Idle Life Sim MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Life Sim MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

April 6, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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Get ready to immerse yourself in this amazing gameplay of life simulation with Idle Life Sim. Join your interesting characters in their exciting lifestyles and discover your own ways to enjoy life. Make important decisions to help you progress in life and also work hard to improve your current situations. Choose your preferred careers with many different options and advance in your career to have a better life.

Have fun dressing up and designing your avatars in your own ways to further enjoy the exciting gameplay of simulation. And at the same time, you can always make uses of the designing features to freely customize your home with many interesting designs. Advance in the game and upgrade your house so you can have more space to build up your dream home.

Find out more about this interesting game from Codigames with our in-depth reviews.


Here in Idle Life Sim, Android gamers will have their chances to immerse themselves in their exciting gameplay of life simulator. Create your own character with different customization options to make uses of. Embark on your very first stage of independent lifestyle in Idle Life Sim with Grandma’s guidance. Choose your preferred career and start your in-game adventures from the very beginning. Life in the small little house that Grandma has given you and work toward turning it into a large mansion.

Advance in your career so you can experience many new features in the game. Engage yourself in amazing in-game stories that will truly simulate your accurate life experiences. And at the same time, also enjoy the addictive gameplay of dressing up and home remodeling. Feel free to purchase multiple items to customize your house in your own ways. The same thing goes for your appearances.

And most importantly, the game also provides its stress-free gameplay of idle clicker, which will allow Android gamers to have fun with their exciting gameplay of simulation. Simply let the passive income increase without having to work on it. You can always return to the game to make certain upgrades and customizations, hassle-free.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create your own amazing avatars

Here in Idle Life Sim, Android gamers will have their chances to create their own amazing avatars. Feel free to choose your gender, change your outfits, make multiple adjustments to your facial traits, and come up with their unique looks. And most importantly, you can give them unique names that no one can duplicate.

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Choose your preferred careers and commit to it

For those of you who are interested, you can now choose your preferred career in the game and commit to it, as you progress in the game and unlock many interesting features. Start your career at the very beginning and make only a little money each hour. Quickly advance in the game with the clicker mechanics or let the game collect money passively. Make use of the collected money to invest on multiple education and upgrades, which will allow you gain experiences and achieve higher status with your selected career.

Have fun with many different careers that you can choose and be successful. Work as an artist, a sportsperson, a culinary expert, a tech enthusiast, and so on. Different careers will have different paths for you to choose and unique experiences for you to go through. Improve skills and accept better jobs that will give you better wages. Work extra hard and earn your prestige points to be able to live your dream life of abundance.

Idle Life Sim screen 1

Make your important decisions to experience unique aspects of the game

Throughout the courses of your simulated life in Idle Life Sim, gamers will have the choices to select multiple decisions and commit to their selected paths. Enjoy watching your characters interacting with different aspects of life as they progress and decide which directions that you wish to go. And also enjoy the awesome gameplay of Idle Life Sim whenever you want to.

Change your appearances with many outfits and makeups

In addition, to make the game more interesting, you can now change the appearances of your characters with many available outfits and makeups. Work hard to make a lot of money in Idle Life Sim and allow your characters to better enjoy their life. Try on new clothes that you’ve just purchases from the stores. Pick up interesting hairstyles and hair colors that you wish to feature on your avatar. Even changing their facial features is possible if you have enough money to spend.

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Have fun customizing your house

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun with many house customizations. Feel free to explore the interesting in-game features to come up with many ways to design your house in different themes. Make your endless furniture purchases at the store to get yourself the premium TV, stylish carpet, king bed, wall clock, beautiful sofas, and so on. As long as you have enough money, the game will allow Android gamers to comfortably enjoy their house designing gameplay. Not to mention that you can even change to a bigger house to further satisfy your needs for improvements.

Idle Life Sim screen 3

Enjoy the stress-free idle clicker gameplay

Also, to enjoy the exciting gameplay of life simulation, the added elements of idle clicker will allow Android gamers to further enjoy their in-game experiences. Feel free to enjoy the liberated gameplay of Idle Life Sim with little objectives and requirements. You can have fun with the stress-free gameplay whenever you want to.

Join friends and online gamers in the virtual world

And with the online gameplay now available in Idle Life Sim, Android gamers can join their friends and online gamers in their own interesting multiplayer experiences. Feel free to make friends and visit other’s house. Take a look at their characters and show off yours. Get inspired by many interesting designs and redesign your house with your own imaginations.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Android gamers in Idle Life Sim can always have fun with their free mobile gameplay at any time. Feel free to select and pick up the free game on the Google Play Store to start having fun with it.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay of simulation with our mod

Since the game is still a freemium title, ads and in-game purchases will likely bother you. Hence, you might want to take a look at the unlocked gameplay of Idle Life Sim on our website. Here, we provide the desired money mod, which will allow your money to increase whenever you spend it. Thus, you can have fun with unlimited purchases and quickly progress in the game. Simply download the Idle Life Sim Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Have fun with interesting in-game graphics, as you immerse yourself in the awesome world of Idle Life Sim. Explore and enjoy the beautiful in-game environments. Freely interact with the adorable characters. Enjoy interesting animations with cute reactions and cheerful impressions. All of which will allow you to have fun with Idle Life Sim to the fullest. Not to mention that the undemanding in-game graphics will make sure that you can always enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Idle Life Sim on your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting visuals, the game also provides immersive audio experiences, which will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end. Now, you can enjoy the idle clicker title with cheerful soundtracks and interactive sound effects, as they make the in-game actions a lot more relatable.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous life simulation of Avakin Life and The Sims Mobile will now have their chances to enjoy a much more relaxing and stress-free gameplay. While it does come with many similar features, the liberated lifestyles and undemanding gameplay in Idle Life Sim will not require you to always be present in the game. Instead, you can have fun with your idle life simulator even just for a few minutes each day.

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