Angry Neighbor MOD APK 3.2 (Unlocked)

Angry Neighbor MOD APK 3.2 (Unlocked)

August 5, 2021


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We all have our own neighbors. Each neighbor will have their own job and personality. But if your neighbor is an unusual person, what will you do? And if you want to experience having a neighbor like that, Angry Neighbor will be a good choice that you shouldn’t ignore. Angry Neighbor is a game of the adventure genre. In the game, you will explore your neighbor’s house. This will be very interesting and dramatic. Let’s install Angry Neighbor to experience that now.

Lively 3D graphics and sound

Angry Neighbor is one of the games that has been built and offered by Invictus Studio. Invictus Studio is a video game developer in Tomsk, Russia. Angry Neighbor is only available on Google Play. Therefore, you only can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. But you will have to spend less money to buy and install the game ($1.49). Angry Neighbor is just for single player.

Besides, 3D graphics are very smooth. The movement of a character is designed very diversified, from standing, sitting to moving. All the furniture and atmosphere in Angry Neighbor also look like in our real world. This will make you experience the game better. In particular, the publisher has optimized the graphics for mobile devices. So you won’t need to worry about the graphics that aren’t smooth on your devices. Moreover, the great effect also makes the game more realistic. Patches of glass are quivering in the light breeze. In addition, the sound of the game is so vivid. You can hear the song of birds while playing or the sounds of the door opening, footsteps … Furthermore, a dramatic piano tune will be played when your neighbor finds you. They will make Angry Neighbor more realistic.

Start to explore your neighbor

In Angry Neighbor, you will move to a new house. Here you will meet many new neighbors. But one of them is an unusual man. And he hid something in his house. Therefore, you become curious and you go to his house. But instead of getting acquainted, he starts to catch you. So you need to avoid him. If not, you will have to restart from the first point, come back to your house. But before you explore the neighbor’s house, you will look around your house later. And so that you can do that more easily, the game will give you some basic tutorials. For instance, take the key, click to activate, sleep, …

Besides, exploring the neighbor’s house won’t be easy. You will need to pay attention to all items in his house. For example, keys, the RGB box, a hammer and so on. Because each item can help you to do something such as opening the door, or climbing a roof. In particular, the items will be hidden. The keys can be in a curtain or behind a picture. The hammer is in a room that is locked. You need to find them. In addition, the position of the items also will be an important suggestion. You can jump the box and climb to higher places. Or you also can hold a rope and then it will move you to different places. Moreover, some items will allow you to shoot a similar thing. This can help you to prevent your neighbor from following you.

Angry Neighbor screen 2

Special points in Angry Neighbor

To attract many players in the world, each game will have its own special points. And Angry Neighbor also is no exception. There are some special points in the game that you can find. The first point is the very simple interface of the game. In Angry Neighbor, you just use 3 buttons to jump and use the items. Besides, you also just need to swipe your smartphone’s screen up to walk toward and vice versa. The first angle of view is the second point. In the game, you will do everything with the first angle of view. This will make your experiences more realistic.

In addition, the third special point is a backpack. You can collect a lot of different items in Angry Neighbor. Therefore, you will have a backpack to contain all items. And to use those items, you just need to drag them to squares in the center of the screen. Moreover, good and quality mobile control will help you to control your character more easily. And this is the last special point in Angry Neighbor. Explore them to experience the game better.

Angry Neighbor screen 3

An interesting game with many people

With simple gameplay, the players will become an intruder and explore their neighbor’s house. You will have to move to many areas in his house. Therefore, Angry Neighbor will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adults. You can also relax with the game after a long day of work. Besides, your neighbor is very vigilant and he will try not to let you escape from his house when he sees you. So you need to run very fast if you are seen. And at the same time, you also must avoid the traps of the neighbor. This will help you to improve your agility. Moreover, you must find every way, notice and analyze everything in the neighbor’s house to unravel his secret. They can increase your analytical skill and ability to think. When you go deeper into his house, you will meet many more difficulties. This will be a big challenge for you. But it also is an opportunity for you to show yourself.

In addition, elements which can make you start usually happen. They will bring exciting feelings for you. In particular, you can play Angry Neighbor whenever and wherever you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet. Let’s take part in Angry Neighbor, do whatever you want to explore the neighbor’s house and enjoy happy moments. There are a lot of surprising things in the game that are waiting for you to experience.

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