Booking Revolution MOD APK 1.932 (Unlocked)

Booking Revolution MOD APK 1.932 (Unlocked)

September 18, 2020


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Booking Revolution is a special action game for gamers who love the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show. With attractive gameplay, gamers will experience unique matches in the game with the fighting style between two opponents. Players have to compete high and low on the field, there will be an official preside over the match so you or your opponent cannot break the law.

When coming to the Booking Revolution, you will live in the atmosphere of the battles between heavy wrestlers (WWE) that we often see on television. Not only that, but you will also become the WWE champion yourself when taking part in the Booking Revolution experience. We consider it a realistic WWE simulation game in the current mobile game market.

Join the Booking Revolution, players can completely use all actions and tactics to win. It is a free battle of two players with the use of all gameplay, fighting, hitting, and making your opponent surrender with no chance of standing up and you will win the game. With many taking part gamers around the world, you will not know which players you will fight within the Booking Revolution.

General Information

Players can manage wrestlers in the game to win. You need to buy wrestlers with good fighting ability to win management performance. Then, you will take control and manage the wrestlers and take them out of fascinating battles with great bonuses. Booking Revolution can operate multi-platform.

Besides the computer version, the publisher also offers the game version for mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS. The ranking of gamers is the target for players to fight for high rankings. Booking Revolution allows users to customize the settings in the game. It displays the colors to represent, and they design the interface with nine different image locations for players to choose from.

Transforming into a muscular wrestler that we often see on television, you will experience countless battles that are portrayed authentically in the game and become the world’s most famous WWE champion. It will become very easy as the player can seize the control mechanics of the game.

What gamers have a headache when experiencing the Booking Revolution is how to perform combos like in actual life? Experiment and drawing lessons through each dramatic match. With the above control buttons, along with weapons such as tables-chairs, water bottles, and iron sticks appearing in the match, they will create an interesting aftertaste.

Also, Booking Revolution’s graphics platform, although it is said to be 3D, is still sketchy with many fragmented frames. However, we should also be pleased with the authenticity of the Booking Revolution through the effects and sound of combat. Not bright colors like other fighting games, instead Booking Revolution gives us a more realistic experience.

The Booking Revolution also offers attractive battles with many taking part. The game is fought online with many worthy gamers. Players will take part in classic fighting battles, using all possibilities to eliminate their opponent.

Overall Assessments


The game opens with the possibility to choose between a career and an exhibition. By choosing career mode, it allows us to create our wrestler, who will be introduced to the world of wrestling. And when we talk about the world of wrestling, because this game is more than a wrestling game, it is a simulator of the life of a wrestler.

Our superstar will start from the bottom. He works in a remote gym to earn a meager salary that is not enough to live. At the end of each week, you will notice an expense report, which will warn you of what you have spent and how much you have earned. Between the matches, you will loosen up and improve your skills.

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Building Up Career

But beware of being too reckless in career mode. Being a real simulator, your character could do some damage for weeks or even get injured. It will also happen that we come face to face in the backstage with characters looking for a fight. Or it can happen with characters who push us to do prohibited actions such as taking steroids to improve our pretensions or maybe go out in the evening to get a hangover.

Be careful! Because maybe you make a friend and improve your performance, but the contraindications are always lurking and there is the possibility of ending up suspended or even fired. Between a match, we will find ourselves in the head’s office of the federation to discuss our gimmick.

It is a subject on which our boss has the last word if you are not famous enough to have creative control and decide on our character a change of look. It is always important to have high performance to create buzz on social networks.

And maybe a famous promoter can make you an important offer. We can then discuss the contracts such as the term of the commitment, the weekly salary, the creative control, the medical insurance, and a whole series of things that will decide your fate as a successful wrestler can be decided.

While not having the rights to display the actual names of wrestlers and federations, wrestlers and federations are recognizable. For example, the head of All American Wrestling is Vince McMale and his wrestlers are Dragon Ryan (Daniel Bryan), Treble 8 (Triple H), Slam Dunk (CM Punk), Ralph Zipper (Dolph Ziggler), Alvin De Niro (Alberto Del Rio) and so on.

Just as the federations retrace what are the real federations, such as the Super Lucha Libre which refers to the Mexican tradition, or Strong Style Wrestling which should be a kind of ROH. There are both current wrestlers and legends of the past. In the paid version, you can also edit the characters to change the names of wrestlers and federations, while in the free version you have to settle for invented names.

