BitLife Cats - CatLife MOD APK 1.8.3 (Top Cat Acquired)

BitLife Cats - CatLife MOD APK 1.8.3 (Top Cat Acquired)

Candywriter, LLC Top Cat Acquired

In life, pets are always man’s best friend. However, if you can’t afford to raise one, come to BitLife Cats – CatLife. You will transform into a cute cat to open a new life here. There are many different things that players can do as a cat, including hunting, sleeping, and playing with toys. Choose your path to make yourself great. Overcome thousands of different challenges to get everything you want. To see how a cat’s thoughts will be expressed.

BitLife Cats – CatLife is a simulation product from Candywriter, LLC – a company is established in 2006. However, it will be different from other casual games in many factors. The most important is a text-based simulation with different scenarios. You will interact with text instead of too many images. But that does not mean that the game loses its inherent attraction. You will feel even more fun with this simple gameplay.

How to play simple but attractive

Coming to BitLife Cats – CatLife, you will transform into a newborn kitten, extremely cute but a bit weak. The kitten will now need you to name it and choose a specific appearance, body shape, and breed. You can choose from one of the cat breeds such as Persian, Sphynx, Maine Coon, .. and countless other cat breeds. From there, the life of the cat you incarnate will become fresh and open up countless challenges and opportunities in his life cycle.

Regardless of the breed of cat, you can always choose between a plethora of lifestyle possibilities. Whether you stay on the road like a feral cat or enjoy a luxurious and laid-back lifestyle, it’s up to you. It’s fun to play because your decisions will inevitably affect what happens next, with so many scenarios available.

The main task of the player will be to observe situations and make decisions. It will be like the accountability questions you often see in exams. There will be different options added below each question. But there are no right or wrong answers in BitLife Cats – CatLife. Only decisions that you feel are appropriate should be used. What’s more interesting is that you can build your cat’s personality in any direction. Think like a cat, and find a new path for yourself.

Discover exciting things through the game screen

With a simple way of thinking like in BitLife Cats – CatLife, you will embody each of their gestures and activities by choosing how to behave and act. Depending on the choice of each player, our cat will go through different stages of development in life and experience various challenges as well as joys and sorrows. Your ultimate goal is to help your cat live life to the fullest and enjoy all the surprises her life has to offer.

With each game screen, you will only be able to choose one option to decide the cat’s action through the questions displayed on the screen. There are no right or wrong sentences, only action sentences and then the system will show the results through the different boxes and directions the cat goes. With each answer or choice, you navigate the story unfolding to different outcomes. So the characteristics, personality, or life of each cat will be different. The more you play, the more new things you will discover from your own choices in BitLife Cats – CatLife.

Graphics of the game

BitLife Cats – CatLife is designed in 2D graphic style following the trend of animation. Because the game focuses on cuteness as well as the actions that the player gives through the choice of answers. Therefore, the game is made in the direction of minimalism but still ensures the cuteness of the cats.

BitLife Cats – CatLife will help you learn to love and understand animals through the life cycle of each cat in the game. You will transform into a cat and help him overcome challenges as well as enjoy the joys that life brings. From there you can understand and love them more.

Hierarchy system

The game has an animal hierarchy created to evaluate all surrounding elements. The animals in the game will be ranked according to their achievements. You will have to compete with other competitors to stay on top of the system. The players need to take on challenges to prove the importance of cats. You will lose if you let the dog or other species win more affection. The audience you need to interact with is your student or boss. It can be cute, approachable, or anything to learn to like. Think big, and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

Interact with other animals

In daily life, you may encounter the appearance of other animals. They may or may not have an impact on your life. But cats’ biggest enemies are dogs, they’re bigger but less intelligent. Now you can continue holding grudges or live peacefully with them. If there is a war, you will have to make them lose more than cats. However, if you live together, there will be many good benefits. Not every choice is the best, and you can balance the two. But try to get people to notice you the most.

Also, be a smart cat that wins challenges and ribbons to advance your story. Hang out with other animals and show how well-trained you are. Avoid getting in trouble with smelly old dogs from the neighborhood. Show your good personality around other animals and show them who is the boss.

Benefits of playing this game 

There are many benefits to playing BitLife Cats – CatLife. The game is not only entertaining, but it can also help improve your mental and physical well-being. Playing video games has been shown to improve mental skills such as problem – solving and memory. BitLife Cats – CatLife is an especially good game for improving these skills, as it requires the players to think strategically and plan. The game also helps improve coordination and reaction time. 

In addition to the mental benefits, playing BitLife Cats – CatLife can also be physically beneficial. The game is a great way to get some exercise, as it requires the players to use their hands and fingers extensively. Playing the game can also help relieve stress and tension.

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