Adguard Premium MOD APK 4.3.178 (Unlocked)

Adguard Premium MOD APK 4.3.178 (Unlocked)

March 9, 2023


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For most Android users, ads can be extremely disturbing. Imagine yourself being in a hurry and must went through the annoying ads on your Android apps or browser. How distressful could it be? As a result, many Android users want to install an ad block on their system to get rid of the annoying factor. And when it comes to effective ad blocking, what could be more suitable than Adguard Premium.

What does it do?

Not only blocking the unwanted advertisements on online websites, but the app also allows users to get rid of ads on any applications that they’re having on their devices. This would improve your overall experiences as well as making your phone run faster and smoother since it won’t be slowed down because of some unwanted ads.


Most of the available features on the Adguard Premium doesn’t require your phone to be rooted, thus making the app extremely accessible even for standard users. The mod version on our website also reduced in sizes and optimized in performance, making it functional even on low-end devices. However, if you want to use more advanced features, you might want to root your phone first to ensure the desired outcome.

Awesome features

Being one of those few recommended ad blockers by most Android users, the Adguard must definitely have some of its incredible features. Here you’ll find the awesome features that would certainly interest you when it comes to ad blocking:

Block ads from any sources

First of all, the main difference between this app and any other ad blockers is the ability to get rid of advertisements from all sources. Unlike the normal apps that only support ad blocking on certain browsers, the Adguard premium allows its user to get rid of unwanted ads from all sources. Hence, you can use it to get rid of ads from apps, from games, from browsers, and any websites that you want. On top of that, the huge collection of different filters allows you to perform effectively ad blocking in different situations and platforms. Thus, it’s being favored by most Android users. In additions, unlike other ad blockers, Adguard doesn’t require your devices to be rooted. In facts, since it’s using the unique blocking feature which involves using VPN and Proxy server, you can block ads without the needs for a root permission. Plus, the app also allows you to choose which sites and apps to put on the whitelist as well as blacklist.

Protect your data from trackers

Having access to the internet also means that your personal data can be exposed to online trackers. Although some might care little about this and might consider it a norm, some users can be quite skeptical when it comes to protecting their privacy. Understanding this, Adguard also allows its users to stay completely anonymous on the Internet without being tracked or followed. In additions, your personal password and any other forms of input would be encrypted so that they remain invisible in front of others.

Enhance the devices’ performances

As a side effect of having fewer ads on your system, your devices will require less hardware capacity to function. Thus, your phone would become faster as well as having more free space on the storage. In additions, having fewer ads on your website also means that fewer traffic resources are consumed. Hence, you’ll save a significant amount of internet traffic when using Adguard. Plus, having fewer ads also allows for websites to load faster, thus increasing the overall browser performance.

More features than AdGuard Content Blocker

If you’re on Google Play Store, chances are that you’ll only able to gain access to Adguard Content Blocker. Don’t get me wrong since it’s also a good ad blocking apps on Android devices. However, when compared to Adguard Premium, the Adguard Content Blocker seems quite insignificant. It’s only able to support phones that are using Yandex browser or Samsung Internet Explorer. On top of that, you also won’t be able to hide ads on Android apps. This is mostly because of the restricted advertisement policies of Google, which is also the reason why you can’t get Adguard Premium on Google Play.

Frequent updates and fixes

The Adguard Premium is frequently updated to ensure its functionality and performance. Hence, your ad blocker would stay relatively up-to-date so that it can deal with the new and techniques. On top of that, for those who’re using Android 6 or lower, the auto-pause problem is no longer present thanks to the recent fixes from the developing team. In additions, the app also gets faster and more effective after each version, which is something that we really appreciate.


Can’t get it on Google Play

As mentioned before, the app is nowhere to be found if you’re on Google Play Store. However, if you want it, you can always go to our website and look for the Adguard premium apk file. With just a simple download and installation, you can now have access to the most powerful ad blocker for Android devices in the world. Plus, here on our website, everything is completely free so you won’t have to worry about the expenses.

Only available in English and Russian

The app is currently available in only English and Russian, so those who’re not using the two mentioned languages might encounter problems getting used to the features. However, there are already dozens of online tutorials on how to set up your ad blocker, so things would be quite simple for you. It might take a few times to get used to, but once you do, you’ll find the Adguard Premium extremely effective.

Final verdicts

For those who’re looking for a useful app that could help them getting rid of the disturbing ads on their Android devices, the Adguard Premium is undoubtedly a fine choice. Considering the awesome features that it provides, you won’t likely to be disappointed having this ad blocker installed on your devices.

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