Block City Wars MOD APK 7.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

Block City Wars MOD APK 7.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

January 31, 2024


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Immerse yourself in the unique world of blocky GTA game and have your pixelated characters involved in exciting actions follow an amazing adventure. Do everything you wish to do on Block City Wars as you explore the massive open-world map. Be a gangster, racer, assassin, or even fighting the zombies to protect the city. And for the first time, enjoy your pixelated Battle Royale experiences in the game. Find out more about this amazing game from D-Games Apps.


The game has a slightly similar setup like the games from the famous GTA series. However, it comes with the unique blocky graphics and smoother physics. Hence, you’ll find the game has a relatively faster pace compared to the GTA games.

Moreover, you’ll have the chances to explore the massive world in Block City where everything is possible. Choose between varied activities from doing ordinary jobs to completing killer contracts. Have your characters roam the city and enjoy epic gameplay.

And most importantly, you’ll be introduced to the incredible Battle Royale game in pixelated styles, which is definitely not always available on other games.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy exciting gameplay with varied game modes

To start with, gamers in Block City Wars will be introduced to many exciting game modes apart from your main adventure.

  • Free fight – for the new gamers, you can get used to the aspects of the game by joining the online free fight matches. Here, you can explore the entire city instead of a limited area. Make uses of the firearms in your arsenal to take down your enemies, who’re also online gamers. Once you’re killed, you’ll be automatically respawned in certain locations. Those with the highest kill counts will have a crown on their names.
  • Zombie Rush – those who wish to have their melee skills tested with the zombies, or become the zombies themselves, this is the right mode for you. The game would start with one player being chosen to be the zombie, which has a lot of health and powerful attacks. All the others will become human and are given some melee weapons. Whenever you’re killed by the zombie, you’ll automatically respawn as a zombie. Your objective as a human is to survive until the time run out, or to infect all humans before the time run out as a zombie.
  • Cops and Robbers – In this mode, you can choose to be either the prisoner or the law-enforcement forces. Your objectives are simple, to escape the prison before the time run out as a robber and to prevent the prisoner from escape as a cop. The cop can only use guns in certain situations and the prisons must break off 3 different gates to free themselves before the time run out.
  • Tank Clash – And if you want to, you can take the fighting to a whole new level with the uses of powerful tanks. Assemble your friends and form your team to go against the others in epic multiplayer tank battles.
  • Team Battle – Similar to Cops and Robbers gameplay, players can join each other in Team Battle, select between two teams and take down the other to win.

In addition, as you progress further in the game, you’ll find yourself introduced to many other exciting gameplay.

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Explore the massive open-world map

With massive megalopolis available on your mobile devices, gamers in Block City Wars will have their chances to explore many unique gameplay. Travel between varied locations, explore many places, fly over the skyscrapers, cruise the seas, and more. In each location, you’ll have the chances to engage in unique gameplay which you’ll find quite rewarding. Follow the story as you unveil even more hidden secrets in the city.

Choose whatever ride you would like to try

And to shorten your time traveling between different locations, the game also features a lot of exciting rides that you could try on. That being said, you can have yourself riding on your favorite sports cars, powerful motor-cycles, epic jet packs, fly over the sky with a military helicopter, and even get inside a tank and rampage the city. In total, there are over 50 different types of vehicles for you to choose from, and the number keeps increasing over time.

Experience many different jobs with Block City Wars

Those who wishes to explore another aspect of Block City Wars can find themselves enjoying the different jobs that the game offers. That being said, you can start your journey as an unknown gangster. After you’ve completed certain tasks, you’ll gain enough reputations to perform many other jobs such as assassination contracts, killing spree, racing, and more. Each time you complete your missions, you’ll earn awesome rewards.

Block City Wars screenshot

A little gift for the Minecraft gamers

And if you’re fans of the famous Minecraft, then Block City Wars will definitely give you a pleasant surprise. That being said, you can earn yourself awesome and unique Minecraft skins that’re only available in the game. Collect your skins and return your favorite Minecraft to show off your skins to the others.

Choose between hundreds of epic weapons

As you’re introduced to the gangster lifestyle, it’s important that you have yourself equipped with powerful weapons that could take down any enemy who wishes to challenge you. Choose between over 100 different weapons, each having its own traits. Grab your iconic AK47, M14, shotguns, sniper rifles, and so on. You can even try on the epic melee weapons like katana, axes, or knife to take down the enemies.

Immerse yourself in the massive online community

While Block City Wars do come with awesome online gameplay, one of the most important contributions to its success is probably the loyal and supportive online community with millions players from all over the world.

With more than 150,000 active players per day, you’ll never find yourself running out of opponents to challenge. Moreover, the game also features the awesome in-game communication features that allow you to make simple text or voiced chats with other players. This makes the game extremely relatable for new gamers.

And last but not least, you can always compete with the best Block City Wars players in the awesome Leaderboards. Win against the enemies to climb high on the ranks.

Collect hidden loots that’re scattered all over the town

To reward the hard-working players, Block City Wars also features some amazing hidden loots that are scattered all over the town. That being said, you can collect coins, hidden chests, and more from unthinkable places. This makes the game a lot more exciting and rewarding.

Free and unlocked gameplay with our mods

And last but not least, I’m sure that you’ll love to have your favorite game being free-to-play. That being said, to have Block City Wars installed on your devices, players won’t have to pay anything. However, the game is a Freemium title and will require you to make some in-app purchases to speed up your process.

To deal with this, we recommend you choose our unlocked Block City Wars mods. With the game installed on your devices, you can have full access to all the in-game purchase without having to pay anything.

Visual and sound quality


While the game only comes with simple blocky graphics, the game is still relatively detailed and vivid thanks to the well-designed environments and characters. Not to mention that the dynamic lighting also makes the game more believable. And finally, you’ll find the game relatively smooth on all of your devices despite the massive multiplayer games thanks to the optimized graphics.


With powerful music and accurate sound effects, players in Block City Wars will find themselves lost in the actions with epic gunfights, powerful explosions, interactive environment, and more. Put on your headphone and get hooked to the gameplay of Block City Wars for hours on ends.

Download Block City Wars Mod latest 7.3.1 Android APK

For the fans of the famous Minecraft, you’ll definitely find the similar graphics that this game offers somewhat relatable. Not to mention that the unique GTA-styled gameplay will bring a lot of refreshing elements to your Minecraft heads. Find yourself having a lot of fun with our modded version.

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