Brochure Maker, Infographics MOD APK 61.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Brochure Maker, Infographics MOD APK 61.0 (Premium Unlocked)

May 31, 2024


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Brochure Maker, Infographics will come in handy whenever you need to make high-quality brochures and infographics with amazing graphical elements on the go.


Suppose you ever need a mobile application to help create event ads, product promotions, course brochures, restaurant menus, social banners, and many other creative products. In that case, Brochure Maker, Infographics is the right app for you.

With plenty of different templates you can immediately use, together with useful design tools, the app will let you create the best brochures on the go.

Find out more about its wonderful features with our comprehensive reviews.

Many templates to work with

To start with Brochure Maker, Infographics users can enjoy working with multiple templates, each having their own unique designs and compositions. Feel free to select and enable your different templates for various banners, brochures, catalogs, etc. Here, you’ll have all the layouts enabled and only have to add certain elements to complete the designs.

Make your own custom designs

With Brochure Maker, Infographics, Android users can also design their brochures using the provided templates. Feel free to add and remove canvas elements to create your brochures. Or you can work on a blank page and start adding your own designs. The drag-and-drop simplicity will make it super easy when creating your new custom brochures.

Design your brochure with many tools

By offering a variety of different tools, the app allows you to freely design your brochures and banners however you want. Use the 100+ fonts to stylize your texts however you want. Add and position texts of different sizes however you want. Feel free to try out all kinds of typography and text art as you comfortably work on your designs.

Many graphic design elements

At the same time, mobile users can work with many different graphic design elements, each allowing them to customize and shape their on-screen components. These include various shapes, icons, stickers, and text art of many types, which will let you create the best graphics designs on the go.

Save your work and re-edit

When it comes to saving and editing your works, Brochure Maker, Infographics will allow mobile users to record their current projects at any time. You can then review your creative works and easily re-edit any of them.

Feel free to save your brochures and infographics offline on your main storage or the SD cards. And like Desygner, it’s also possible for mobile users to share their creative works on social media using the quick sharing options.

Have access to our free premium mod

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the awesome application but don’t want the forced ads or limited features, you would want our Premium Unlocked version of Brochure Maker, Infographics. Here, we offer the modded app with unlimited features and removed ads, which you can get for free. Simply download the Brochure Maker, Infographics Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you can start making use of its features.

Final verdicts

With many available templates and useful features, Brochure Maker, Infographics will provide mobile users with all the best design tools on the go. Feel free to use it for your creative banners, catalogs, leaflets, and more.

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