BEAKER: Mix Chemicals MOD APK 23 (Unlocked)

BEAKER: Mix Chemicals MOD APK 23 (Unlocked)

November 11, 2020


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Most people are averse to certain subjects for one simple reason. They are afraid of making mistakes. BEAKER: Mix Chemicals science application will help to neutralize that fear. You will have chemical lab experiences without making mistakes. You can choose from among over 150 chemical elements to combine, heat, shake, and observe the reaction. And you can create smoke, evaporation, and sometimes fire ruining nothing.

The only thing you break down is the old prejudice about chemistry. If you like learning with your friends, explore the AirMix feature of BEAKER: Mix Chemicals to conduct group experiments. When you put two phones running this application side by side, they turn into virtual test cups for you to pour ingredients from cup A to cup B. Then, you can watch the reaction. If something explodes, it is your enlightened brain and creativity.

General Information

In the development of science, technology, and information technology today, smart devices gradually affect our lives and our research, research, and learning. Along with the development of smart devices, especially smartphones, the emergence of many applications makes learning and research of teachers and students easier.

For the learning and research of Chemistry, some great applications can assist teachers in teaching and students in learning, improving student’s interest in Chemistry. BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is a smartphone application that can help users perform some basic experiments right on their smartphones.

This application will enable students to perform some experiments at home on their own with animated visual effects. The applications can help students feel more interested in learning Chemistry when there are a few experiments in class.

If you want to study Chemistry well but cannot remember these equations, you may find it easier to remember these equations and what happens when you use the BEAKER: Mix Chemicals. With this app, you can do many chemical equations by yourself without having to spend money buying home-made materials.

Once installed, open up the app. Next, there will be a screen like below, click on that white circle. Open it up and you will find a variety of solutions, solutes, and gases to give you the freedom to test your reaction. Click on the red dotted brick square below and you will see the tools you need for your reaction. Click on each to see the instructions and how they work.

Key Features

Game Screen and Sound Effects

The game turns your phone directly into a beaker. So, all the player needs to do is to keep experimenting on the phone screen. According to the experimental needs, the player can convert the liquid in the beaker into different colors to distinguish. However, it is not a game that wins with colors or graphics. The UI design of this game is very simple that you cannot find where to start at first glance.

The game’s dynamic performance of liquids is not a special simulation. For players who are quite academic, please do not care about these details. There is no background music in the game. It is a serious educational game. Fortunately, the game’s sound effects of liquid flow and various chemical reactions are fairly well restored, but can only be affirmed at the functional level.

Game System

The operation of BEAKER: Mix Chemicals requires the touch function of the mobile phone and the gravity sensor function. By clicking the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, you can open up to 150 kinds of solid, gas, and liquid materials and reagents. And you can touch the name switch button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can display the chosen names of these substances. Do you think the smile of the chemistry teacher appears in your heart when you see sulfur trioxide, hydrochloric acid, and aluminum nitrate? So, start the experiment now.

Since there is no risk factor at all, everyone can throw medicine into your beaker as you like. It is best to learn how to stimulate and how to achieve the dream of making a chemical laboratory many years ago. You may wonder how to heat the beaker or ignite the reagent. The following operations are some creative selling points of this work.

You can slide the screen and hold down to produce a lighting effect. Then, drag it to a substance to burn it. And swipe from right to left at the bottom of the beaker to produce a heating effect. Finally, slide back from left to right to cancel. The beaker has a gravity sensing system. So, shake the beaker vigorously to increase the contact between the substances and can also speed up the reaction.

You can view these instructions after opening the menu by pressing the button in the lower-left corner of the screen. Besides, BEAKER: Mix Chemicals has a very interesting AirMix function. When two devices with BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is connected to the Internet and the positioning function is turned on, you can completely treat the two devices as two beakers. For example, with substance exchange, you will add water to beaker A and potassium to beaker B, then pour the water in beaker A into beaker B for simulation.

Because it is a completely safe chemical experiment, it may only cause a little damage to the battery of the mobile phone and the eyes of the player. Besides the common glow, discoloration, and burning, there are even explosions and spewing effects in the game. We can realize all the unfinished dreams in this game.

Overall Assessments

For all the chemistry enthusiasts, BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is the application for you. It will allow you to observe the effects of many reactions without risking dirtying, smoking, or blowing up your home.

The idea behind BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is very simple but equally effective. This application will transform your smartphone into a beaker. You can place the components of the reaction you want to observe. As you add them to the container, you cannot only observe any flames, explosions, color changes, or other effects but also read the chemical formulas involved.

BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is easy to use and within the reach of even the most inexperienced users. There are over 150 chemical elements to be tested and over 300 reactions. You will have the possibility of capping and heating the container. Users can shake the phone to speed up reactions and create a flame to set the components on fire.

You can use filters to separate solids and liquids, a blender, and many other tools. All these features make BEAKER: Mix Chemicals becomes a really interesting app. And perhaps you can awaken interest in the study of chemistry.

Final Words

Although BEAKER: Mix Chemicals MOD APK is more oriented towards educational applications, it offers the right way to learn Chemistry. It can allow students to learn knowledge through games or bring knowledge into games to realize the two aspects of game learning.

Now, we get this educational game called BEAKER: Mix Chemicals. The app is an outstanding learning method and entertainment tool for students of all ages.

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