BOKU BOKU MOD APK 1.0.263 (Unlimited Money)

BOKU BOKU MOD APK 1.0.263 (Unlimited Money)

April 25, 2024


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Unlimited Money

BOKU BOKU is an excellent retro 2D game, and belongs to the genre of fun simulation. The game has a bright, fun and highly addictive retro style with a delightful atmosphere. The game allows you to feel absolute freedom in the beautiful world. You create your hero and embark on unique adventures. You build houses with unique interiors with great amenities. Game developed by PIXTICLE.

About the gameplay

BOKU BOKU is a game of the genre of simulation. You can use blocks to create a unique playing field to your liking. You can freely create a creative space with many beautiful things. You use logical blocks to build freedom. You build many buildings, such as houses, schools, restaurants, amusement parks … In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of widgets. You can play the piano with cute melodies. You play the swing with lots of childhood fun. You eat delicious meals in a warm house, and go to the bathroom following real life. You can do whatever you want, and live your ideal life in this exciting game posture.

BOKU BOKU is a world from pixel blocks. The game has many different types of blocks. You think about buildings, then you choose the pixel blocks of flowers, plants, animals, furniture, food, … The game has more than thousands of blocks for you to choose from. In addition, the game is constantly updated, so players have many different options for building blocks. The game allows you to interact deeply with most objects. You can interact with most of the built things. You use the toilet seat down, and your character feels comfortable. You use toilet paper rolls for clean cleaning. You use brooms to clean the house, and a beautiful home is always excellent. You use the broom to jump in the air, or use the broom to fly high everywhere. The game has a lot of objects, and they all have different uses.

BOKU BOKU is genuinely a wonderful world. You can zoom in to see the calendar and clock on the wall. You get real-time and date through calendar/clock. You use the computer in your office to do some math, or go to your favorite website. You will discover more exciting actions as you explore the game after a long time. In addition, you can take photos and record videos to share on social networks. People find your funny videos interesting. If you want more fun, you can also take your sword of light to destroy anything. You even use TNT to blow things up for fun. Of course, you can use TNT to destroy the whole beautiful house.

BOKU BOKU is a beautiful world of sound. You use many different instruments to enjoy the musical fun in the game. The game features popular real-world musical instruments. For example, you can find pianos, saxophones, drum kits, and many other devices. Most tools will produce realistic sound. When you sit in front of the instrument, then you can play with it. More and more musical instruments will be added to the game in the future.

BOKU BOKU allows you to create your favorite character. You can change your character’s clothes, hat and facial expressions. You can choose to wear a suit to make courtesy or dress like a police officer to experience the great thing for male players. You will choose to wear a beautiful ao dai to create a charm for girls or prefer a school uniform to remember your childhood. You can also dress up as a ninja or wear an animal head hat to experience the difference. Then, you take a screenshot for a souvenir, or share it with friends to impress other players.

BOKU BOKU is free to download. You make money selling candies. Game coins are used to unlock different items and features. You can also load real money into the game to experience many great things. The game is enjoyable, and highly relaxing. The game has a great multiplayer mode. Do you share your wonderful world with other players? You can explore, play and interact with other players. You can give flowers, give kisses to your favorite female character. You fight with light swords and laser guns with other male players. In multiplayer mode, the game supports text and voice communication. This helps you increase engagement and a more comfortable conversation.

BOKU BOKU gives players great freedom of action. Users can do multiple sequences in a fascinating virtual world made up of blocks of pixels. The game is an excellent representation in the category of building block squares. The game evokes many sensations to Minecraft – a classic construction simulation game that is familiar with beautiful survival lives.


BOKU BOKU has simple controls, and works similar to other adventure games on the phone. You control the character by pressing the left key, and you give the character action by pressing the correct resolution. You do not take much time to get used to the game’s controls.

Graphics and sound

BOKU BOKU impresses with 2D pixel graphics. 2D graphics do not make a strong visual impression, but help you feel comfortable. The interface is pleasant, and the airy background music brings a lot of great emotions. Retro graphics are reminiscent of the games of the old days. You will recall many memories from the past throughout the game time. The music was cheerful, and soothing.

You can try “The Blockheads” if you love the game of exploration, creation and survival in an endless world. You can play offline in single-player mode, or join the online world to play with friends and family. The game brings thousands of unique worlds from other players. You are free to explore, craft, build and trade your way.


BOKU BOKU is an excellent game if you love building. You use pixel cubes to create your world. You can freely build your favorite planet, and interact with everything in an exciting 2D environment. Get ready to make, and experience a private playground with many different activities. The game is easy to participate, and child-friendly. You can choose the online mode to share the fun with other players, or share great photos.

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