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November 29, 2023


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As one of the oldest tabletop intelligence game cards in human history, playing cards has attracted countless fans with its unique charm since its birth. Playing cards born out of French tarot cards have witnessed the greatness of human imagination and creativity.

Based on 54 cards, over 200 gameplays have been born. There are 44 kinds of poker gameplays that people only can play. And we can call it the greatest of the 21st century and one of the youngest intellectual games in the extensive history of human history.

Mobile games also have immediately become the love of many players, and it has quickly become famous all over the world. As the two intellectual games accessible in the world, the combination of the two is a perfect match.

Regardless of the PC, handheld, or console platform, Poker is the most common game type. Remember the scenes where the various poker games built into Windows obsessed mom and dad all day long?

And WSOP (World Series of Poker) as a hall-level event in the poker field will naturally not miss the opportunity of cooperation with video games. Since the first landing on the GameCube platform in 2005, several WSOP-themed mobile games have been born.

Storyline and Background

Since Chris Moneymaker created a miracle of $40 to win $2.5 million in 2004, WSOP has attracted more and more immature people. On August 31, 2005, the “World Poker Series” developed by WSOP officially allowed Activision formally was released on Nintendo’s GameCube console to promote the development of Texas Hold ’em Poker.

You are not mistaken. It is Activision that developed the well-known masterpieces in the game industry, such as “Call of Duty” and “Slaughter.” This poker game was released 12 years ago. Even if viewed from today’s perspective, we can still regard its quality as outstanding. In the beginning, a CG animation with the theme of WSOP table, green flowers, beautiful professional players, and the golden champion bracelet. These full elements of WSOP immediately impressed the emotions of unknown players.

The gameplay of this game will not repeat too much. It is the ordinary Texas Hold ’em gameplay. But what is unusual compared to other traditional Texas Hold ’em games is the career mode. Players can design their characters (Whether Texas Warm?), win step by step from the satellite game, and finally, top the leading event champion.

Try to win your gold bracelet and bonus. With vibrant movements and facial expressions, players who haven’t come to the scene can experience the joy of WSOP and the championship in the game world.

Amazing Gameplays

This game is original from the orthodox poker rules that have five cards that you often do. And you can play two types of games such as “TEXAS HOLD’EM” and “OMAHA,” which are held at American casinos. You can dance to some extent just by remembering essential poker words such as “raise”, “call”, and “bet”. If you don’t know what a card is, you can find it in the Help section.

There is also a mode in which you can win the WSOP (World Series of Poker) ring and bracelet sent to the real “World Series of Poker” champion called “WIN A RING” in the virtual world, so you can have a heated match that you can enjoy all day.


“TEXAS HOLD’EM” is the most popular game in American casinos. It deals each player with two cards and bets chips. If two or more players are remaining at that point, place three cards in the center. The card placed in the center becomes a standard card. And it combines the cards in it and the cards on hand to complete the role.

It is possible to open two central cards by adding chips. When the number of primary tickets reaches five, it starts the showdown forcibly competing for strength. The player with the most substantial role wins!


As with “TEXAS HOLD’EM”, it places cards in the center each time you bet chips. There are four cards in your hand. Among the nine cards, including the central card, five cards have a useful role. You must select and compete with the opponent. The feature is that you can easily play a role, so if you want to play casually, we strongly recommend it.

Special Features

Fight side by side with legends

After receiving a sympathetic response and income from the first game, WSOP continued to strengthen cooperation with Activision, launched the sequel “World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions” in 2006, and successively landed on XBOX 360, PlayStation 2, PSP and other platforms.

As in the previous game, players can still customize their game characters and operate them step by step to the WSOP supreme event championship. But the most innovative aspect of this work is the addition of a system for creating models based on photos. When a player uploads two pictures, the system will render a model based on the images. It was a unique setting in 2006.

Unlike the previous game, which played cards, “WSOP: Champions” added a story mode to career mode. You are on the verge of bankruptcy. You must fight with a broker in trouble and win the turnaround by winning the WSOP primary event championship. Does this plot sound familiar? That’s right. The script prototype is the turnaround drama played by legendary player Stu Ungar in 1990.

