Animal Warfare MOD APK 3.0.2 (God Mode)

Animal Warfare MOD APK 3.0.2 (God Mode)

May 27, 2024


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PlaySide Studios
133.48 MB
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Animal Warfare is a war strategy game with animal confrontation as the theme launched by famous game company PlaySide Studios. In the game, players will play the role of generals of animals, arrange dozens of animals in formations, conduct fierce battles in simulated confrontations, and win the game through multiple obstacles.

Animal Warfare is like the pixel-style war theme mobile game like Art of War. Both games have a similar pixel painting style and the form of strategic combat with amazing levels. They are also very similar to hero settings. The difference between the two games is that the soldiers in the Art of War are infantry, pikemen, and cavalry. Besides, the protagonists in Animal Warfare are lions, bears, giraffes, and other animals. In terms of the presentation of cultivation, the latter has a richer form of expression.

At present, they rank Animal Warfare 27th in the top list of free games in the Google Play Store Google official app market, with over 100,000 installs. And they rate its content as suitable for users over ten years old with slight fantasy violence and vulgar humor. There are over 2,700 reviews received with a rating of 4.6. If you like simple and addictive strategy mobile games or you are a fan of Art of War, then please do not miss this Animal Warfare as a soft spot for cute animal shapes.

General Information

The mobile version of Animal Warfare has a very exquisite screen. It uses low-poly animal images to make the screen simpler and clearer. Players can command various animals to fight in the game. Each animal has unique abilities. The mobility of wolves is strong but average damage. The elephant herd is meaty and lethal. But the price is expensive and the attack speed is slow.

The combination of each animal can bring a more fun military confrontation experience. And each animal can become your powerful spear of war; The level content is very diversified through various gameplay tasks to improve your strength. The gameplay content is very interesting through different combat strategies. You can bring more exciting content.

Animal Warfare comes with a fresh and simple artistic style. There are many challenge modes for you to get rewards. Deal with extensive battles with hundreds of unique levels. Remember to collect many animals since each comes with unique skills and abilities. The game offers a deep and addictive upgrade system with epic animal battles to test your command level.

With different enemies, you can plan a series of military strategies to confront and resist attacks and attacks from powerful enemies. It can combine each player with various in-game units to strengthen the army. In the game, you will become an excellent commander to guide your animals in fierce battles. The magnificent picture content can make your experience more high-quality and relaxing.

Players need to configure the lineup reasonably and fill the loopholes with each other to become a victorious animal army. Animal Warfare is a basic strategy battle mobile game with a magical animal battle. The game lets you use various spoof animals to line up troops. What will happen if animals come to fight in groups? The MOD APK version of Animal Warfare is waiting for you to download on our website.

Overall Assessments

The gameplay of Animal Warfare is very interesting. With the advancement of levels in the game, players need to recruit various types of animals to enter their army. And through a reasonable layout, they can engage in fierce confrontation with the enemy and win the victory. You can get more income afterward. Usually, you can get extra income by placing it.

If there are other differences between the two, it is the hero attribute. It differs from the hero setting in human war. In the animal world, every animal is unique. And we can regard every animal as a kind of hero. The style of Animal Warfare is simple and applicable. The game provides wild boars, orangutans, antelopes, foxes, giraffes, bison, kangaroos, and other different animals.

Whether it is depicted or presented from the characteristics of animals, Animal Warfare presents a colorful visual experience for players. With cute animals, affectionate style, bright scenes, and unique levels, it turns the murderous war game into a lively and cute animal confrontation.

From the experience, the difference between Animal Warfare and other games lies in the combination of arms. Although on the surface, the difference is limited to the protagonist who has changed from animal to human. We can feel that Animal Warfare has more animal settings. So, we need more effort to match the characters while the other games are limited by the reasons for fewer units. We need to balance the relationship between hero enhancement and unit enhancement for victory.

Although introduced as a MOBA game, Animal Wars is more like an FPS game when it brings a familiar shoulder-level third-person perspective. Also, the cast of characters in the game possessing a unique set of techniques is one of the important features of the MOBA game genre.

Thanks to that, Animal Wars brings gameplay similar to Overwatch when you have to take part in unexpected high-speed PVP battles. One of the other special features of the game is that the chief character you can control is the uniquely personalized animal.

The cast of characters in the game are uniquely personalized animals. the character will carry a different special skill set and can be used quickly with the virtual keyboard on the screen. For example, the cock Cashman will focus on wide-area attacks with explosives besides the ability to stun the opponent during the time of the explosion. This feature makes this a character suitable for those who like to play a hoax. Craft opponents for your teammates to kill. There are many characters in the game. Although there are no clear classifications, you can still take on familiar roles such as gunner, support, and tanker like many other MOBA games.

The game also has many random elements to increase the appeal, such as a trap system or a bush that brings surprises to both sides. Besides, there is some special equipment to help you ambush the enemy when needed. Designed as a game for entertainment, the matches in Animal Wars will be short, only about five minutes maximum to ensure you are always comfortable during the game experience.

Final Words

Animal Warfare MOD APK is a mobile game that focuses on the gameplay of animal army warfare. Match the animals you want in your animal army, use their characteristics to fight with the enemy army, and win better through reasonable matching. You need to strengthen your animals through levels.

Take the automatic battle simulation game as an example, players need to add dozens of cute and vicious animals to the battle to increase the ridiculousness. Pack of animals includes lions, dogs, bears, and others. Then, send them to the battle to win gold medals and glory in the animal battle.

Animal Warfare is an amazing strategy battle game with animals as the principal theme. The gameplay is like the Art of War in terms of MOBA elements. You can team up freely, control your animal characters for battle adventures, and eliminate all enemies until the end. Players can synthesize animals and deploy tower defenses. You can also enter teams to let animals fight and destroy enemies.

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