Avakin Life MOD APK 1.048.07 (All Unlocked)

Avakin Life MOD APK 1.048.07 (All Unlocked)

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Additional Information

Lockwood Publishing Ltd
99.20 MB
MOD Features
- You can go everywhere
- All items were bought (Only you see them worn on you)

Avakin Life poster

Create your own characters and embrace your new life in Avakin Life as you join millions of players from all over the world in this exciting real life simulation experience. Dress up your characters, socialize with others, build your dream home, fulfil your dream career, and explore thousands of different options in Avakin Life. Find out all you need to know about this amazing game from Lockwood Publishing with our comprehensive reviews.


To start with, players in Avakin Life will have their chances to explore a complete virtual world where they’ll have their chances to do almost everything you would want. Each player will have their own character which are called the Avakins.

Create your own Avakins that resemble you in real life and are different from the others. Play as your Avakins as you explore the options in Avakin Life. Choose your purposes in life and follow your own paths to complete thoses. Work and collect money for your needs, customize your characters to look more unique, meet new friends as you’re engaged in the epic virtual world.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features in the game that would surely surprise you:

Create your own characters with unique looks

Avakin Life

In the beginning, players will have their chances to explore the customizing options that would allow them to create the perfect characters. Browsing between varied options with your genders, figures, hairs, eyes, and so on. Spend enough time in this first stage of the game to create a character that you find most interesting.

Choose the right outfits to help your characters begin their adventures. Select from thousands of different clothing options in Avakin Life. Become anyone you want in Avakin Life and feel free to express yourself in the most truthful ways.

Explore the vast socializing options

For the ones who love being socialized, Avakin Life will be the best thing that’ll happen to your life. The exciting Android game allows players to openly chat with other players whenever they want and however they prefer.

Choose the text chat and connect with other online players as you join them in crowded public places. Make new friends and have your own groups. Encounter with online players from all over the world as you all interact in a massive online simulation game. It’s a great chance to show off your dressing talents. Put on your best clothes and confidently talk to your new friends.

Choose your owns styles as you take on the adventures

Avakin Life

In Avakin Life, players will have their chances to express themselves in the most fashionable ways. Show your inner self by putting on all kinds of awesome clothing from the world most famous brands. Select between thousands of different options to come up with the ones that suit you the most.

Dozens of different dressing clothes and accessories will be available for you to freely express yourself. Choose different dresses, shoes, bags, jackets, pants, accessories, jewelry, and so on. You can even go as far as changing your hairstyles and getting a tattoo on your body.

Create your dream home with awesome furnishings

Avakin Life

Those who love building and designing stuffs will find Avakin Life extremely enjoyable as the game also allows you to make various customizations on your own home. Pick up the beautiful decorations for your apartment and experience between varied styles. Choose the ones that suit you the most and build yourself a perfect home.

Discover the most stylish fashion trends and give your home a fresh new look. Or you can go ahead and create your own designs as you freely experience with your creativity. The game also allows players to throw online parties and invite your friends to join the occasions. Talk, laugh, and enjoy yourself in exciting gameplay of Avakin Life.

A complete 3D simulation game

Avakin Life

For the first time, online will have their chances to engage in the complete virtual online gameplay that features every aspect of the actual world. Enjoy yourself in the exciting 3D world, in which you can feel free to be your own person.

Enjoy the simple and effective communication features and meet new people in Avakin Life. Make new friends as you join them in your adventures in Avakin Life. Experience a complete second life like never before. Switch between different looks by having varied clothes or just simply change your hairstyles.

In addition, you’ll have the options to find yourself the dream jobs that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Become famous models, skilled workers, and whatever you want by paying attentions to all the features.

Explore the massive online world, in which you’ll have your chances to go clubbing, swimming or hanging out at the beach and so on.

Collect valuable rewards every day

Avakin Life

To help gamers get more comfortable at the game, Avakin Life also rewards gamers with valuable prizes every day. Join the game, collect the challenges and missions while earning yourself epic rewards. Or be an active player and earn your daily loots as you progress in Avakin Life.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play with no additional charges. Players in Avakin Life can enjoy free and addictive gameplay on their mobile devices whenever they want. On top of that, the realistic simulated world even provides jobs that you can take. Hence, you can still provide your characters his/her physical needs and more without having to pay a penny.

Visual and sound quality


With a beautiful and massive 3D world to explore, players in Avakin Life can travel to many different locations across their city. Join the club to look for fun, learn new stuffs at the library, or find your first job at the coffee store.

Experience the realistic and high-quality graphics in Avakin Life as you join other online players in your own adventures.


With on theme soundtracks and accurate sound effects, players in Avakin Life will find themselves completely immersed in the virtual world. Turn on the voice chat feature and you can even talk with your online friends like you’re meeting in real life.

