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The online messenger apps market is getting choked up with many different names and brands. You’ve got Facebook Messenger, What’s App, Skype,… which are great apps with millions of users around the world? But they all lack a few demanding privacy features.

Pikek is a cool Android app for chatting online with your friends which is completely free to use. It comes with a friendly user interface and you can have an absolute control of the information that you choose to provide.

You can easily get the app by going to Apkdone.com and type Pikek from the search box to browse the file. Download the Apk file, install it, and well, open it. You’ll be asked to create an account, which is totally legit to me. The registration is quite simple and you aren’t required to provide any extra information, just your email (which you can use a cloned one).

And just a few simple steps, you’ve had yourself a cool private messenger app. On the home screen you can notice that there are features that you can mess with:


You’ll have the option to set your profile picture and add your emoji status, which could be anything you like. You can choose to select 5 topics which interest you to share with others. On top of that, you can add your personal bio in the profile so people could have a better impression.


Now, this is the most important panel in Pikek where you could customize almost anything in this app. The general section provides the option to check for update and developer’s information, which there isn’t too much to talk about.

Moving on is the chat modification panels which consist of Chat Aesthetics and Chat Mods. The first panel, like its name, allows you to modify your chat box’s shape and text’s color. It’s a cool feature if you’re into colorful chat boxes.

The Chat Mods panel provide tons of different features for your messaging experiences. You can send gallery of images as your live camera pics. It’s very useful if you’re keen to keep your identity secret. The Disable Typing option also helpful since it’ll not display that you’re typing when chatting with others. It’s quite useful, especially when you haven’t figured out what to say next. On top of that, you can send voice messages just like other popular apps.

The Media No Forward option allows you control the information that you’ve sent and made sure that they can’t be used by other people other than the person that receive your messages. It’s a great way to control your privacy.

With the Group Chat panel, you can choose to add badges to the admin profile so people can quickly tell who created the group. And also, the blur media option in group chat will also be helpful in keeping your chat a secret.

There are many different features from this app which I haven’t been able to show you guys in such a short review, but one thing for sure, they’re all very cool and will be great for your privacy.

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