Top 10 Calorie Counter Apps

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Health is very important, so everyone wants to keep the body balanced with strength in balance. Eating has a lot of influence on health, so everyone should pay attention to the amount of food they eat every day. Thanks to evolving technology, we have many quality calorie counters & diet apps. If you need a suitable weight loss plan as well as support for tracking carb calories each day, then please refer to Top 10 Calorie Counter Apps


MyFitnessPal is very popular because it helps users manage their nutrition, water, fitness, and weight loss goals. Thanks to a large amount of information, the App is like a nutrition coach, so users can easily track portions, plan meals and keep a food diary. After prolonged use, the application will help you improve your living habits and have a more scientific way of eating.

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

FatSecret is currently one of the easiest-to-use calorie counters and Android’s most effective diet and weight-loss apps. The App is free, has an intuitive interface, and has many functions, such as food tracking, fitness planning, and weight control. Thanks to its high-quality food and nutrition database and its connection to the global community, the App helps users achieve their health goals healthily.

Lose It

Lose It is recommended by many nutritionists. Based on average calorie counting and food diary, the App helps you to achieve your health goals successfully. The user enters the profile details, and then the App automatically calculates your best daily calorie budget. In particular, the application also provides advanced nutrition knowledge, including carbs, protein, sugar, fat and overall calories.

Calorie Counter by Lose It!

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker is not only a calorie-counting app, but it is also a virtual nutritionist. Users use handy barcode scanners to find and track food. Thanks to advanced AI and detailed data, the App helps you create customized daily goals for your nutritional intake in terms of protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, and sodium,… It also integrates with Google Fit to track daily walking, running, and cycling.

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Cronometer combines a powerful calorie counter health and fitness App; from here, users easily track healthy diet and exercise habits. With a rich database of over a million verified foods, you can easily analyze the calories, macros & micronutrients in each meal. The App also integrates with popular health software, including Wear OS, Fitbit, and Samsung Health.

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Calorie Counter HiKi

Calorie Counter HiKi is loved for its intuitive interface, full features, and simple usage. The App helps you calculate calories using your smartphone instead of expensive devices. In addition, the App also offers a healthy sports plan to help you lose weight and stay healthy, all based on detailed information for each person. With useful features, Calorie Counter HiKi is a great app for teenagers and the elderly.

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Noom is a combination of Psychology, technology, and People Coaching. The App uses Evidence-Based Health Plans and scientifically proven principles. Using Advanced Technology, the App offers tailored suggestions and exercises for each Noomers. Finally, users actively match with one of the thousands of trained coaches.

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Lifesum makes it easy for you to have your Nutritionist and eat healthy easily. In addition to being a calorie counter, Lifesum helps users adopt a nutritious diet that suits their lifestyle and personal taste. From here, users easily achieve their health goals and build lifelong healthy eating habits. After a period of operation, the application attracted more than 50 million users and was recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and professional chefs.

Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet

Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track is built and maintained by a team of verified nutritionists. The application has two main functions, and the first is to create a personal health plan, the second is to count food calories. Thanks to the database of personal daily habits, the application works for users to achieve their health goals easily. Finally, the App is completely free and easy to use.

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YAZIO Fasting and Food Tracker

YAZIO is the last suggestion on the list, and it is loved by intermittent fasting methods like 16:8 or 5:2. Intermittent fasting is very important in nutritional medicine. Key features of the App include calorie counting, meal planning, intermittent fasting, and weight loss. Get ready to enjoy the right diet and stay healthy thanks to the useful YAZIO Calorie Counter!

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker


Health apps are essential. Today, calorie counters often integrate with other useful functions such as sports planning, scanning food codes to look up information, linking with nutritionists, and integration with software as popular as GoogleFit. This article gives you a quality hint when looking for a useful & easy to use calorie counter!

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