Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting MOD APK 1.0.6 (All Guns Unlocked)

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting MOD APK 1.0.6 (All Guns Unlocked)

June 28, 2022


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Techouse Games
56.35 MB
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All Guns Unlocked

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Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is an action game about the subject of anti-terrorism. Your mission is to hunt down their lair and destroy them with your weapons. Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting has beautiful graphics with epic effects. It comes with a large and special map system with many weapons available. The Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting storyline is simple. The terrorists are planning a massive attack on your lands. They kidnap innocent citizens and your people need your rescue.

The anti-terrorism team is intelligence to take over the situation. As an elite gunner, they task you with hunting down terrorists and destroying them with your abilities. Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is not only an action game but also requires you to think and brainstorm. We can play the game in automatic attack mode and it provides a variety of weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles, grenades, launchers, and other equipment. The special maps include different locations as the big city, Misty Frost, harbor, and Secret Laboratory.

General Information

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting belongs to the genre of the role-playing shooter for mobile today. You can download Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting for iOS to play and feel the fun that the game brings. Currently, Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is appreciated in graphics, weapons, gameplay, and strategy. There are a few games in the same genre of role-playing shooting like Gunny and Special Forces. The attraction of Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is the coordinate system and a confrontation.

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is developed by Tech House Games. They are one of the most expected game publishers today. Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting revolves around the story of helping people suffering from the arrow and bullets of the occupants. When downloading Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting, it will transform players into the main character full of courage and the desire to save the people here. The task in the game is quite diverse. The mission system in the game is routed according to each different game screen. In the ending battle, the player will have to face a ferocious boss and formidable strength.

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is designed on exquisite and modern 3D graphics. It is a game space with many screens and contexts. The character is rich in images and is designed to be quite attractive. We have diverse weapon systems such as Heavy Machine Gun, Shotgun, Auto-Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Bazooka, and Howitzer for players.

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How to Play Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting?

If you often watch American action movies, you know that the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) is famous for handling especially serious cases such as releasing hostages confronting terrorism. It is in actual life, but in the game, they are equally famous.

The content of the game is nothing more than deeply immersed in the missions of the anti-terrorism squad. The single-player part of the game does not have a storyline from start to finish. Instead, there are 14 separate missions that the player must perform. The mission of the game is diverse, such as freeing hostages, disabling dangerous armed elements, and defusing bombs to preserve order and restore security for the residential community in the city.

It does not complicate the tasks. At the beginning of each level, the game has detailed information for players about the situation, the scene map, and the requirements. While playing, you can still return to this tutorial screen to refer to the tasks you have not done.

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting screen 2

Similar to Star Wars Republic Commando or Brothers in Arms, Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is an action-packed first-person group strategy game. Your task force comprises five members as you (the commander) and the other four people are divided into two small groups of Blue and Red to facilitate force coordination. Besides, the support for the group also has an assisting gunner outside. Be ready to destroy any suspicious object in sight.

The controls in the game are also intuitive and easy to grasp. When you need to issue a command, just point your mouse in the direction you need and hold down the right key. A context menu appears so you can choose the action such as breaking the door, examining the situation, launching a grenade, and binding suspects. The actions that you and your task force team are performing a lot of diversity and abundance. They are simulated accurately, which does not differ from real SWAT forces.

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Key Features

At the beginning of each mission, after thoroughly grasping the battle situation, spend some time inventorying, reviewing the equipment each member needs to bring. The chief weapon of the task force is usually the M4A1 or MP5 submachine gun or shotgun. As for the secondary weapon, the handgun, and the Taser stun gun.

Besides, anti-terrorism forces are also equipped with non-lethal weapons such as shotguns, flashbang grenades, tear gas, and rubber grenades to intimidate and neutralize the enemy without causing casualties. The group also has support tools for the break-in, such as unlocking pliers, door-breaking shotguns, or C4 explosives. They come along with a rather special device called the upturned camera. It helps to observe things in hidden corners.

Right from the beginning, the selection and distribution of equipment for each member most reasonably and conveniently played a very important role. It will directly affect the tactics and the effectiveness of the squad in each mission. For example, there is a screen where you have to fight terrorists equipped with bulletproof armor and gas masks. So, your gas grenades will become ineffective. They should equip you with ammo, and FMJ can defeat them easily.

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting screen 3

Sniper Shot 3D is a great sniper game on mobile. Download Sniper Shot 3D for free to experience first-person FPS shooting with high-quality graphics, beautiful effects on your Android phone or tablet. When joining the shooter Sniper Shot 3D, players will play as a professional sniper with the ability to shoot shots.

Your task is to destroy terrorists around the world. Also, the sniper pursuits all terrorists in many countries try out gun battles and assassination missions. Besides hiding, waiting for the golden opportunity, there is a fatal shot from over 100 meters. Sniper Shot 3D players must also take part in armor gun battles with criminals. Through over 100 training missions you will master using over ten different sniper rifles, razors, and pistols to become a master.

Final Words

The most interesting are the two types of play VIP Escort and Co-op. In VIP Escort, they will divide the player into two teams. One VIP guard team arrives at the gathering place. And the other team has to catch this VIP. The important and interesting point is that only VIPs may arrest. What about Co-op? This part is completely no different from the single-player with 14 levels as mentioned.

The difference is that you no longer travel with the device, but cooperate with friends. Co-op mode cannot only support up to four players at a time while other multiplayer sections are 16. Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting MOD APK style is interesting because it promotes solidarity and close cooperation between players. You have the goal of completing the assigned tasks in the fastest and most effective manner.

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