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Technical Baba
4.0 and up
3.2 MB

Sound of Text is a simple design and a simple app to satisfy just that, but surprisingly, the amount of things you can do with this is quite staggering. For such a simple app to have the same degree of flexibility of Sound of Text is quite a rarity. Although you can find quite a lot of tools utilising the same design idea, the simplicity and the intuitiveness of it all really makes this app stands out among its competitors.


It is a simple text to speech app that would read out automatically through a text to speech engine whatever you type into the box. After that, it will convert the sound file into mp3 for all of your needs. Normally, you wouldn’t really need a text to speech converter slash downloader for anything.

However, if you are a language learner, it will be extremely useful to learn language through flashcards with. Or if you want to remember anything, you can also convert them into handy flashcards of whatever you want to memorise and let the sound do the bulk of the work. Or if you have a document or an ebook that you want to read out loud, it could be a useful app to have.

The user interface is relatively simplistic, but you can’t really expect more from so simple an app. It does all it needs to do, and was advertised that it could do. And for that, it is a good app in my book.


While it is an extremely ordinary app, the amount of applications it can have is surprising. You just need to think for a while or take some cues from the comments, and it would be far more useful than it initially looks. There is power in simplicity, after all, and this one takes all the cake for it.

Download Latest version

You can install Sound of Text on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and, respectively. Just download Sound of Text on and install it. The game does come with optional in-app purchases and some usual ads, but they wouldn’t have too many effects on your gaming experiences. Plus, you can purchase other items later in the game too.

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