gain actual viewership and followers.

As for the design of the app, it is, surprisingly, quite well designed and really does show that the developers are serious about their creation. Unlike most auto likers I have seen and reviewed, this one in particular stands out for both its intuitive, but also well organised interface.

As for the full functionality, however, the app also manages to do what it was advertised. Even though it would have to ask for your account information in the beginning for it to work its claimed magics. This can be very concerning given the fact that your information would be stored on their database, and since they’ve specifically said at the top of the app that: “You can remove your account from our database anytime by contacting us.” The word ‘contact’ seems to indicate that the developers themselves partake directly in the process of removing accounts, thus, making your information extremely likely to be viewed and known by developers.

If you are worried about this, you should turn away now. But when you came here in search of an auto liker, you would’ve already known the risks associated with this. So, if you’re willing to bear it, continue at your own peril.

Once logged in, you can use two official functions of the tool: Follower, and like. By interacting with the two menus available in the app, you can send desired amount of follower and like to your profile for as long as you wanted. However, it is not advisable that you do this in quick succession, due to the fact that Instagram will be on the look out for such action and may get you into troubles.

Despite this, I still highly recommend you to forfeit the use of this tool and instead build your fanbase from the bottom up for considerably safer and moral experience.


When you neither have the time, nor the reach necessary to build your Instagram profile, this is a last-ditch effort usable to increase the amount of traffics and possible interests that you might garner with your contents. Who knows, you might make it big after the initial boost provides by this tool paid off.

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You can install IG Hoot on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and Apkdone.com, respectively. Just download IG Hoot from Apkdone and install it.

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