Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

June 10, 2020


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Have you ever feel tired of your current life and want to explore something new? Explore the world of criminals in the famous TV show, Breaking Bad. Enjoy the game as you play as your favorite characters and encounter dozens of famous characters from the series.

All will be available with the latest strategy game from FTX Games LTD. Enjoy and experience the life of a badass criminal in Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements.

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In the role of a high school teacher who’s struggling with providing a decent living for his family. Worst, he recently finds himself being diagnosed with lung cancer. So, like any many who’re in this situation, Walter White, our chemistry teacher starts working hard to provide for his family as long as he’s still able to.

However, his way of making money is a little bit odd. As he’s working with his former student to produce drugs and sell them to the locals. By taking all the risks, he was hoping to secure his family’s financial status after he dies.

However, things start to get complicated as Walter slowly find himself getting deeper in the mess. In additions, his family starts to question his sanity and Walter were facing critical choices.

Enjoy the game as you discover and experience what was going on in his mind.


The game allows you to dive into the exciting criminal world of Breaking Bad and experience the stories in different perspectives. Create your lab, produce drugs, expand your business, gain access to new drugs, build your empire, and so on. Here are all the exciting features that you’ll find interesting:

Play the game as your favorite characters

With Breaking Bad Criminal Elements, players will have their chances to enjoy the game as their favorite characters from the series. Initially, you’ll have the legendary duo, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who are struggling with their business at the early stage. Make uses of your wits and word to help them build a world-renown drug empire.

Starting by switching from your broken-down RV to a powerful manufacturing facility. Learn what it takes to progress in the cruel world of drug-dealing criminals. Study and improve your products as well as protect your facilities from others.

As you progress further into the game, you’ll encounter other familiar specialists which also feature in the famous TV show, including Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, and so on. Equip them with the best gears to protect your base from intruders.

Manage and protect your business

In Breaking Bad Criminal Elements, having your facilities well-managed is the key to victory. That being said, it’s crucial to turn your shabby old RV into a highly developed base with powerful resources. It would help you research better products and techniques.

Having better products would be the key to help you win over other drug producers. In additions, make sure that your facilities are well-defended as many others would try to exploit from you.

Protect and expand your territory

And besides the base, players will need to expand their territory, which would allow for better resources and more clients. Make sure you’re the first one who shows up when they introduce new areas. On top of that, you’ll also need to pay attention to the enemies who’re always ready to take your place. Deal with them first to show who’s boss. Don’t let them take over those prosperous areas.

Exciting combat system

In Breaking Bad Criminal Elements, players are allowed to join exciting defense and offense battles. Hence, it’s always important to have your team equipped and prepared so you won’t be surprised in these instances.

Recruit your own production team and be the boss

And to make your empire more powerful, you’ll have the access to the recruit and manage options, in which you’re allowed to recruit specialists to help you with your business. Each of them is specialized in certain fields and feature unique abilities that could be useful to your business.

Make uses of your specialists in various aspects of the game including protecting your bases, researching new drugs, manage your clients, supervising the productions, and so on.

In additions, as you spend time with your specialists, they’ll earn experiences that could be used to boost their abilities, making your specialist more capable at what they’re doing.

Join the pre-register version for amazing rewards

As the game is currently at the pre-register stage, new gamers are always welcome. That being said, you could experience Breaking Bad Criminal Elements right now to earn valuable rewards, such as in-game currency bonuses, special upgrades, or unique specialists. Get the game on your Android devices by going to Google Play Store, download and install the game within seconds.

Visual and sound quality


With realistic character designs, players will have their chances to enjoy the game as their favorite characters. Experience accurate facial expressions as your characters interact and engage in this wonderful game.

In additions, you’ll have the chances to look into a real criminal hideout and facilities where they produce their drugs. And most importantly, you’ll also get to experience the tension of battles.


With powerful sound effects, players will find themselves hooked into the criminal world of Breaking Bad. Enjoy professional voiced dialogues as the game delivers realistic voices from famous characters.

Final Thought

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements is one of those games that allows you to understand more about your characters, their personal stories, and what make them so obsessed with money. Plus, you are also introduced to deep tycoon gameplay which allows you to build up your drug empire from scratches. All in all, it’s a wonderful game to have on Android devices. And anyone who’re fans of the series should not overlook this.

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