And as the game progresses step by step, you will also encounter legendary players of WSOP, such as Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth players, who will be on the same stage with them in the game. The chance of a duel and the world champions encountered are all data and models allowed by WSOP. These ingenious designs are exquisite designs for the official promotion of WSOP events.

Theory of Poker

It’s easy to think if you’re lucky in Poker, you win, but that’s a mistake. Yes, there is a powerful element of luck, but only for short-term matches. Influential people don’t get too hot, and many people play with probability theory.

The theory of winning the rules of “TEXAS HOLD’EM” and “OMAHA” is the same. First, when the central card is opened after it handles the hand. If you can’t make at least one pair here, you lose a lot, so you should “FOLD” to finish the game. If you are confident in your hand, you can “BET” and pressure the opponent to say, “You’ve got a good role!” If there is a hand, pay attention to the next center card.

If you can play a new role, let’s bet on the game here. But don’t forget that your opponent is a player, not an NPC. Unlike NPC, even with no pair, there is a person who is bitten by an expensive “BET” or has done a functional role but just “CHECK” and see the situation. From there, it becomes a psychological war, so it is necessary to read the other side of the opponent and act.

If you don’t feel confident in your own hands, immediately “FOLD”. Don’t let it get too hot, and you’ve lost all your chips! The only way to improve your skills is to get used to many matches and become accustomed. You will improve if you play by thinking, “How to put pressure on your opponent more efficiently?” and “How much is the best bet for chips?”

It’s good work that makes me happy when I earn a lot of chips and want to play again. They say poker to be “in one minute to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master it”. Let’s play this game for a long time and train Poker extremely.

Graphics and Designs

Turning now to describe the software, we can see five different sections of the game:

  • Play Now (to start a quick game of the classic Texas Hold’Em)
  • Play with Friends (play only and only against your Facebook friends)
  • Texas Hold ‘Em (unlike the first section here you will choose the maximum number of players, the stake, the support and much more)
  • Omaha (a variant of Poker in which you will have four cards in your hand, and you will have to combine them with three community cards)
  • Win a Ring (a tournament in which at the end of the game, if you win, you will receive the coveted ring)

As you have noticed, the modalities introduced are many. Each of these has a certain quantity of chips necessary to play. Then the developers have thought to offer you an initial bonus with which you can challenge other users, but be careful not to burn it in no time.

The elements available for free are very few. However, this does not prevent you from playing and challenging the other users of the network. When you have reached 0, then you can wait the following day to receive the bonus of 1000 chips or proceed to the purchase of a stack via in-app purchase. It is necessary to emphasize that after testing the application for several days; we did not need to proceed with the in-app purchase.

Despite everything, if you want to feel privileged users, then in the World Series of Poker, there is the possibility of becoming VIP and playing at reserved tables and having a particular acronym that will distinguish you from all the others and much more. Undoubtedly this choice is not free. We can subscribe to a subscription at the cost of USD3.99 for 30 days, USD5.99 for 60 days, or USD7.99 for 90 days.

The game, wholly localized from walks of life, has excellent playability. It explains every single menu in significant detail, and even the most inexperienced user could understand the game without difficulty. In parallel, the visual aspect is undoubted of less importance in an application of this type, despite all the developers having, however, adopted a satisfactory trick.

Final Words

It has become almost impossible these days to talk about Poker without mentioning the World Series of Poker. It is, in fact, the biggest competition in the game in which all poker professionals dream of participating.

It captured the enthusiasm, and the atmosphere offered by this tournament on the iPhone through this application. When you play one variation of the game provided on this application, you will benefit every four hours from free chips that you can use as you see fit.

Even better, you can invite your friends to play a game either via Facebook or Guest Mode. You can also leave a game on the application and go to continue it on Facebook.

With so much functionality, it’s no wonder why the World Series of Poker – WSOP received acclaim from reviewers. However, we noted some caveats in the application’s operation. Some players have complained that after an update, their accounts have not been rolled over. The other thing that should also be emphasized is that the application is only available in English.

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