Art of War: Legions MOD APK 7.3.4 (Unlock VIP)

Art of War: Legions MOD APK 7.3.4 (Unlock VIP)

June 14, 2024


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Art of War: Legions is a fun strategy game with many spectacular battles. In this version, it differs from the Gear Games Art of War games such as Art of War 3 or Art of War 3: Global Conflict that you have played before. You are the commander who leads small legions, accepts challenges at different levels, and does not forget to receive bonuses from the bonus missions. It is your army and you have full control to strengthen them.

Art of War: Legions has three types of troops including army tanks (high HP), buildings (catapults and ballista shooters), and military-type DPS (attack). There are three major lines in the battle formation, including the front line, the middle row, and the back row.

Art of War: Legions also features idle function. If you exit the game, the army continues to fight the enemy to earn coins and gems. Every battle in the Art of War: Legions is exciting. Try to be an outstanding commander and have fun. It will unlock the outstanding bonus missions when you reach level 14. Players can get gems by completing those missions. But be aware, some quests are very difficult.

We regularly update the game to bring a better experience to everyone. The developer is always trying to improve your gaming experience and make the game more interesting.

General Information

Art of War: Legions is a fun tactical playground with an extensive amount of spectacular battles. You will play as the commander to lead the legions of tiny soldiers to take part in the war against the enemy and protect the kingdom. Join the Art of War: Legions, players can customize their squad to fight, bring all military units on the battlefield, and add a hero to lead them in the battle.

In particular, the Art of War Legions also has idle activities. If you leave the game, the army continues to confront the enemy, earning coins and gems for you to collect when you return. In terms of game modes, Art of War: Legions features battle, adventure, event, and PVP stages. Accept challenges in different levels and do not forget to accept the bonuses from the bonus missions.

In this game, you have total discretion to control your army. The battles in Art of War: Legions are the dances of war. Try to be a glorious commander and have fun. It will unlock the third bounty missions when you reach level 14. The player can get gems by completing all of those missions. But be very cautious because some quests are difficult.

How to Install Art of War: Legions?

The installation and gameplay of Art of War: Legions is not as difficult as you think. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions below to ensure success. You will be extremely excited after playing Art of War on your phone.

Coming to the game Art of War, players must lead a tiny army to battle with excitement. However, some missions require you to have a reasonable Art of War strategy to promote the strengths and weaknesses of each unit.

  • Step 1: Start the browser on your Android or iOS device. Access the link to download and install the game Art of War corresponding to the operating system.
  • Step 2: Run the game Art of War after successful installation. You can see that the primary interface of the game is relatively simple and eye-catching. To play the Art of War game, press the yellow Battle button.
  • Step 3: As mentioned above, the Art of War has relatively simple gameplay. You just need to arrange your troops properly to pass each level with the least amount of damage. Newcomers can also play well after following the system’s instructions.

You need not control anything, just watch the tiny warriors swing their bow and arrow to destroy the enemy. If you win, you will get gold. Otherwise, you must play the level again. Gold is often used to buy the next tier of Art of War recruiting cards.

The probability of getting it is lower when using Gems. If you pack a lot of money, the rate of star generals’ spawns is higher. During the battle, you can call for more troops by clicking directly on the screen. It displays the number of additional summons in the lower-left corner of the screen. Every few seconds, you can call one more unit.

Just like that, you arrange troops to fight through each stage and receive more Gold coins. You can use them to recruit high-level units to win more stages. Hopefully, after this tutorial on how to play the game Art of War, you can maximize their strength and overcome the most challenges.

Special Features

Interesting Gameplay

War is an endless topic and the wars in Art of War: Legions are equally endless. Your task when coming to the game is to build a powerful army to defend the country and attack your enemy forces. There are countless levels of battle. On each level, you need to choose and arrange your armies reasonably to attack and destroy all the enemies.

In Art of War: Legions, there are over 30 different troops including humans, goblins, witches, or demons. Every ten levels of gameplay, you will unlock more new units.

You can upgrade groups of troops in the same army to get a pair of troops at a higher level. The upgrade is based on the principle that every two groups of troops of the same type level 1 will form one group of that level 2. Two groups of troops of the same type level 2 will form one group of troops of the same type level 3.

We will base the following levels on the same principle that upgrading. In any battle, you can place up to 49 troops on the field. The field in the game is 7×7 tiles with each army corresponding to one square on the field.

It is inevitable in any army that if there are troops, there must be a general to command that army. In Art of War: Legions, there are over 30 generals from many races. And it is like soldiers.

Each general in the game will possess his special skills that increase the strength of the army of soldiers. They also possess their offensive skills with remarkable strength. You can upgrade the levels of generals. So, they can increase health, strength, and level of skills. Upgrading requires the use of pieces of the hero. You need to collect to do this.

Many Game Modes

In the Art of War: Legions, there are three different game modes. First, it divides the crossing mode into different levels. After ten levels, you can get chests and a chance to unlock new armies in the game. At each level of play at any level, you will need to arrange and command your armies to attack and win against the waiting enemy. The rewards from the escape mode will be bonus chests and gold coins.

