AccuBattery MOD APK 2.1.4 (Pro Unlocked)

AccuBattery MOD APK 2.1.4 (Pro Unlocked)

February 7, 2024


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Pro Unlocked

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Ever since we start sticking to our smartphones, we also begin to carry around our charger and the power banks to support our devices whenever the battery is running low. But instead of having to constantly recharge your devices, it’s always better to pick up a battery management app that can help you improve your onscreen time. Not to mention that constantly recharging your devices will cause their battery to drastically reduce in total capacity. Thus, greatly reduce your battery’s lifespan.

Having said that, Android users can now enjoy working with the interesting mobile app of Accu​Battery, as it allows you to always keep track of your battery and also enables many useful settings to better manage your device’s usages. Make sure that your devices are charging properly and fully optimize the battery usages to improve your battery’s lifespan. Plus, you’ll also have more on-screen time and better experiences with your devices while the app is enabled.

Find out more about this interesting mobile tool from Digibites and all of its amazing features with Digibites.

What does it do?

Here in Accu​Battery, Android users can enjoy working with the fully-featured battery management and optimization app. With the available features, the awesome mobile tool will protect your battery health by providing constant tracking information and useful battery analysis. Feel free to check on your battery details via the intuitive and informative display.

Every time you recharge your Android device, your battery will lose a portion of its total capacity. And since it’s also proven that by charging your device at only 80% each time you can improve the lifespan up to 200%, Accu​Battery is designed to help you manage and optimize your charging operation. Now, you can make uses of the app to quickly monitor your battery and the charging results.

Learn many details related to your battery, including its current health statuses, the charging speed, enable useful alarm that goes off whenever you finish your healthy recharging cycle, and many others. All of which should allow you to truly enjoy your on-screen experiences and make the most of the device’s battery.


For those of you who are interested, you can now pick up the free application of Accu​Battery on the Google Play Store. Feel free to work with interesting mobile apps and make the most of its features to optimize your battery usage. Also, you can choose to unlock certain in-app purchases by paying for them to unlock many premium features that will make Accu​Battery a lot more functional.

And to make sure that the app is fully compatible with your devices, Android users will need to have their devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up. Also, don’t forget to provide the app with all the required access permissions. These are needed to enable the fully-featured app on your mobile devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Always protect your battery health

Here in Accu​Battery, Android users can easily keep check of their battery status and ensure the battery health. As mentioned, the app will actively work to maintain an ideal charging cycle that only reaches up to 80%. Thus, allowing you to improve the device’s battery lifespan. Use the alarm option to always get notified when you need to put off the charger. Also, you can discover how much battery percentage that was endured during your charge session, which is really helpful in monitoring

Easily monitor your battery usage

And with the live monitoring option, users in Accu​Battery can easily check on their battery statuses, battery usages, and many useful information. Feel free to use the app to calculate battery usage per app and find out how you can customize your app usages to boost the battery life. The app will also show you how much time on the battery that you’re having left before it completely runs out.

This can also be calculated in both active or standby mode. You can also check how many times your device was turned on from the deep sleep mode. It will calibrate the in-depth battery usage with accurate mAh measurements when you’re using the devices and charging them. Thus, giving you a much clearer picture.

Check on the charging speed at anytime

For those of you who are interested, you can also work with the mobile app to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your current hub. By accurately measuring the inputting current, you’ll know exactly how fast your device is charging, both when the screen is on and off. The app will then inform you how long it will take to completely charge your phone. As a result, you can leave your phone charging and only come back to discharge it correctly.

Measure real battery capacity with Accu​Battery

To make the app more enjoyable, Accu​Battery will provide you with real capacity in mAh. Now, you can see how much power your device is using or charging in each session. Also keep track of the remaining use time so your battery won’t die at the wrong moment.

Active even when your device is off

The app will run even when your device is still off. Hence, you can get correct estimation when charging or leaving your device at standby mode. And with the ongoing notifications, you won’t miss out on any important details of the charging process, along with real-time battery management.

Enjoy working with the interesting theme settings

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the useful theme settings in Accu​Battery, which will allow Android users to comfortably switch between themes. Feel free to enable the Dark or AMOLED black themes to sooth your eyes while using the app at night. Or enable the Light theme so you can see clearer in the morning. The various options are always accessible and should allow you to freely customize your devices.

Make full uses of the modded app on our website

And last but not least, with our modified version of Accu​Battery now available on our website, Android users can really enjoy the awesome mobile app and make the most of its features without having to pay anything. Here, we offer the ad-free application for you to enjoy and the unlocked features will make sure that you can comfortably work with the in-app settings. And all you need is to download the Accu​Battery Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you should have the app available on your devices quite easily.

Final verdicts

With simple and accessible features, along with the interesting battery settings, Android users can have complete controls over their battery. Feel free to check on the important statistics and battery measurements to always keep track of your devices’ health. Also, you can make uses of the built-in charging option to enable efficient charging cycles and prolong your battery lifespan. Plus, with the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll have more reasons to enjoy it.

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