Assassin's Creed Identity MOD APK 2.8.3007 (Easy Game)

Assassin's Creed Identity MOD APK 2.8.3007 (Easy Game)

Ubisoft Entertainment Easy Game

Fans of the world famous game franchise would surely find themselves interested for another adventure with their badass characters in Assassin’s Creed Identity. Explore a whole new world featuring the most elite group of assassins as you take on epic missions. Find out more about this amazing game from Ubisoft Entertainment with our reviews.


The game introduces gamers to a realistic Renaissance Italia where you’ll have the chances to explore the large maps all on your own. Enjoy the original gameplay of parkour with this amazing game from Assassin’s Creed Identity.

In this game, you’ll be playing as an Assassin who accidentally discover a group of Borgia mercenaries who disguised as tax collectors. Through your investigations and cunning assassin skills, you’ve successfully eliminated all of them with just an exception.

A thief was able to escape carrying a suspecting chest. Start by reporting this event to the Headquarter and begin your pursuit with the thief. Get involved in all kinds of medieval activities, experience the life of a true assassin.

You’ll be introduced to the evil cult, the Crow gang. Complete dozens of different missions and slowly unveil the mystery of the Crowds. And learn more about the First Civilization as you progress further into the game.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create and evolve your assassin

In this amazing game from Ubisoft, players will have their access to all the exciting character customizations. Start by creating a unique hero with varied traits. Give your heroes different weapons, from swords, daggers, to the iconic hidden blade.

Different developing paths for your assassins

On top of that, each of your characters can have different ways to develop their skills and abilities. That being said, you can choose between varied paths depending on your preferences. If you’re exciting with hand to hand combats, then you might want to go for the Berserker mode and wreck the hell out of your opponents.

For the true assassins, the Shadow Blade path should be the best one for you as it offers incredible stealth capabilities and good damages. This allows you to strike at the enemies whenever you want and take them down in just a single blow.

And if you want to mess with your enemies a little bit, then your Trickster path would allow you to learn more about the art of misdirection. Be a master and never let your opponents have their chances to think.

And lastly, if you find the art of stealing more exciting, you can also go for the path of a Thief. Unlock incredible skills that allow you to perform quick and effective stealing whenever you want, and get out of the situation without being noticed.

Customize your Assassins using varied items

To give some styles to your Assassins, there are also dozens of different customizing options that you can choose from. Start by picking the right loots whenever you finish your missions, have your characters wearing the best outfits that you can find, and equip them with awesome weapons depending on your preferences.

With different weapons, your characters might develop varied fighting styles, resulting in different skillsets. It’s your job to guide your Assassins through his missions. Allows him to evolve from a novice assassin to the master of assassinations.

Simple and optimized controls for touchscreen devices

In additions, the game features intuitive touch buttons that you can use to freely move your characters around, making skills attacks, perform epic parkour, and so on. Moreover, the convenient gesture controls also let you experience the convenient and satisfying assassin game. With simple and optimized controls, gamers are allowed to focus more on their gameplay.

Discover unlimited potentials with the game

By featuring tons of different missions and quests, gamers in Assassin’s Creed Identity will always find themselves having access to exciting gameplay. Challenge your skills and capabilities in thrilling and exciting missions as you go against the incredible opponents. Travel to varied locations across the medieval Italia.

On top of that, you’ll also be introduced to the unlimited Assassin gameplay where your movements will be unlimited. Feel free to jump, run, climb, and leap through all the surfaces and platforms. Learn the art of parkour from its original creators. The touch gestures make movements inside the game extremely natural and smooth.

Unlimited control options

In addition to the convenient touch controls, players can also choose to play with their external gamepad. Enjoy the console-graded gameplay with your gamepad controller.

Enjoy the intuitive online gameplay with friends

And for those who would like to enjoy this amazing game with their friends, Assassin’s Creed Identity also offers exciting online gameplay. That being said, you can easily join your friends in epic co-op missions. Or if you prefer, you can also hire other online players to help you to complete your objectives.

Play the game in your preferred languages

It would be much better if we could all enjoy our favorite games with our preferred languages. Understand this, the creators of Assassin’s Creed Identity have included dozens of different languages in the game so that you can all enjoy. Play the game in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese and so on.

Enjoy free and unlimited gameplay with our mod

Moreover, to allow gamers to enjoy all of the game’s features without charges as well as having unlimited access to the stores, our Assassin’s Creed Identity Free Download game is now available for you to download. Just follow our instruction to properly install the files on your Android system. Prepare for the perfect Assassin’s Creed experiences.

Visual and sound quality


The game is one of the few Android games that comes with stunning graphics. With amazing textures, shading effects, well-designed model and environments, smooth gameplay, and so on, you’ll have your own console game on your mobile devices.

Plus, art lovers would also find the beautiful Italian renaissance sculptures, paintings, architects, and more extremely relatable.


Engage your Assassins in epic combats and stealth actions where the powerful soundtracks will make you totally immerse into the experiences. Plus, having accurate sound effects also make the game much more enjoyable.

Download Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD latest 2.8.3007 Android APK

For the fans of the famous Assassin’s Creed series, this game is definitely a must-have title on your mobile devices. It’s your opportunity to enjoy the perfect console gameplay right on your portable Android devices. Plus, with our free version, you’ll not have to worry about the pricing anymore.

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