Afeias – Get Trained for your isa exam 3.02.28 APK

Afeias – Get Trained for your isa exam 3.02.28 APK

June 22, 2024


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For aspirants who aim high and want to score high in their UPSC, IAS, Civil Services exams, it surely guarantees a vey rough and hard time trying to find, understand, and memorise all of the information necessary. The most rigorous aspect of the tests aren’t the fact that they are high profile and intensive in general, but it is more because they require you to have a certain degree of awareness to the current affairs within the country. Which means that the questions within the tests are up to date with current happenstances across the country, and it is critical that you have the most general ideas about these types of questions by actively reading and determining the news before stepping into the exam room.

That is just one of the few features that Afeias brings to the table.


When it comes to education apps like this, you can’t really judge it for its aesthetic and design. But still, as part of my writing framework usually goes, aesthetic and proper organisation of the data is also important to users. And for that, the app … passes. I’ve seen a lot of information packed, but so badly designed that it usually encountered graphic bugs, literally cannot be navigated, or it is just flat out confusing and takes several minutes to get used to the interface. But this one rises above that mediocre group while at the same time, retaining the fidelity of the information that it proclaimed itself to hold. And yes, it does hold such wealth of information.

The interface is simple, and the main menu is well designed through a series of graphic buttons – moving away from the usual stereotype of educational apps with bulleted text lines as navigation. The result is an easy on the eye, and acclimatisable user interface.

As for the information, you have access to mock tests, news clippings, audio files, current contents, along with instructional videos carefully curated and prepared by a renowned author: Dr. Vijay Agrawal. That is a good reason to put trust in this app, and even though it certainly would not grant you 100% accuracy in your tests, it would give you an edge over other competitors.


Afeias is an extremely useful app and an intimate companion to any aspirants who want to become a civil servant. Even though the path is still long and the challenges are still waiting, at least you would be able to prepare for the times to come, and maybe you would also gain an insight into how it would play out to be able to exploit it the way you wanted. With time and hard works, your aspiration may not be so far out of reach, after all.

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