AutoResponder for VB MOD APK 3.8.0 (Premium Unlocked)

AutoResponder for VB MOD APK 3.8.0 (Premium Unlocked) Premium Unlocked

AutoResponder for VB is an app designed to help businesses set up & manage automatic responses quickly and easily through a user-friendly interface.


If you’re using the generic version of Viber, then you’ll certainly find the app lacking in certain aspects. With AutoResponder for VB, everything will be greatly improved, thanks to the added features and flexibilities.

Now, you can access and enable dozens of automated features and functionalities on the app. Thus, making your online messaging experiences a lot more convenient.

Enjoy the auto-replying feature to your Viber messages

Have access to the auto-replying feature in AutoResponder for VB, which is designed to help you with sending and receiving automated text messages within seconds. Enjoy powerful and convenient tools, which will help you with organizing and enhancing your messaging interactions.

Start with the Auto-Reply feature for all your Viber messages, as the app provides automated responses to incoming texts from your contacts. It’ll immediately send a response to let the person know you’re not busy and are ready to start the conversations.

This could be simple messages with general responses when you’re not available, or specific replies depending on your settings. Send welcome messages to new clients, customers, and friends, as soon as they send you a message. And feel free to use the scheduler to automate your responses with certain periods of time and settings.

Customize the replies based on your contacts and conversations

Feel free to work with the custom settings for automated messages in AutoResponder for VB. Here, it’s possible to individualize your contacts, using custom rules, settings, and specific requirements. Send text messages with personalized elements, when prompted by certain keywords, contacts, or time periods.

Enjoy receiving and sending custom messages to specific senders, depending on the types of conversations and contexts. Create and edit your live answers, using custom elements, including names, time, locations, and more.

Have better interactions with groups

The app lets you have better interactions with multiple contacts at the same time. Now, you can use the automated messaging tools to handle conversations with multiple individuals at once, or access your group chats with Auto Respond features.

It’s possible to initiate and customize your auto messages in groups, and you can also choose to ignore certain contacts or groups that are flagged.

And to make things easier, AutoResponder for VB also provides multiple replies for Viber users, so they can automate messages to certain groups of clients, friends, or customers.

Make uses of the convenient AI features

The AI features will let you enhance the messaging experience, with lots of automated and smart replies. The app lets you connect with ChatGPT/GPT-4 or to initiate and edit your responses accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about the generic and robot-like messages.

Also work with your favorite Tasker

And for the savvy Tasker users, AutoResponder for VB can work as a great addition to your tasking app. Have it as a new Tasker plugin and start making uses of all the automated messaging features. Combine them with smart Tasker tools to make the most of your experiences.

Protect your data with backups

Have access to the useful data backup feature to never lose your important settings in AutoResponder for VB. This will let you save rules, profiles, and other significant app data in cases when you accidentally lose them. All it takes is a simple touch to restore everything.

Have access to our modded app

Instead of using the freemium version of the app, we now offer the modded AutoResponder for VB for everyone. Make the most of the Premium Unlocked features to enable and manage your auto responses to the best of their abilities.


With simple designs and convenient features, you can easily use AutoResponder for VB to handle messaging tasks and initiate conversations with others, even when you’re still busy.

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