Bio Inc MOD APK 2.948 (Unlimited Coins)

Bio Inc MOD APK 2.948 (Unlimited Coins)

October 7, 2022


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DryGin Studios
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Unlimited Coins

Appeared on iOS in July 2014, Bio Inc has surprised the press and gamers passionate about strategy simulation games that are arid and difficult. The game quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community and received high praise from the foreign press. So, it is not surprising that Bio Inc continued to take over Android at the end of August.

Rated as a miniature version of Plague Inc, Bio Inc is a game where you eliminate a human network instead of doing the mission of causing epidemics around the world. Although the rules of the game sound quite challenging, you will learn more about your health through the game.

The gameplay of Bio Inc is not too complicated. But to pass the levels easily, you need good strategic thinking. In each level, you will collect viruses in seven organs in the body to accumulate bio points. These biological scores will improve morbidity, potentially harmful factors to health, and resilience.

General Information

Bio Inc was extremely successful on the mobile version in 2014. On May 18, 2017, DryGin Studios officially launched the game Bio Inc on the PC version. With the attractive and new gameplay, this game created a fever for the gaming community that day. And now, despite almost six years of release, Bio Inc is still a worth playing game for gamers who love to explore science.

Bio Inc is a biological simulation game of DryGin Studios. When taking part in the game, the player’s task is simply to kill the previously healthy patient as quickly as possible? Each victim will initially appear with body systems working at 100%. The player collects viruses from victims by touching them and accumulating biological points.

Once there are enough bio scores, magic can happen. It will ask players to create a variety of terrible health problems including arrhythmia, kidney failure, bronchitis, osteoporosis, and even avian flu. The more diseases a patient has, the faster their bodies will be destroyed. Once all these functions return to zero, the player wins.

However, Bio Inc is not a simple game. When things get difficult to control, a doctor will emerge treating their problems. Once this happens, the player will take part in a race against the doctor’s attempts to heal while further wreaking havoc on the patient’s health. Bio Inc took a lot of inspiration from Plague Inc. But this later version brings more trouble than the previous version. Plague Inc is about creating the end of the world, while Bio Inc revolves around the destruction of a person.

Your major tasks are destroying a person’s life by damaging their heart failure, gouging their bones, forcing their intestines, and turning their lungs into a sack of mucus. Bio Inc also provides impressive sound effects, making players stunned. We can consider Bio Inc a ruthless game genre but also extremely attractive and addictive. It is a prime example of how complicated and strange mobile games are.

Bio Inc screen 3

How to Play Bio Inc?

Bio Inc is a complex medical simulation game with many diseases and hundreds of ways of interacting between AI and players. This game gives an overview and useful view of the child’s biological world.

Unlike many other games with the same emulator theme, the attraction that this game brings is the choice of the player. The game comes with two different options of Life mode and Death mode. With the Live mode, the player will transform into a talented doctor and win life with death to save the patient. Death Mode is the exact opposite that you will transform into an assassin and try to poison the victim to end their lives as soon as possible.

With 24 different diseases and increasing difficulty levels, players will take part in this life and death. You will track symptoms, test, diagnose, and find a cure or keep track of the poisoned victims.

As mentioned above, Bio Inc has two main game modes of Live and Dead. However, the publisher also preferred to create other modes such as SandBox (mode of testing pathogens on patients) and Multiplayer mode (online fighting with other players)

When the player lives, they will try to cure the patient as reasonably as possible. Find out the cause of the disease, take part in testing, prepare drugs, kill bacteria to and get the Bio Points. Thanks to these Bio Points, the player will know how the patient’s condition has progressed better or worse. Besides, Bio Point also acts as a currency in the game and is an encyclopedia of diseases to help players easily heal.

But when the player chooses Death, things get easier. Just like above, the player’s principal task is to find the most reasonable way to poison the patient by earning Bio Points. With a lifestyle management system that the game brings, it will be lucky if you random the player’s patient infected with some destructive behaviors such as smoking and alcohol. You will easily see when victims pass away.

Bio Inc screen 1

Overall Assessments

The bottom line of the game is when the sick person has reached a certain severe health condition (depending on the difficulty of each level), they will turn to a doctor for a cure. When the recovery bar reaches 100%, the patient will be healthy again and you will lose. To win, inactivate the activities of all seven organs in the patient’s body.

Although the gameplay is not too complicated, we still appreciate Bio Inc for its easy-to-play gameplay and excellent health education for gamers. The challenge on each game screen has enormous differences. From an unhealthy person, face people with good resistance, sports athletes, patients from the future, or even Superman. With 12 levels of play and over 100 diverse diseases such as insomnia, hypertension, osteoporosis, and obesity, Bio Inc offers a variety of ways to eliminate patients’ lives.

As a simulation game, Bio Inc S graphics are not too fussy but very intuitive and detailed. The sound section also fully integrates the effects to increase the brain balance for the game. Overall, the free price (Android version) for a game that will help you gain knowledge about health and biology is worth the money.

Sound also plays a big part in the success of this game. It describes the effects of drug reactions as well as the disease as extremely similar to real sounds. It feels like the publisher has recorded it directly from real-life patients. The background music is also quite flexible, changing according to the gameplay style and the patient’s condition, making the game even better now.

Bio Inc screen 2

Final Words

Different from the creepy Surgeon Simulator game of the same genre, Bio Inc is a more intuitive and user-friendly game. With a system of simple representations of people through symbolized indicators and icons, Bio Inc gives players eight organs that are extremely easy to visualize through X-ray images. They are cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, skeleton, nervous, kidney, immune system, and muscle.

Bio Inc MOD APK is a highly educational, medical simulation game through diseases and the human body. Therefore, it is also picky for players because the game requires extremely high calculation and persistence. And if you do not choose MultiPlayer, this game will easily bring a feeling of boredom. However, if only for a new feeling and a little entertainment, Bio Inc is still an incredible game to experience.

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