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Live Net TV

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Live Net TV

In this day and age of online TV streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the market is gradually being grown, gaining in popularity drastically in the recent years. That makes the Internet movie and TV streaming business extremely lucrative to get into. And although there is little hope for any competitor to directly match the financial prowess or the popularity of the likes of Netflix, they can surely gain ground bits by bits. Live Net TV – a new name to the game is foraying into this brave new market. Its services are, for the most part, free. And it is not a bad alternative to the pay for service streaming businesses out there, if you’re looking for one as a source of entertainment.

The first thing I ought to talk about is the number of channels that it supports. And the number, for a free service, is staggering. More than 800 channels are available at your fingertips (Which was what they claimed. It is difficult to determine the exact number of channels out there, since they also provide unique channels to overseas customers. Also, many channels have now been defuncted). But fortunately, the many channels that are not working anymore could be reported for removal, and the app developers updated the database regularly with newer, or refreshed channels for their viewers. But in the end, the most important and popular channels such as the sport channels are always readily available for viewing. Furthermore, the app also supports streaming. A great many number of reviewers that gave the app the above average score is those who are happy with its sport streaming feature. If you are here searching for that one feature in particular, you would not walk away disappointed.

Like I said, Live Net TV also supports international channels. Eleven regions, in particular, including Thailand, Portugal, South Indian, German, e.t.c.

If the channels that you wanted to see are not yet available on Live NetTV’s repository. It is entirely possible for you to send off a message to the developer as a query, and maybe, if possible, they would update the database accordingly. This is probably the best indication that the developers truly care about their userbase, and also an indication that the platform is still pretty young and small in users. Its size allows the developers to listen more carefully for the small voices that use their app, which is entirely an advantage in itself.

Beside giving you the ability to watch channels on your Android devices. The app also supports Chromecast, and in the past, Fire Stick. But from my brief research, it seems like they have stopped supporting this platform even though the app is still there for download. Most of the channels on this platform were all defuncted and had yet to be updated in a long time. So, if you have the intention of using this app on your Fire Stick, it is best that you turn away, or use it on an Android devices or TV boxes instead.

Overall, the app is a great alternative to paid streaming services. It has a lot of troubles that come with using free streaming services, sure, such as the problematic channels and limiting contents. But at least, you can’t really complain with the price point: Zero.

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