Rosetta Stone MOD APK 8.25.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Rosetta Stone MOD APK 8.25.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Rosetta Stone Ltd Premium Unlocked

Rosetta Stone is an English learning software, but it is also the first international language learning software globally. It applies the most advanced voice recognition and recording technology today.

The American Speech Recognition Engine helps learners practice speaking in a native accent quickly after only 90 days. We use Rosetta Stone in rapid language training projects in large enterprises worldwide. They affirm it as the number one brand in home language self-learning software.

Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning software available. The number of Rosetta Stone languages is also very diverse, with the 12 most popular languages ​​in the world. With over two million learners worldwide, Rosetta Stone is the leading foreign language learning software approved by prestigious organizations in the world such as NASA, US State Department.

General Information

Rosetta Stone is a copyrighted software supporting computer language learning. People who have difficulty learning new languages, for whatever reason, will reap success with Rosetta Stone.

The program uses pictures, text, audio, and video to help users memorize vocabulary and grammar most easily. This distance repeating approach is called the “Dynamic Immersion” method by Rosetta Stone. It allows learners to think and develop sentences in the newly learned language.

For languages ​​with no the Latin alphabet, the program has an on-screen virtual keyboard for entering characters when doing exercises. Users can practice speaking skills by speaking into the microphone for the program to test pronunciation.

After each lesson, Rosetta Stone will review the content and have a virtual dialogue with learned information inserted. You can also assess your progress, the number of questions ignored, the number of correct and wrong answers, and the percentage of correct answers in the lesson.

It is the quickest and easiest way to see progress in your learning and determine which skills need further improvement. With Rosetta Stone, you will learn a creative, breakthrough language learning method with no class.

What technology does the Rosetta Stone software use?

Rosetta Stone is the first international language learning program to apply differential technology. Today’s most advanced voice analyzer is an American Speech Recognition Engine.

This technology allows learners to practice speaking directly with software based on elaborately built communication content with vivid images and sound. The software will detect all errors in pronunciation and semantics, helping learners’ ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​significantly improved.

What is the curriculum content of Rosetta Stone software?

Rosetta Stone is one of the software with a diverse and rich content repository. Below is information about the content of the software Rosetta Stone.

  • 1200 Vocabulary: Rosetta Stone provides 1200 vocabularies, ensuring good handling in most actual situations. Learning vocabulary combines pictures and sounds, thanks to the language 300% faster.
  • Speak Recognition: It is one of the popular contents of Rosetta Stone software. This application helps to practice speaking a foreign language with the most advanced speech analysis technology (Speech Recognition). It enables you to experience talking to a real native instructor. Your pronunciation skills and foreign language speaking skills will excel in a short time.
  • 165 Structure: All 165 grammatical structures from basic to complex. The Spaced Repetition method helps learners apply grammar to listening and speaking as naturally as possible.
  • 220 Topics: Communication topics from beginner to advanced to help you learn a language freely. The most specific issues include greetings and introductions to more complex issues such as shopping, asking directions, travel, etc. You will master communication skills in all situations.

Rosetta Course is the foundation of your language learning experience. Learning takes place through complete immersion in your new language with no need for translation. In this way, you will get the confidence to communicate.

Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion method instantly teaches you to think in a new language by linking words to scenes that relate to real contexts to convey meaning to you. Rosetta Stone’s course tracks your progress and will allow you to merge what you have learned wherever you are thanks to the Audio Companion.

Special Features

You will take a little time to install copyrighted Rosetta Stone instead of the crack version. This software is very convenient because we can use it in multiple operating systems, both Mac and Windows.

Rosetta Stone is scientifically arranged with 20 lessons with five levels. With each course, the user has to spend 4-8 hours. To complete 20 assignments, you need 100 hours. Here are some main content you need to know when using the software.

Core Lesson

Starting to get acquainted, you will come to a Core Lesson concept – the core of the lesson. This section is long, and if you learn it well, it will have a good foundation later.

One core lesson comprised 33 exercises with clear pictures. This section has no video and subtitles, helping you practice listening and pronunciation effectively. The unique thing here is that Rosetta Stone integrates the voice recognition feature.

If you pronounce correctly, it will automatically go to the next section. If you pronounce it wrong, try again and again. It is the reason that we say this software helps you practice listening and pronunciation very well.

Each lesson, pass five Core Lessons, equivalent to 100 Core Lessons for the complete process. The number of core lessons will escalate to the end for you to merge your knowledge.

Rosetta Stone Listening

In Rosetta Stone, you mainly practice listening skills through pictures. The listening part is often entirely predictable. Rosetta Stone has a clear, audible sound, helping you to identify correct stress, word sentences.

You also may listen again and again by pressing the green button in the software. You can listen to the conversation and then choose the picture you think is correct, not necessarily fully understanding the sentence.