Download Avakin Life Mod latest 1.048.07 Android APK

For those who’re looking for a great online simulation game that features all aspects of life, Avakin Life Mod APK is one of the few games that you’ll find satisfying. Enjoy for the first time the complete virtual gameplay on your mobile devices whenever you want.

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Comments (50)

50 responses to “Avakin Life MOD APK 1.048.07 (All Unlocked)”

  1. Wellah says:

    If the unlocked clothes is not visible, does it mean the animations are also not visible?

  2. Maloka amr says:

    I love this game

  3. Maloka amr says:

    I am haker

  4. Caro says:

    Wieso geht das nicht die anderen sehen mich nackt 😐😐😐

  5. °∆° Kokaina °∆° says:

    Level level level

  6. Candela says:

    Hello is mod

  7. XD Romiți says:

    Avakin the best

  8. XD Romiți says:

    I LOVE this game

  9. Leves says:

    Bisa buat beli set vampire gak ?

  10. ♡♡♡binca♤♤♤ says:


  11. Federica says:

    Vorrei avere 999.999 avakoins

  12. Debinha says:

    Funciona mesmo ?

  13. Xiomara says:

    Me gustaría tenerlo


    Quero ter bastante dinheiro
    Tudo isso ó 99.999999999999999999999999999999999.66666666655555888888

  15. °°Kautn Toot°° says:

    It’s good use

  16. Marija says:

    Ovo je najlepsa igra i bas je kul ♡♡

  17. Liv says:

    It says app not installed…

  18. Iza says:

    Vreau modddd!!!

  19. ~Xx°°°şa°°яа°°°X says:


  20. Fiona537 says:

    It’s real

  21. Cora Gill says:

    Well it’s nice to be able to see everything in your inventory but it’s kinda useless not being able to use them… The game is very glitchy too but appreciate the effort.

  22. Joe says:

    U can’t do up your apartments keeps giving a error

  23. Amari says:

    U need to fix see everything in ur invertory

  24. Smrty says:

    Plz help me to hack firewall

  25. Alice says:

    Needs update to work.

  26. Bella says:

    Je veut se principe du mod menu il est super

  27. Leeoo4777 says:

    All the clothes, makeup, and animations are not even visible to other players. You just look like bald naked person floating around the corner from other gamer’s perspective. This MOD is a scam!

  28. Marianaspicakova says:

    Pls help me… I can’t dowland the mod. I think I’m clicking ať the wrong dowland.

  29. Reyes Youngblut says:

    I love your website! Keep it up..

  30. Khanyi says:

    Nothing is visible to other players only you see what you do and how you dress, to others you are just naked. LITERALLY

  31. Honey Bunny says:

    What is the point if no other avakin see my cloths or any other things? Please if u can’t hack in a proper way then don’t do this kinda rubbish.

  32. Ladydeath says:

    I can’t get into any of the chat spots.?

  33. Sosad says:

    This isn’t fair!! I wish others were able to see my clothes :'((( I’m so poor so I can’t buy expensive clothes whyyyyy

  34. Manfnf says:

    If you buy a set is it visible?

  35. Jan says:

    I understand it’s a really good game but !. I don’t understand why for all i’m naked when i am clothes fix it so i am dressed for all pls

  36. Tibor 987 says:

    Then whats the point of hack if only you can see, and btw. Everyone sees you only in boxers

  37. XxblacksightxX says:

    Can I gift someone something from the money???

  38. Dylan White says:

    How do u use it is it like u just go on it and ur good or..? ;-;

  39. Maddie says:

    Please, can you do something about the Ghost mode thing please 🙏 its a very nice game and some of us ain’t rich to be purchasing coins pack everyday we all need the mod but how can it be useful if other Avakins do not see you will cloths on?
    Its either you hack for unlimited avacoins which is better because with that we can still purchase cloths and other items, Please do something about this, Thank you.

  40. Sripadh says:

    Bro, pls make it mod menu….mod is vastly different from mod menu.The real joy is there while Playing it with the menu..the Lockwood has deleted all the websites which upload the mod menu version….pls look into it bro pls👍🏻

  41. Posh says:

    U guys should get deeper in the game

  42. I don't have name says:

    Yoo plz make avakin mod free coins I need and anyone has any idea how to get avacoin plz tell me

  43. Mariah says:

    I don’t know how to get the mod can anyone help 😭😭

  44. Anayet Ullah says:

    Manha ULLAH
    This is my name

  45. Ola says:

    How can i get extra xp

  46. Jerry says:

    I need real Avakin life hack … everyone see clothes animation set… that’s type…can you please help me?

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