Pixel Sword Fish io MOD APK 2.51 (Unlimited Coins)

Pixel Sword Fish io MOD APK 2.51 (Unlimited Coins)

November 25, 2023


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Pixel Sword Fish io poster

io game was played by many people because gameplay is easy, interface is nice. APPIDEA Capital LTD exploited the familiar io game topic to create Pixel Sword Fish io based on the sword fish image. The game is highly entertaining, light and fun, but it also doesn’t less depth. A player needs to have a strategy to pass levels and win the game.

Discover your creatures and how to play

Pixel Sword Fish io is the game about pretty creatures piercing each other. The game is used on portable devices, you can play it on both Android and iOS. The players can download Pixel Sword Fish io for free on Google Play App or App Store.

You have to control the creature like an arrow, dash to enemies and kill them, which is your assignment. Because of joystick, you can control the creature in your direction. If you want your creature to run faster with higher speed, let’s use an acceleration button (the lower right corner of the screen). But running fast will reduce your energy. Then you kill your enemies, you will receive point and the nose will be risen. Popup the balloons to get more stars.

Your goal is become the creature with the biggest nose in the world, if your nose touches another creature, that creatures will explode and you will get the point. But you should be careful, if others run into you, you are defeated and game is over.

And you don’t worry when you have the tiny nose. You can attack from sides or the back of the players to defeat them, although that players have the big nose.

Pixel Sword Fish io screen 0


Six modes of Pixel Sword Fish io

Like other games, Pixel Sword Fish io also has many modes for the players to choose. There are 6 modes in the game: Classic, Team play, Survival, Kill the king, Smash, One sword pro. Each mode has its own unique and interesting that gives the players many assignments to conquer. “Classic” mode is the lowest mode and “One sword pro” mode is the highest mode. All modes need to have the Internet connection.

“Classic” mode is the first mode when you are the new player. In this mode, you have to fight with other creatures collecting stars to develop your nose. Try to earn trophy to unlock the next mode. The second mode is “Team play”. The mode uses team gameplay and each team has a ticket count. If there is no ticket left, you can’t revive until game over. So you should notice your ticket count. The third mode is “Survival” mode. You and 50 players will be in on room. The rule is simple, you have to fight 50 players and find a way to survive. “Kill the king” is the fourth mode. To unlock, you must have 300 trophies or more. There is a king with a large body and a crown in this room, the players is trying to kill him to become the new king and receive rewards. You defend yourself or attract other players, it is depending on whether you are the king or not. The fifth mode is “Smash”. The overcrowded small room with many players and it has no escape. You must be very fast and have a good reaction to exist. The last mode is “One sword pro”. Only true masters who are really quick and have more than 1200 trophies or equal, are allowed to play in this mode. You need to have a lot of time, practice more và earn many trophies to unlock it.

Besides, Pixel Sword Fish io has the other mode which is for the Offline players. In this mode, you will play with bots, you can exercise to increase your skill and play whenever possible.

Pixel Sword Fish io screen 2

Change your creature by your creativity and setting

With Pixel Sword Fish io, you can customize your creature. You only need to click on the button that has creature images, then you will see other creatures that the game provided. There are many colors and shapes, you can create the creature that is unique. Some shapes are free or you will receive when you unlock the modes. Other shapes are bought by the stars and the rewards that you have received. So let’s try to collect many shapes to create the exclusive and nice creature for you.

Sound is fun, but if you don’t like the sound of the game or you don’t want to affect people around you when you are playing the game, you can turn off it. You just need to click on setting icon, then click on volume icon or music icon and the sound turned off. It is very easy, isn’t it?

Pixel Sword Fish io screen 3

When you were bored with other io games

Pixel Sword Fish io MOD APK has the fairly simple gameplay, you only need to control the direction of the creature by navigation keys and avoid other player touching yourself. The game will be a choice when you were bored with other io games like Slither io, Agar io, … With many modes, the players can freely choose the mode that they like. They can also change other mode when they want. To play the different modes, you only need to unlock by the trophies. This will attract more players and they will try to assemble many trophies to overcome the modes and become the master.

Pixel Sword Fish io screen 1

In addition, if you don’t desire the defeat, this requires that you must have a good skill and a quick reflection as you should avoid the touch of the creatures otherwise you will be killed and lose the game. It helps you to increase your reflex capability and speed. With an eye – catching and lively interface, the plentiful and diverse creatures, you can play the game to relax after a long working day or create the new creatures.

Let’s install and play the game to know more about the new gameplay and explore your possibilities.

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