Bike Race Pro MOD APK 8.3.4 (Unlock All levels)

Bike Race Pro MOD APK 8.3.4 (Unlock All levels)

September 16, 2023


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It’s surprise how people can turn a simple game concept into a great mobile title. And that’s exactly what happened with Bike Race – everyone’s favorite racing game. Featuring the unique platformer racing gameplay, Bike Race allows Android users to enjoy a simple yet satisfying racing experience on their devices. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In the game players will be joining a novice biker’s adventure to become the world best stunt performer. Have yourself driving on all kinds of bikes from the bicycles, scooters, to high-speed racing bikes. Ride and feel free to perform amazing stunts on Bike Race.

Here you’ll be introduced to an exciting racing adventure where you’ll have to go through many challenges with varied difficulties. Try to beat your best scores and set new records to earn valuable loots. Plus, there will be plenty of exciting tournaments for you to participate in.

Have your skills and abilities tested by the world best Bike Race gamers in the online gameplay. Join your friends in epic duel or multiplayer races.

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Here you’ll find yourself all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and easy controls

You’ll find yourself getting familiar with the controls of the game relatively quick thanks to the simple mechanics. That being said, you just need to touch the screen to accelerate or brake your bikes. Or if you prefer, there is also the tilt functionality which you can use to lean your bike to certain direction. And to make the control as relatable as possible, you can adjust the sensitivity of the touch and lean options.

Perform epic stunts with the awesome combos

On top of that, you can also make uses of the simple controls to come up with epic combos. Perform incredible stunts with your bikes. Pull out incredible tricks on varied terrain and earn yourself incredible scores. Unlock awesome boosts with Bike Race Pro.

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Travel to varied locations and try different tracks

And to make the races a lot more diverse and exciting, players are also introduced to over 14 different worlds. With each world, players will have their chances to test their driving skills on dozens of different tracks. That being said, the game has a total of 128 different racing tracks which feature some of the most exciting and addictive challenges.

Choose between dozens of awesome bikes

For those who wish to test their skills and abilities on a diverse set of different vehicles, Bike Race Pro is certainly a great place to spend your time. The game currently comes with over 16 amazing bikes, each having its own traits and characteristics. On top of that, the game is promised to release new awesome bikes in the future. So you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of things to do.

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Explore varied upgrade features

And to make your ride more capable during the races as well as enabling many new stunts. Players are also allowed to make many upgrades to their bikes. Crank up the speed or give them better controls so that you’ll feel more comfortable doing your incredible tricks.

Unlock achievements and challenges for tempting rewards

If you want to collect more rewards apart from doing the missions, then Bike Race Pro also offers many unlockable achievements and challenges that you can complete. Finish them in styles and have yourself surrounded with awesome prizes.

Enjoy the exciting online multiplayer mode

For those who’re confident with their skills and would like to take their competitions online, then Bike Race Pro has just the thing for you. That being said, the game also features the exciting online gameplay with many exciting multiplayer modes for you to enjoy.

  • Duel – to start with, you can choose to compete against one of your friends or any online gamers from all over the world in a one-on-one competition. Have yourself immersed into the exciting and exhilarating actions with Bike Race Pro.
  • Tournament – Or if you prefer, you could take the races to a whole new level by have yourself competing with multiple opponents in a tournament. Join each other in exciting racing brawls and have a lot of fun as you enjoying the multiplayer games.

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Unlock unlimited content with our mods

And finally, for those who’re unsatisfied with the unfinished contents in the free version, our website will offer you the complete version of Bike Race Pro for completely free. That being said, you can enjoy the ad-free experiences and have yourself enjoying the unlocked contents with our mods.

You can start by having the Bike Race MOD APK downloaded and installed on your devices. Just follow our instruction to have the files properly installed on your devices. Open the game and start enjoying the unlimited gameplay that we offer. Purchase all you want without having to pay anything.

Visual and sound quality


The game comes with simple 2D graphics with little demands. However, you’ll still find the races extremely intuitive thanks to the well-designed levels and characters. Moreover, the undemanding graphics also make it possible for gamers with low-end devices to enjoy the game


While it doesn’t come with divined music pieces that are composed by the great musicians, gamers in Bike Race Pro will still find themselves enjoying the accurate and fun audio experiences it offers. Never feel out of place in Bike Race Pro.

Download Bike Race Pro Mod latest 8.3.4 Android APK

The game is certainly a nice game to break away from the traditional racing game. That being said, instead of spending your time on the intense races on Need for Speed, Asphalt, or the likes, you can have yourself enjoying the relaxed way of racing with Bike Race Pro. Not to mention you’ll definitely like our unlocked version of this game.

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