March 27, 2023

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As the country’s most popular mean of transportation, motorbikes held an important part in every Indian’s life. Which is why information regarding this ubiquitous vehicle is very much in demand within the country. Even though there are numerous magazines and newspapers that provides this type of information almost year-round and exhaustively, not everyone would find these papers convenient enough. Or online coverage thorough and specialised enough. This is where BikeWale comes in as the perfect news source for the enthusiasts, and those who wish to know.

To say that this app covers “Motorbike” alone maybe me downplaying quite a bit of the true capability and thoroughness of this app. In fact, everything that has two wheels is covered within: From on-road bikes, to off-road, and beyond. This is as ‘Specialised’ as topic specialisation can take a news source, so you can definitely check that off the list if you’re looking for an e newspaper which can fulfill that.

Scrolling through the app, you would be greeted first by news regarding the motorcycles world: The latest happenstances internationally and domestically. Such as the revealing of new models and types from manufacturers, or the appearance of rare rides in the country. BikeWale also takes it a notch further by supplying you daily with tips and tricks articles such as how to properly care for your ride, or review articles for what to expect, the good and the bad of a certain model, e.t.c. Like I said, the app covers everything under the sun that’s motorbike related. In time, if you’re not a professional on the topic, you will be.

The app also has an impressive databank containing hundreds of different motorbikes model, coming from a multitude of manufacturers that I suspect to be all there are on the market. It would be difficult to not find a result when you accurately type in the name or series of the model that you’re looking for. The contents also transferred to multimedia, and the editorial staffs usually upload review videos to satisfy the ever curious and growing reader-base.

The app also has an integrated price quoting function, which would give you the most timely and up-to-date price whenever you prompted it to. Next, it has a comparison function that allow you to set two models side by side and compare each specs to specs. Since it’s powered by a relatively comprehensive information bank, you can safely bet that it’d be one of the closest thing you can get in an accurate presentation just short of a real trial race between your chosen bikes.

To cap up all of the features is an intuitive and nicely designed interface. I’ve seen quite a lot of independent news apps, and it’s fortunate to say that the majority of them don’t look as good as BikeWale. It is not designed around the default material design so familiar to Android apps. Instead, BikeWale has its own theme and own design, making it stand out as a quality app rather than something you would discard from your device in a few days.

The app is definitely something that a motorbike enthusiast must have in their device, and if you wish to know more, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the latest news. Which this app has no shortage of.

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