Top 10 best Sudoku games for Android

Top 10 best Sudoku games for Android

For those who love board games, you must have experienced Sudoku – one of the old puzzles. Although Sudoku has been around for over 100 years, it is still quite popular today. Sudoku’s appeal is both a brain game and a relaxing activity.

Initially, Sudoku was only published in newspapers, but thanks to development technology, the game could appear as an app on Android. Check out this “Top 10 best Sudoku games for Android” article if you need light puzzle suggestions!

Sudoku – The Clean One

The best part of this selection is a modern and improved Sudoku design. Developers create a fresh and clean interface by removing extra details from the screen. From here, users increase the puzzle experience and enjoy intuitive gameplay. You can quickly start a new challenge or pick up where you left off with just one click. Customizing the challenge is also the highlight!

Sudoku The Clean One cover

Sudoku: Number Match Game

Sudoku is a great game; it helps train brain skills and brings excellent entertainment moments. In this app, you enjoy the classic sudoku number games on a fantastic & user-friendly interface. The game has a lot of logic puzzles, and the operation is simple. Players can easily choose the difficulty to their liking. In addition, the game also has intuitive instructions to help newbies quickly get acquainted.

Sudoku: Number Match Game cover

AI Factory Sudoku

AI Factory Sudoku has exciting classic gameplay, sharp graphics, and an intuitive interface, and The game is an excellent choice for any Sudoku or brain-training fan. Thanks to the app, You can use a simple and inconvenient paper puzzle again. The game features over two thousand Sudoku puzzles across five difficulty levels (from easy to medium, challenging, and extreme). In addition, the game has four fonts/symbol sets & 3 tables, and a detailed statistics tracking table.

AI Factory Sudoku cover offers daily Sudoku Challenges, so you don’t have to worry about boredom. The game regularly hosts seasonal events, so players are free to win unique medals. The game provides hints to help you overcome difficult points. Finally, you can challenge yourself by finding mistakes or turning on AutoCheck to improve your skills. Autosave and stats are also helpful features! - classic sudoku

Sudoku & Variants by Logic Wiz

Logic Wiz Sudoku is very popular with those passionate about Brain Training. The game is based on Classic Sudoku and offers 18 unique Sudoku variations. Each level is entertaining and challenging. The game offers five difficulty levels, including Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert, so it is suitable for anyone. In addition, the game regularly adds new Boards, Variations, and Regions.

Sudoku Variants by Logic Wiz cover

Andoku Sudoku 3

Andoku Sudoku 3 is one of the top Sudoku puzzle games, and it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets. The game contains hundreds of Sudoku puzzles with different difficulty levels. Thanks to the detailed instructions, it is suitable for both beginners and experts. Key points include an intuitive interface, attractive design, auto-save, Unlimited Undo, and redo.

Andoku Sudoku 3 cover

Sudoku by

The game is an impressive Sudoku version and belongs to The game has four difficulty levels, Pencil Mark with autofill/delete option. The game has attractive features, including multiple bookmark options; a Show digit count option; Autosave; Unlimited undo and redo. In addition, users actively Submit results, track progress online, and participate in Real-time Competitions.

Sudoku by cover

Sudoku Fun

Sudoku Fun offers an excellent experience for those who love simple & easy to use sudoku games. The game has an impressive and exciting interface, and the difficulty level is very diverse and suitable for sudoku beginners and experts. The game has five challenge levels (beginner, easy, medium, complex, and expert). Like the versions of the same type, the game supports features such as pencil marks, Suggest, and auto-save. The publisher also regularly updates unique new puzzles!

Sudoku Fun cover

Sudoku: Brain Puzzle Game

Players have many exciting activities with this version of the classic Sudoku, including puzzles to train memory and logical thinking and effectively kill time. Besides hundreds of unique sudoku puzzles, the game also offers five difficulty levels: beginner, easy, medium, complex, and expert! The game still provides an enjoyable puzzle experience regardless of your difficulty level. The game also supports offline so that you can enjoy puzzle fun anywhere.

Sudoku Brain Puzzle Game cover

Sudoku – Classic Sudoku Game

With the publisher version of CanaryDroid, the game offers tens of thousands of impressive Sudoku puzzles. The game features four perfectly balanced difficulty levels, and players should complete Daily Challenges to collect remarkable trophies. Additional features include Notes (Pencil) mode, duplicate markers, and Smart Suggestions. In particular, the game also supports night mode, giving players the best visual experience.

Sudoku Classic Sudoku Game cover


Sudoku has always been one of the classic and impressive puzzle games to this day. Over time, the Sudoku version has many changes and is also compatible with operating systems like Android. Hopefully, the article “Top 10 best Sudoku games for Android” has provided you with many quality entertainment suggestions!

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