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Call Break

April 1, 2020


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Call Break

Call Break is a popular card game that originated from Nepal and India, becoming more and more popular as its simple rule and entertainment value sweeps across the population. So now, instead of being play with real card hands between friends, Call Break Multiplayer has now gotten its own app and can set you up with strangers to test your luck and your skills against. But even so, for many people, the game is vague and for foreigners, completely unknown since it is only known locally.

Call Break

Well, Call Break is similar to Spades, and for those who are in the region, you might recognise it bearing quite strong resemblance to Call Bridge or Ghochi. But it is not entirely similar, however. This trick taking game is played in 2 pairs where Spades is the trump card and all others cards are basic cards. In other word, once you’ve gotten your hand on Spades, you have technically assured yourself the chance of winning the deck. Unlike Spades, however, the term “Hand” is used instead of trick, and “Call” is used instead of “Bid”. So, you might find it different from what you remember playing in casinos (This one is rarely, if ever, played in large casinos).

Call Break

I won’t lie to you: There are many Call Break Multiplayer apps out there that is higher in quality and concentration of players than the one I’m writing about. But this one made it up for the fact that it is extremely simple and won’t boggle down your phone’s storage as much as the others. Certainly, the trade-off is that the game’s graphic is a reminiscent of early 2000s’ Windows card games. But what matters isn’t really the graphic: What truly matters is whether you can play it or not. And on this department, Call Break outdone itself, or rather, the developers had outdone themselves.

Without fancy animations or organisation, the app just works, and for some people, that is the best thing that an app game could have: Remove all of the excessive frills and just leave the barebone mechanisms and gameplay behind. If that’s your cup of tea, then with all due respect, go ahead and download this app now.

Call Break

It’s important to also note, however, that this app hasn’t been updated in a very long time and it’s probably dead (Haven’t been updated since 2015). But in the last update that the developers ever rolled out, quite a lot of features were added. And since they were all essential anyway, you can consider the game to be playable, though the hope of finding support, or, I suspect, even find other player is quite rare. Perhaps these days you can only go against AI.

These updates are:

  • Added Leaderboard.
  • Added Achievements.
  • Small improvements in UI and menus.
  • Some improvements in AI.
  • Added 8 bid win condition.

They all seems very basic, but since we consider them as basic features the app must’ve had, the fact that the devs even added them at all is a fortune all in itself.

If you’re looking for a good training app for Call Break (I don’t dare to say it as a full-fledged game, since I’d be surprised you can find anyone playing this version of the game nowadays), this one is quite good if you give it the benefit of the doubt.

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