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SONGily Music

There is a great many different music streaming services out there: From Spotify, to SoundCloud, down to Amazon Music. All of them are great choices if you want to listen to high fidelity music at low costs. However, not all of them cater to people who want to listen to high fidelity music at no cost.

There is a lot of problems, both moral and legal in this reasoning, though: Whenever you listen to any music at no cost at all, you are listening to it despite the artists’ hard works they have put into their works. So if there are any music streaming services at all that do not put a small fee to support the artists that they cover, it is downright thievery.

SONGily takes a different venue.


Instead of putting a paywall that demand you to pay a small monthly fee to support both the platform and the artists that you listen to, SONGIly instead use numerous ads to turn a profit. Therefore, you can still listen to the music without paying at all, however, the ads will still be there for it to be a bother. If you want this to be gone, you should just pay for SONGily Pro, which is the version that does not contain ads and give you unlimited access to its repository. But as a side note, if you wished to do that, you ought to just pay for quality services such as Spotify to satisfy your musical needs.

But if you still want to stick with SONGily for whatever reasons, it is not a bad choice.

From the theme, to the way that the app is designed reminds me a lot of Spotify. The green logo and theme that SONGily itself peruses, as well as the familiar dark theme that is a trademark of Spotify, we can see that they’ve taken quite some cues from the music streaming giant.

The actual service is rivaling that of Spotify, surprisingly. It offers a variety of popular artists worldwide, and you probably would be able to find the top charters supported by SONGily. More vague artists, however, that still need to be seen.

Whether SONGily actually pays its artists or not is still a question, and there is a huge question mark in term of morality when you download and use this app. But its integrated video converter seems to be the answer we are looking for when we questioned the legal behind the app: Which is no, it seems to be an illegal platform.


I don’t at all support this if the artists listed are not paid for their works. However, if you are short on cash and would be willing to bear a couple seconds of ads, it maybe just what you need until you can find the money to actually support the artists that you love (Which I highly recommend that you do). Although it is greatly built, and also capable, the questions still remained behind the entirety of this platform are large and vague enough that I, personally, would not use this over Spotify.

Download Latest version

You can install SONGily Pro on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store or, respectively. Just download SONGily Pro from Apkdone and install it.

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