The bonus mission mode is the game mode with a certain number of gates in each mission. It is usually from five to ten doors in a mission. In the gates, in this mode, you will no longer fight on a straight playing field. Sometimes, there will be terrain that forces your army to move to attack the enemy. However, the reward for this mode is also very attractive. It is an extensive amount of gold coins along with gems used to upgrade and shop in the game.

Expedition mode is a very special game mode. This time, you will not use your troops to attack your opponent. Your mission in this mode is to capture all the enemy castles to win the final. You will need to gather troops in your cities. Then, use the number of troops you own to overwhelm and take over empty fortresses and enemy cities.

Also, in the primary interface of the game, there will be a chest hanging. Whether you play or offline, you can get small amounts of gold coins and gems. In Art of War: Legions, players can take part in a ranking mode with points calculated based on the number of cups that each player owns.

Initially, each player will own 1000 trophies and need to fight with other players to increase their rank on the leaderboard. For each group of certain ranks, players will receive different rewards after each summation.

Sound and Graphics

Art of War: Legions has a melodious and soothing game music to increase relaxation for the game. Sound effects are the most prominent of the Art of War: Legions. The game has great battle sound effects. Players can hear cheers, screams, or advancing weapons colliding.

Also, the sound effects at the beginning of the battle, the sound of prison, and the sound of gold coins falling make the game more interesting. They design the graphics of the game in cartoon form with bright and beautiful colors.

The soldiers are in the shape of limbs and body parts designed in a very interesting shape of a human. The generals looked powerful and showed their strength in the role of commanding an army. The special effects when the generals use the skill are spectacular to make the game screen more interesting.

Stick War: Legacy

Adapted from a normal familiar flash game on PC, Stick War: Legacy is suddenly emerging as a phenomenal game because of its unique gameplay on mobile. A stickman game, but with a classic tactical style, is gaining a lot of attention from users.

Nowadays, goal-oriented strategy games are very popular on mobile. It attracts many players worldwide. And Stick War: Legacy is not an exception. It is in the top download on Google Play. The game will be a worthy choice for stick fans.

The plot of Stick War: Legacy is unique when bringing players into the land of Inamorta. It is being occupied by authoritarian forces. You will play the role of the insurgent. Step by step reclaims the freedom of the unhappy people here. And finally, unite all to ascend to the highest throne. The plot of Stick War: Legacy has an obvious goal. It is essential for strategy games.

Still going through the familiar construction as buying soldiers and goalkeepers. But Stick War: Legacy has much deeper gameplay. It only provides you with a certain number of people and gold, but you must have a miner to make money. So the consideration of economy and military is always a headache for players.

Stick War: Legacy offers players four main types of troops including swordsman, archers, spearmen, and mages. There will be a hidden last boss. The strategy of the game is clearly shown because besides limiting soldiers, you also have to calculate how to use soldiers. Each type has its strengths. And another part is that the battlefield of the gate is narrow. So, the arrangement of the team for the entire group does not step on each other is also the key to victory.

Each type of army in Stick War: Legacy has its characteristics. For example, a swordsman comes with high damage and runs fast but weak in power. Our magicians are expensive but can be summoned. The enemy will also have soldiers just like you. At the highest difficulty, the machine is also very smart when they know how to combine different soldiers, attack, or retreat. It is annoying.

Along with the soldiers, you can also use a variety of abilities purchased in the diamond shop earned after each victory. This feature makes fighting easier. Another highlight of Stick War: Legacy is the mode that allows the player to control directly. If you are good enough, you can be alone from start to finish. But it is impossible.

You can upgrade almost anything in Stick War: Legacy from soldiers to houses, and other extra trivial features. When the soldiers are upgraded, they will look cooler with tons of weapons and armor full of people. Even later, you can put resources into a powerful stickman. Then, turning it into a ship and defeating the enemy.


Archero’s gameplay is very simple, you just need to control your character avoiding monsters and the attacks they respond to you. You will get random skills after leveling up. Each monster will be stronger. So, you also need to increase the damage and defense starts to fight them. After a period of experience, many players praise the positives and limitations of Archero.

Archero is a game with simple and light graphics. So, it is suitable for all models from popular, cheap to high-end. Gentle gameplay requires a smooth combination of finger movement with flexible thinking. The game is not fussy. As long as you like adventure and challenge, you can play the game easily.

Also, the arrangement of stages is very logical. It takes players from the simple initial gates to the difficult levels. The game causes the player to ponder a few times to pass. The virtual lever to control the character’s movement can also change position depending on where you place your finger.

Final Words

Art of War: Legions offers an enjoyable combat experience for players. You can unleash the battlefield continuously without worrying about physical issues, like in many other strategy games.

Diverse troops and powerful generals will help you go to war everywhere. If you love military strategy games, the Art of War: Legions is a game that you should try to experience to feel the greatness it brings.

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