Boosted: Marketing Video Maker MOD APK (Unlocked)

Boosted: Marketing Video Maker MOD APK (Unlocked)

September 5, 2023

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Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is a basic editing software with many unique effects for video editing beginners and photo videos. The arrangement of the software features is divided reasonably and extremely simple for users to manipulate. So, Boosted: Marketing Video Maker quickly creates photo videos with very good-quality HD that are used a lot in wedding photography studios.

If you want to create photo videos such as yearbook videos, wedding photo videos to record memories with loved ones, the app will be a superb choice for creating unique video templates with virtual effects. It creates video files produced from this software with a small size, easy to share on social networks of Facebook and YouTube with no problems.

Each image uploaded to Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is a separate slide. The uploaded images will create successive slides. On the image slides, users can adjust the music and the text as you like. Or you can cut the time to appear each custom image in their way to make the video more impressive. There are indispensable effects for image effects (Style) or transition effects (Transition). They are the elements that make up the best of Boosted: Marketing Video Maker with unique and beautiful effects.

General Information

Nowadays, many people are wishing to make a video of their photo demonstration, wedding photo, or yearbook to share with relatives or friends or save as a souvenir. Of course, to create a professional video slideshow, you will need dedicated software and Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is such a software.

As we know, Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is the world’s leading professional video slideshow video creation software today and is trusted by many people around the world. Boosted: Marketing Video Maker possesses powerful and convenient features. So, creating video photos becomes very simple.

However, not all of us can use Boosted: Marketing Video Maker proficiently without watching the instructions. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to create beautiful and professional photo videos, photo slideshows with Boosted: Marketing Video Maker software.

First, we will introduce some principal functions of Boosted: Marketing Video Maker

  • Toolbar: includes File, Edit, Show, and the function buttons New, Open, and Save.
  • Folder List: It is a window displaying the folders on your computer where you can find images, videos, and other tools to make slides. Please note that the folder with Vietnamese names should not be accented because making videos is an unforced error.
  • File List: It is a window displaying the pictures and videos in the folder. When you click on a certain photo or video folder in the Folder List, the files in that folder will be displayed in this window.
  • Slide List: It is our main working area. Here, we will create effects, insert pictures, sound for video.
  • Soundtrack: We will insert the sound into the video
  • Preview: It is the screen for us to preview the video.

How to Use Boosted: Marketing Video Maker?

Step 1: You choose the folder containing the image files to be video in the Folder List window. Then, the images in the folder will appear in the File List window as shown below.

Step 2: We insert pictures into the Slide by right-clicking on the image and selecting Add to show. Then quickly drag the image down the Slide List area. If you want to insert all the pictures in the folder, choose to Add All Files to show.

Step 3: We create slideshow effects for photos, also known as creating Style for images. To style the image, you can double-click on the image in the slide.

Step 4: Next, when a new window appears, choose a style for the image in the list of styles below. You notice each style will note the style running time and transition time. When you choose the Style, you can preview the running style on the screen above. If it satisfies you with a certain style, choose Apply Style to apply the style to the image.

Step 5: Please note that some Styles need many layers for presentation. For example, in the image below, this Style records five layers that mean we need to give different images to run the style.

Step 6: To add more pictures to a style, you need to apply that style. After Applying style, you look to the left column and see empty layers of that style. These layers are where you insert images into the style. To insert pictures, click on the layer on the right of the window you choose Browse to select a photo. Then, a new window appears, you can select the image to insert and click Open.

Also, for each layer, you have four custom items that are Layer Settings, Adjustments, Filters, and Effects. These four items are the place for you to edit effects, colors, lightness, shadows, and blurring for the layer you choose. But remember to do your research.

Step 7: After inserting, choose Slide style to review whether the style is beautiful and then click OK. Also, you can insert text into the slide by clicking Add in the Caption, then in the right column, a dialog box will appear for you to enter text. To write an accented mother tongue, you need to install regional language for your computer. In the sections below, you can adjust the text color and size depending on your creativity.

Step 8: Besides creating motion effects for the photos, we also have to create transition effects from one photo to the next. We will insert Transition (transition effect) for the images in the slide. You will notice there is a function button between the pictures that is where we insert transitions for the slide. Please double-click the function button.

Step 9: A new window that appears in the left column will be a list of transitions and on the right side will be transitioned. When you enter a transition, there will be a demo image in the top corner of the screen. After selecting, click Apply to process. You can do the same for other transitions. Besides, at each slide and transition, you can completely adjust the run time (appearance time) by clicking on the time and entering the number of seconds to run the style, and press Enter. You should enter the time according to the time notes in styles.

During the video-making process, you can see that the styles for images and transitions available in the software are quite a few and not diversified. The effects of the existing styles are also very simple, but not very nice. But do not worry that we can completely add external styles and transitions into the software to have more beauty options for our videos.

These styles and transitions are created by programmers, professional video makers. Therefore, those styles and transitions have an exquisite and rich effect for you to create.

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Final Words

Among the top video making software, Boosted: Marketing Video Maker MOD APK is a popular name for many users. Possessing professional video creation and editing features, Boosted: Marketing Video Maker will help you make attractive videos without too much hassle. From professional video studios to amateurs, Boosted: Marketing Video Maker is selected for a slideshow, with unique sound and effects. With powerful video making features, you can freely create your videos.

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