Candy Camera MOD APK 6.0.90-play (Premium Unlocked)

Candy Camera MOD APK 6.0.90-play (Premium Unlocked)

October 5, 2023


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JP-brothers, Inc.
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Premium Unlocked

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When taking pictures, especially portrait and selfie photos on your stock camera app, oftentimes, you’ll find yourself not entirely satisfied with the realistic and true-to-life images. That being said, it would be so much better if you could try and enjoy the likes of Candy Camera, which provide multiple features and tools that can help you with your special images.

Feel free to try out the awesome camera application of Candy Camera and enjoy working with multiple filters and camera modes, as they make it so much easier to capture the desired images. Try out multiple beauty functions to easily beautify the characters and apply multiple effects and filters. Capture your perfect pictures with many natural editing elements.

Learn more about this special mobile app from JP-brothers with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Candy Camera, Android users can enjoy working with the amazing beauty camera, which will enable quick and easy features for you to immediately capture the amazing footages. Feel free to unlock the special selfie camera to make portrait photos a lot more natural and beautiful. Also have access to many useful editing features to easily customize your captured photos.

Try out multiple filters which would make it extremely easy to edit your selfies. Unlock the beauty functions to completely edit and change the looks of your characters on any captured photos. The silent camera will make sure that you can easily capture your selfies during any situations. And the added stickers and photo collages will allow you to comfortably add your images for sharing.


For those of you who are interested, you can immediately pick up the free application of Candy Camera on the Google Play Store without paying for any of its features. Enjoy working with the useful camera and photo editor to easily enable beautiful portrait images on your devices. But of course, you’ll need to pay for certain in-app purchases to unlock the fully-featured and ad-free app.

At the same time, Candy Camera will require multiple permissions from your devices in order to function properly. These include your Camera permissions for taking photos and videos, microphone access to record audio, and your device storage so it can easily save the images. Make sure to consider these and a few other requests to enable the fully-functional app on your devices.

Plus, to make sure that the app can work well your devices, it’s also important to have them updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.1 and up. This will ensure the app’s compatibility, especially when working with the latest upgrades.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Capture amazing photos with built-in camera filters

To start with, Android users in Candy Camera can freely capture amazing footages with their smartphones. Simply make uses of the built-in camera app with many interesting filters to work with, each having its own unique visual elements. And most importantly, with each selected filter, you can immediately enable their live effects on your selected footages. As a result, you can easily see what the effects would do to your photos and enjoy a much easier experience with the mobile app.

Simply make uses of the left and right gestures to freely move around between different filters and enjoy their live photo effects. Unlock the perfect beauty filters for your selfies whenever you want. And also switch between multiple editing styles to spice up your images. Always find yourself beautiful or equally interesting in every shot that you take using the mobile app.

Many beautify features to edit the photos

Also, with the captured photos or any available footages from your device storage, you can make full uses of the built-in editing tools to work on them. Feel free to enable the perfect selfies for your camera and enjoy many interesting features that it provides.

Have fun trying out the awesome slimming effects, for both your faces and your bodies. Candy Camera will provide multiple preset options, which would make it extremely easy to work with. Simply select your preferred effects and the smart AI will automatically perform the natural editing effects. Enable the voluptuous or slender body on any characters. Make individual changes to the waist, hips, and legs to make them appear thicker or longer. Or enable interesting effects on your female abs, breast, male abs, and pecs to make each body look a lot more desirable.

Have fun working on your skins to enable many beautiful pieces of editing in Candy Camera. Enable the perfect skin colors that you want using multiple preset options in Candy Camera, which would make the images a lot more exciting. Try out the tanning effects to enable a brown and robust skin on your selfie. Or enjoy working with the beautiful white skins that will immediately turn you into a goddess. Have fun with many available options and freely save your different looks.

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested, Candy Camera will provide a variety of different make up features, which would make it extremely easy for you to beautify the characters. Start by slimming down your faces with the natural settings in the app. Make uses of the whitening effects to easily edit your poorly-taken images. And enjoy working with the concealer to get rid of any blemishes. Have fun working with the special lipsticks, eyeliner, blush, mascara, and many other cosmetic products, which will easily turn yourself into a beautiful princess, or a badass and attractive lady. All of which should guarantee your satisfactions.

Interesting stickers to add to your photos

For those of you who are interested, you can enjoy working with many interesting stickers in Candy Camera which will make sure that you can easily decorate yourself and others with awesome graphics. Try out the huge sticker collection from Candy Camera which provides thousands of available choices in each different categories. Enjoy working with stickers for different seasons, varied occasions, and interesting trends. And with the frequent updates from Candy Camera, you can always enjoy new graphical elements in the mobile app. Explore many cute stickers or artistic works for your photography needs. Make simple and easy changes to the images, which would make it a lot easier for you to edit.

Silent camera to freely work with

Here in Candy Camera, Android users can enjoy working with the silent camera app, which provides the useful silent capture option for you to experience. Simply enable the feature and you can take selfies, snapshots, and any other images without making any sounds on the devices. As a result, it’s perfect to use in public situations when you don’t want to embarrass yourself and annoy others with the unnecessary sounds.

Try out multiple photo collages

With all the captured images, Candy Camera will provide users with hundreds of interesting photo collages. Now, you can easily choose your preferred photos and add them to the provided collections quite easily. Simply pick up your favorite grids and styles, each having their own unique setups, to add your photos on them. In addition, you can also take photos in collage mode, which will enable quick and easy setups for multiple footages.

Quickly edit your photos with provided templates

Just like the awesome application of YouCam Perfect, Candy Camera also features a vast collection of interesting editing materials, which you can immediately select and apply on your portrait photos. Enable uniquely-designed photos with many provided templates. Make certain changes to your photos using the provided configurations. And also enable beauty features to improve your looks.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

While the app does come with ads and in-app purchases, you can easily bypass them by going for the modified version of Candy Camera on our website instead. Here, we provide unlocked in-app content with all the accessible features for you to enjoy. In addition, all advertisements will be removed to make sure that you can enjoy the fully-featured app without getting disrupted. All it takes is for you to download and install the Candy Camera Mod APK. Simply follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

Get ready to engage yourself in the ultimate selfie experience with Candy Camera, where great portrait images are created within seconds. Simply capture your photos with many live filters to easily pick up great moments with your camera app and without having to edit your footages later on. In addition, the built-in photo editor will also make it extremely easy for you to edit and create your beautiful images, using the provided editing options. And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the free and unlocked app on our website, which would make it extremely easier to enjoy.

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