Top 10 learning English apps for Android

Top 10 learning English apps for android

English is one of the most popular languages in the world, and it is used as a second compulsory language in many countries. Learning a new language is not easy; even learning English is difficult for older people. Technology development gives users more accessible and efficient English learning applications. See the article “Top 10 learning English apps for android” right away because it introduces the most suitable English learning apps for anyone.


Busuu receives rave reviews from language experts and offers complete Course Content. After many hours of experience, you are sure to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills with a wide range of high-quality content. In addition, Course Materials are updated regularly; The content inventory is very diverse, from reading comprehension exercises built on accurate articles to a new comic-based English course. The app features Conversations, so connecting and learning with a global community of more than 120 million people is easy.

Busuu: Learn Languages

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is one of the most famous and oldest English learning apps. Based on the daily news, the app offers a series of audio English lessons that you can download. After you have practiced your listening and reading skills, you use quizzes to test your understanding. The application provides new daily lessons, Automatic Reminders; Content is quite diverse (Daily English, Learn English with news, Business English, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation)

BBC Learning English cover


Xeropan provides a wealth of knowledge with exciting videos and games. Learners actively learn practical expressions from popular culture videos, making learning fun, exciting and interactive. The app suits most people because the content is translated into more than 17 popular languages. After hours of studying, you improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. In particular, you can also review daily progress, Practice speaking skills with intelligent bots, and Compete for accurate scores with friends.

Xeropan: Learn languages


Duolingo is very popular and has always been among the best English learning apps. It even received many positive reviews from prestigious newspapers like TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine. Its advantage is that the lessons are short, exciting, and valuable, so Users can quickly grasp the lectures and improve their vocabulary immediately. In addition, you can also learn other popular languages such as Russian, Spanish, French, and German,…

Duolingo: language lessons

Hello English

Hello English impresses with a vast content repository, about 500 interactive lessons with various topics such as conversational English, grammar, and vocabulary,… In addition, users can also discuss online. Communicate with famous teachers; Learn English through the latest news, articles, audio clips, and e-books. The application has two exciting features: a 10,000-word dictionary and Chat Bots. Finally, you can join many fun minigames with friends to practice English.

Hello English cover

Bright – English for beginners

Bright helps learners improve their English through repetition periods and the unique memory training technique Fast Brain. It provides about 40 sets of English words with different difficulty levels: from beginner to professional. In particular, the exercises are voiced by native speakers, and You can choose a male or female voice. Finally, the application is committed to helping you memorize at least 200 adequate words every month; from here, you increase your vocabulary as quickly as possible.

Bright – English for beginners

Beelinguapp: Bilingual Stories

Many language experts recommend Beelinguapp. Thanks to the exciting features, users quickly Learn a new language by reading different stories. Significantly, it has an advanced Audio Book Reader, and you Listen to audiobooks in many popular languages: Spanish, French, German, and many more. Users also have many customizations, such as Parallel reading of favorite fairy tales and novels; Learn languages at their own pace.

Beelinguapp: Bilingual Stories

ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is famous and among the best free English learning apps available today. The biggest impression is the advanced speech recognition technology. In addition, it also has a diverse and quality content repository, so users can quickly learn how to pronounce common idioms, American expressions, or everyday English conversations. Try practicing speaking English for 10 minutes daily on ELSA, and you will be surprised at the results!

ELSA Speak cover

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone helps learners quickly immerse themselves in the desired language through the Dynamic Immersion method. It has a wide range of Interactive Lessons content and extensive Learning features so you can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device. Users quickly improve communication through many lessons and features focused on speaking skills (TruAccent). Ready Take a short 10-minute class to improve your foreign language skills!

Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice

Drops: Learn American English

Drops is popular with children because it makes language learning fun and accessible through its beautiful graphics and fun minigames. Users can quickly improve their English skills comfortably through Live Meaningful Pictures and 5-minute short practice sessions. In addition, it also offers many educational minigames. Get ready to skip the complexities of grammar and enjoy practical vocabulary exercises!

Drops Language Learning


In short, learning English is extremely necessary and significantly affects anyone’s life or career. Hopefully, the article “Top 10 learning English apps for android” helps you get more quality suggestions when you want to learn English on your smartphone anytime!

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