Butt Workout & Leg Workout MOD APK 1.0.16 (Premium Unlocked)

Butt Workout & Leg Workout MOD APK 1.0.16 (Premium Unlocked)

September 30, 2022

Health & Fitness

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Simple Design Ltd.
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Premium Unlocked

The description of Butt Workout & Leg Workout MOD APK 1.0.16 (Premium Unlocked)

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To get those firm buttocks and toned legs, one must spend a lot of time working on their body. From following a frequent workout schedule to properly calculating their calories intakes, you’ll need a lot of health and fitness experiences. However, as beginners most of you would find yourself lost and unmotivated without a proper plan.

As a result, for those of you who are interested, you can now make use of this awesome mobile application from Simple Design, which will help you construct and follow your perfect workout plan for training the buttocks and legs. Enjoy the systematic 30-day workout plans and the science-proven exercises with intuitive instructions to immediately start training your body on the go.

Find out more about this interesting mobile application and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

With Butt Workout & Leg Workout, Android users will have themselves the perfect mobile application for training their butts and legs on the go and without any equipment. Feel free to use the app to immediately access its incredible workout plans, which were designed to systematically train your body through many stages. Thus, allowing you to get the sexy body that you’ve always wanted.

Make use of the multiple workout plans designed for trainers at any levels, so you can pick the right training and start progressing. Feel free to customize the provided plans and add your own personal preferences to improve the training experiences. Have access to the 3D animations and voiced fitness coaching to keep you fully engaged in the application. Make use of many tracker tools and in-depth statistics to always immerse in the journey. The list goes on.


Despite all the exciting features, the app is still free for all Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, for those of you who are interested, you can now pick up the free app from the Google Play Store and start making use of its many features without paying. However, since it’s still a freemium app, Butt Workout & Leg Workout will come with certain ads and in-app purchases which require you to pay to unlock.

In addition, to improve the in-app stability and its compatibility with your current system, Android users are highly recommended to have their mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions possible, preferably Android 5.0 and up. Also, don’t forget to always provide the app with all required access permissions, which are needed to ensure its complete functionality.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive app UI with accessible features

Here in Butt Workout & Leg Workout, Android users will find themselves having no troubles working with the app and enjoying its many features, thanks to the intuitive app UI and accessible features. Feel free to enter the intuitive interfaces and enjoy the clean layouts, which will allow you to easily work with any in-app features.

Curated plans to match your preferences

Right off the bat, Butt Workout & Leg Workout users will have the options to find the best workout plans for their personal preferences. Feel free to enter the app and start answering questions so it can help personalize the workout plans. From having a peach booty to toned legs, the many workout plans in Butt Workout & Leg Workout come with different fitness levels and can self-adjust depending on your weights and height. Thus, making sure that Android users will always find the right plans for their workout preferences.

Many effective workout plans

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy many effective workout plans in Butt Workout & Leg Workout, which were designed to help you improve your fitness levels in multiple areas. Feel free to select and follow the advanced exercises for burning fat and cutting extra weights on your body. Quickly enter the app and make use of the short workout sessions, which will only cost you a few minutes. Follow the scientifically proven exercises to have a sexier body.

Enjoy the bodyweight training which you can immediately start on the go and without having to use any equipment. Choose to workout whenever you feel like or when the reminder goes off, even if you’re at home. Have access to the amazing 30-day butt and leg challenges, which will definitely help you improve your body, depending on your current fitness levels.

Similar to Splits in 30 Days and Stretch Exercise: Flexibility, the exercises are designed for people at all levels and will systematically help you get better at butt and leg workouts.

Get your personal fitness coach

And by featuring many effective exercises with intuitive 3D animations, instruction videos, and tips, you can always complete the workout sessions and execute the different moves correctly. Enjoy many real-time tips and voiced instructions to keep you fully engaged in the workout sessions. Have access to important coach tips and accurate 3D forms to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly.

Different levels of butt and leg workouts

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy different levels of butts and leg workout in Butt Workout & Leg Workout, each designed for users with different fitness backgrounds and personal preferences. Choose to work with workouts for Beginner, Intermedia, and Advanced trainers so you can always make the most of your fitness training.

Personalize your plans with different options

With the app now allowing Android users to freely personalize their plans, Butt Workout & Leg Workout users can freely customize their workout plans using the provided options. Choose to remove or replace certain exercises with new ones. Customize the orders of different exercises as well as their recurring during one single session. Choose the break time between the exercises to give your body enough time to recover.

Customize your workout settings

Also, the exercises come with multiple settings that you can make to freely customize their workout experiences. Here, users are allowed to customize the voice instructions and sound effects to better match your preferences. And don’t forget to enable different types of music that you find most inspiring to always enjoy the workout sessions to the fullest.

Keep yourself healthy with the Water tracker

Together with working out frequently, it’s also important for fitness trainers to keep themselves hydrated. So, to keep you reminded, Butt Workout & Leg Workout will feature its built-in Water Tracker feature. Here, mobile users can remind themselves to drink water depending on your reminders in the app. Track your drinking habits and total amounts each day using the provided statistics.

Save your profiles for easy tracking

To make it easier for Butt Workout & Leg Workout users to track their fitness progresses, people can add their weights, height, and focusing area to the app. It will then provide you with proper calories burned and a more accurate BMI. Update your data anytime and follow the trends to really see your improvements.

Complete and intuitive statistics

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the intuitive and detailed statistics in Butt Workout & Leg Workout. Here, the app lets you follow your everyday workout experiences using the Daily Tracker. Also make use of the Monthly View to have a complete overview of your performances. Follow your workout counter, duration, calories burned, and other important statistics. Track your weight loss performances on the go and stay updated with the latest progresses to stay motivated.

Enable workout reminders to never forget

With the workout reminders available in Butt Workout & Leg Workout, Android users can now schedule their own reminders to never forget to exercise. Feel free to choose your preferred workout durations and whenever you wish to start the session. Plus, the short and effective exercises are designed for users to train without spending much of their time. As a result, there is no reason for you to deny your workouts, as they’ll only take a few minutes of your time and don’t require any equipment.

Sync your data with Google Fit for better uses of the app

Butt Workout & Leg Workout can be linked to your Google Fit account to help record more fitness data. Use the app in relation with other fitness apps on your Android devices to always stay engaged in your fitness journeys.

Available in many languages

With Butt Workout & Leg Workout available in many different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, and so on, Android users will have absolutely no troubles working with the native app on their mobile devices.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app using our mod

And if you are interested in the premium version of Butt Workout & Leg Workout but don’t wish to pay for the in-app purchases, you can now pick up the modded application on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked version of Butt Workout & Leg Workout featuring removed ads and unlimited features. Thus, allowing you to make the most of its features without having to pay anything. All you need is to download the Butt Workout & Leg Workout Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Final verdicts

With many great butts and legs workouts, together with useful companion features, Butt Workout & Leg Workout will make sure to give you great progress when training your fitness. And thanks to the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll now have better reasons to enjoy it.

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