In exhibition mode, you can choose from a myriad of stipulations and matches that it spoils you for choice. As we mentioned before, there is also a character editor that allows you to create a new wrestler (appearance, special moves, and moves, attributes, and attitudes in the ring). There are several moves available and it also invents, many of which from scratch. In the paid version, you can also edit existing characters, change the moves and costumes. Ultimately, Booking Revolution is undoubtedly a real wrestler in a life simulator.

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We are not dealing with a game with graphics remotely comparable to WWE. But the character models make their figure in the ring. Stylistically, the characters have all these enormous eyes and these rounded faces.

The interfaces look dated, and the arenas could undoubtedly be better done. The audience is a cartoon in motion and the divas have a body that is anything but feminine. You understand that it is an independent project and that you absolutely cannot ask for more. Although the graphics sector is insufficient, the gameplay is the real pearl of the game.

Booking Revolution screen 7


The actual strength of the game is the gameplay. We can control the character with touch controls (pinch to grab, tap to strike, etc.) Or with a virtual joypad on the screen. We think it much better to use the touch controls, finding them more suited to use on a tablet or mobile phone.

After making a hold, you can choose which move to perform (e.g. with up you perform a suplex, with down you perform a pile-driver). The interaction with the objects is the real thing to try. You can get on the tables and perform the moves from up there, use ladders, chairs and even fire sticks or even throw in the dynamite.

There are glass panels to break through, neon, even motorcycles, knives, and thumbtacks! As in WWE games, your character will accumulate the special experience by successfully executing the moves or taunts. Unfortunately, however, the experience points are always frontal grips. So, take Hulk Hogan, for example, he will not have the leg drop as the last movement, but something else. It will still be possible to perform the leg drop of doom, but without the experience point.

We advise you to follow the tutorial to learn how to play. After that, you will give a seat at 450 degrees from the ring towards your opponent, lying on a table outside the ring. Matches without disqualification recreate an atmosphere worthy of the best ECW matches, while normal matches are never boring given the number of moves that can be performed in the ring.

Booking Revolution screen 6

Hard Time

The Hard Time game is one of the villainous role-playing games with a messy mission. With over 10 million downloads, it is a game that is loved by many young people. Playing the role of a prisoner with over 100 inmates with 12 zones with different props and missions and what you need to do is to survive and break dozens of rules to stop you. Download this game for free to import some Hard Time to your computer and experience it right away.

Talking about this Hard Time game, we find it has a different content scenario than other normal role-playing games that you have ever experienced before. When playing a Hard Time, you will not have too many options besides going to war, fighting against the police to get caught in prison. And when finished, you need to make friends and form factions with another group of inmates in this game.

Hard Time has a relatively new entertainment and a bit of a geek you do not see in any game. Also, in the game, you can customize the character’s appearance, strength, offense. And that mission is to do as many bad things as possible to become a prisoner and the cool point of the game. Hard Time is the ability to interact, explore with other prisoners, to entice, create gangs, and make money.

Wrestling Revolution

Some classic video games born on PCs or consoles appear on smartphones and tablets. A few years ago, the graphics of the Wrestling Revolution were not great, but the gameplay and longevity were excellent. You sat in front of the monitor and forgot about everything around you.

It is a feature that only a few video-games have. Wrestling Revolution is now available for iPhone and iPad. We will have to be patient a little longer. Wrestling Revolution puts us in the shoes of a new wrestler trying to conquer the loaf and become a superstar of the sports show par excellence.

It is hard to learn to be in the ring and to play your part as a hero or as a heel, depending on the booking that happens to us. But training after training, we will see our strength rises. We will sign contracts, hold meetings with special stipulations, and take part in the most important pay-per-view of the federations.

Our goal is to become a main eventer and then a world champion. The wrestlers who we will have to confront are about 300 characters, each with its particularities and its character. Besides the career mode, the exhibition mode is also available for those who want to make a meeting.

The graphics are spartan but do not be fooled because Wrestling Revolution has kept intact its best gift, the playability. The game is available for iPhone and iPad on iTunes.

Final Words

Booking Revolution MOD APK has just got a very epic update with a lot of added features. In the game, the highlight is the attack and defense techniques that are unique.

All you see is an American stadium and a bloody circle of wrestlers. The highlight is the circle for two people fighting at the same time. There are a series of characters and you can create a character with the features and ability to fight your way.

Join the revolution and witness 3D wrestlers on your handheld device and write history in the world of wrestling, experience the unique, versatile visual system and dozens of angles.

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