Rosetta Stone Speaking

With Rosetta Stone Speaking, you will hear a phrase first. And then you will have to say what you heard again. It would help if you prepared an audio microphone when taking part in Rosetta Stone Speaking.

If you pronounce it correctly, the software will confirm and approve you. As mentioned above, if you pronounce the error, try again. Sometimes we have to talk about 20 times to get the sentence.

Rosetta Stone will provide you with a text. You need to read and understand what it is saying and select the corresponding image. Easy, right? Besides reading, you can click the Listen button included in this section to see how people pronounce.

Rosetta Stone Writing

This part caused many people the most trouble. Use a virtual keyboard, and if you dull your computer, it will take a lot of time. It is a big minus point of Rosetta Stone. Generally, focus on listening, then type the answers into the machine. Despite all this trouble, it is also a way to test your perseverance.

Rosetta Stone Grammar

Rosetta Stone knows how to emphasize what they want you to notice by highlighting color in basic grammatical structures. And if you practice a lot, your grammar will improve quickly.

Rosetta Stone Vocabulary

In this part, you both listen to, read the text, and select the image. Rosetta Stone Vocabulary does not teach single words, so you will have a lot of vocabulary review in one lesson.

Overall Assessments

Rosetta Stone software is a computer application to learn English, which is the best learning method for people aged 14 and over. The software includes five levers for you from unknown to advanced. The software is always updated with the latest and most effective methods, helping learners absorb knowledge actively, creating quick reflexes in communication.

Rosetta Stone has advantages such as learning a foreign language without depending on its native language and the software used entirely in images and actual situations. Learners need to make reasoning to find out the meaning of a word by themselves in different circumstances.

This method will help you remember unfamiliar words quickly and for a long time. Understanding the meaning of the story and using the right circumstances following the meaning of the word being learned are crucial. The software also uses repeating techniques with a specific frequency, which is considered the most optimal learning method ​​today.

The software guides learners like a native teacher with a well-prepared and scientific curriculum. Besides the above advantages, the software’s speech recognition technology is also used to check the learners’ pronunciation ability.

If the pronunciation is not correct compared to the native voice, the user will have to pronounce it repeatedly. Rosetta Stone also records all the learner’s time and results to self-assess their abilities and learning progress. Unlike other applications, Rosetta Stone software takes people from beginner to professional without fear of the wrong route.

Once you are using Rosetta Stone, we are sure that you will not want to use other methods to learn foreign languages but want to continue with this application. Rosetta Stone’s way is like a language game, making learners not bored but interested in studying.

You do not need any other learning aids such as paper, pen, or dictionary, but study hard. We also remind you we should not be too hasty in looking but calm down while learning the observer and think to understand precisely the meaning of the word.

You can study two times every day, and each time you only go to learn about one hour. With this method, we believe you will all make fantastic progress with no stress while studying. We wish you all to progress quickly.

Recommended Alternatives


Babbel, a successful Berlin software, was launched in 2008 by electronic engineer Markus Witte, developer, and consultant Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine. Together with a small group of six collaborators, they developed this platform that allows you to study 14 different languages from English to Indonesian.

When we are catapulted into the Babbel app, the first thing they ask us is selecting the language we want to learn. Subsequently, enter some data such as your name, your email address, and a password, through which you can make subsequent accesses to both the website and the app.

We can choose between 14 languages, and then the joust starts. The languages ​​available are: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, and the latest arrival is Russian.

For each language, there are various levels. So, those who are starting from the beginning can easily use this app. And those who want to deepen their knowledge of a language they have already studied can learn as well.

Lessons are concise and include a short vocabulary review, speech recognition for pronunciation exercises, and more. Babbel continually monitors the user’s learning and adjusts its path accordingly. In this way, it automatically personalizes the refresher lessons with extreme effectiveness.


Duolingo is a playful app. It allows you to learn vocabulary through various games. Lesson development is fluid, and the app intuitive. It is an excellent app to play with the language.

The graphics are playful. It is a good starter for taking the first steps in a foreign language. It is accessible and suitable for beginners. Duolingo’s approach is, therefore, to propose an app to learn a language educationally and playfully.

The creators have strongly insisted on the gamification of the learning process. The competition between users, the release of bonuses, and the proposed activities are built to resume video games’ most interesting elements.

Final Words

They divide Rosetta Course into units with targeted lessons and activities. Core Lessons teach the new language, while Focused Activities allow you to build skills and merge what you have learned. The Review Activities verify your knowledge of Core Lesson material.

At the end of each unit, a Milestone allows you to prepare for the practical exercise in Rosetta Studio. Rosetta Stone MOD APK is a one-year coursebook, comprising five consecutive levers. The following section continues the previous quarter and has a close connection.

You can learn any language in the world with Rosetta Stone, with a wealth of knowledge. We believe that it is the best language learning software in the world to help people approach effective learning methods. Best of all, you can study at home without going to the center, saving you time, effort, and money, and you can learn wherever and whenever you want.

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