Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK 1.2.227 (Premium)

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK 1.2.227 (Premium)

October 3, 2023

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Are you bored by the simple and uninteresting music app that comes with your original devices? Looking for a change of look and music experiences with a new mobile app? Then you would certainly find Avee Music Player an absolutely awesome app to enjoy. Dive into unique and customized audio experiences with this amazing music player application.

Get ready to shake off your boring and unappealing music app on your Android devices, and get ready for a new and refreshing start with Avee Music Player Pro. Never find yourself listening to music from the same old and generic Android app like everybody else. Be different and embrace the world of creative music player with this new app from Daww Aww.

Find out more about this amazing app with our complete review of Avee Music Player.

What does it do?

As you could have guessed, this awesome music player will replace your old and boring app. With it, you can finally enjoy high-quality pieces of music without having to look at the annoying UI or dealing with stupid in-app features.

Having said that, you can find in Avee Music Player a variety of interesting features that would allow you to enjoy your music listening sessions to the fullest. Find yourself diving into the awesome world of music while enjoying convenient features with your music player app.

Have fun with high-quality pieces of music, while discovering the brilliant HD backgrounds. Make uses of the built-in EQ to tune your music to how you preferred. And at the same time, feel free to enjoy high-definition videos with the playback feature on the app. It’s the ultimate multimedia app that you should definitely have on your mobile devices.


To start with, you’re not required to provide any permissions to have the app running on your devices. Just install and begin to use the app on any of your Android devices. Listen to unlimited music or watch video clips whenever you want.

However, if you wish to access the online library, you must connect your devices to the Internet. And for the global audio stream service, the software will require you to provide microphone permissions.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls for convenient uses

To start with, Android users will find themselves completely comfortable with the app thanks to its intuitive touch controls. That’s said, you can easily make uses of the convenient gestures and touch commands to select, switch, and adjust your music. Plus, it’s also possible for users to make uses of the Bluetooth feature to control other devices, which is absolutely incredible.

And to make the app more interesting, users will also have access to the complete support for multiple available media formats with their different pieces of audio. With Avee Music Player, you can easily discover and enjoy wonderful songs in different formats. So listening to your favorite pieces of lossless music will never be a problem.

Plus, for those of you who’re interested, the app also allows users to save their favorite playlist with certain songs. Or alternatively, feel free to import your old playlists to the devices and Avee Music Player will help you read it. The app supports multiple playlist definitions from pla, pls, mpcpl, to plp, m3u, and m3u8. Thus, adding your favorite songs to the devices has never been easier.

And not just music, the app also allows users to watch videos in various formats. It’s like having your own MX Player Pro integrated with a music player app, only better.

Quickly locate and browse your music libraries

As you dive into the world of music, Avee Music Player can help users to locate and browse their music libraries more comfortably. That’s said, you can start accessing your songs by browsing files in direct folders, looking for your favorite songs with the search option, navigating through the certain queues, and more. Quickly navigate through the different libraries and have fun with your favorite pieces of music whenever you want.

Interesting audio visualizers with brilliant animations

Plus, to make the app more interesting, users are also introduced to interesting visualized audio animations. This allows music fans to fully immersed into their songs. Listen and feel every beat with the dynamic and interesting audio visualizers in Avee Music Player whenever you’re ready. The app features a variety of different visualizers for you to pick up and enjoy on different songs, each of them having their own unique and brilliant animations.

Plus, for those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible for you to export certain visualizers into HD video files, which you can upload online our revisit whenever you want. These would make great backgrounds for your upcoming music videos.

Awesome features for customizing your experiences

And most importantly, the app allows users to enjoy their songs to the fullest with plenty of customizable experiences. Start with the two available internal players that can deliver completely different experiences with music. You can then change your songs’ output by having the audio properly tuned in the built-in equalizer. Change the bass, treble, and mid sounds to however you wanted, and enjoy the songs in completely different styles.

On the other hand, you can fully customize the in-app interfaces by applying different skins, each having their own themes. Dive into the world of music and enjoy Avee Music Player in your own unique styles. And if you’re interested, you can also customize the visual effects in the app with cross-fade and gap-less transitions. Therefore, enjoying your music to the fullest.

Control the way you listen to music with awesome features

Feel free to control and change the way you listen to music with useful features in Avee Music Player. Make uses of the brilliant locking mechanisms to control your music player and have fun listening to music in the most convenient fashion. Make uses of the screen orientation to lock the player. Create your own lock screen and quickly control your devices with the status bar widget. Or adjust the playing time with the available Sleep Timer. Never find yourself having more fun with music than ever before.

Free to use

And despite having all those amazing features, the app is currently free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. That’s said, you can easily download and install the app from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy the pro version for absolutely free

On top of that, if you’re having problems with the app, either due to the annoying ads or in-app purchases, you can totally go for our modified version of Avee Music Player, which offers all of its premium features for absolutely free. Just download the Avee Music Player Pro APK on our website instead, follow the provided instructions, and you can enjoy your music experiences to the fullest. Never having ads to block your way or annoying purchases to limit you from enjoying the complete experiences.


You need your own music library

As much brilliant it was as a music player, the app will require users to have their own music library readied to enjoy. Hence, you won’t find it to be as useful or convenient as other online music library apps. Plus, it’ll take a lot of time for you to search for music online and create your own library, which is also the major drawback from this app. Otherwise, it would be the perfect music app on every Android device.

Final verdicts

For those of you who’re looking for a complete music experience on your Android devices, Avee Music Player is undoubtedly one of the best nominations. That’s said, by having complete supports for multiple music and video formats, you can easily enjoy your multimedia on your portable devices. And at the same time, feel free to have fun with interesting customizations and upgrades that are completely elevated from other music player app.

But most importantly, you can now have it for completely free. Just need to look for the free and unlocked app on our website and you’ll be good to go.

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