Car Driving School Simulator MOD APK 3.26.13 (Unlimited Money)

Car Driving School Simulator MOD APK 3.26.13 (Unlimited Money)

June 13, 2024


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BoomBit Games
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Unlimited Money

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The cars and driving game category has never gone out of style because of its creative and fascinating content. However, what players most enjoy are racing games such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Real Racing, etc. Have you heard of a game that teaches players to drive on their mobile devices? How brilliant of that!

Car Driving School Simulator was published in 2017, by BoomBit games. Just like its name, the game teaches players how to drive and follow the rules on the street. Although Car Driving School Simulator is a virtual game, players will undoubtedly get useful information that they can use in real life.


Since the purpose of this game is to teach gamers how to drive, the tutorial is also a crucial part of Car Driving School Simulator. Players will go through plenty of driving tutorials with clear instructions so that they can understand the control system and driving regulations on the street. You will learn how to control, how to park a car without scratching others, how to turn left and right, etc.

If you are looking for the most genuine driving experience, you have made the right choice. In Car Driving School Simulator, besides tutorials, players can also experience driving with others or driving in other locations in the world. Their mission is to drive carefully, follow the rules in order to achieve the best score.

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Understandable and fascinating gameplay

The tutorials are comprehensible, players will not find any difficulty in completing them. You will be taught rules in a closed training course and have the ability to experience multiple open city environments. Everything you learn will be put to the test with missions that you need to complete. Completing tutorials can earn you coins, which are used for unlocking maps or purchasing items in the store.

The control system is clearly displayed on the screen: buttons, wheel, tilt, and MFi game controller support. After some compulsory steps, players will open all controllers that they need for the game. Besides enjoying the game, players can also obtain useful information about driving.

Car Driving School Simulator is also frequently updated with brand-new content, improvements, and important changes. Not only do these new features bring unforgettable experiences, but they are also easy to understand. If you have any feedback or ideas, just ask the developer and they will take them into consideration.

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While driving

There are a variety of maps for players to choose from California, Aspen, Canada, and so many more. Maps can be unlocked with coins. For the tutorials, each instruction is clearly written and easy to follow, all you have to do is use what is required and follow the blue line to achieve the best scores and gain lots of coins.

After finishing tutorials, players can move on to either lessons in different cities or enjoying the game with other drivers. If you know how to drive in real life, Car Driving School Simulator is a piece of cake to you. If you are not familiar with driving a car, this game will teach you the first basic steps. Remember to look left and right, forward and behind, use blinkers and wipers where necessary.

Different types of missions are also added to the game, for example, huge campaigns, pro parking missions. With a wide range of tasks, players will never feel bored. Without a doubt, these are the fastest way to earn in-game money for your progress.

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A unique collection of cars

There are in total 29 distinctive vehicles that players can enjoy driving, such as trucks, muscle cars, buses, and so many more. Each car has its own remarkable features, driving larger cars will undoubtedly be more difficult than driving smaller ones. There are also special theme cars for special holidays like Christmas or Easter. Despite the struggles that players may face, the driving is smoothly pleasing.

True-to-life traffic environment

The player is not confined to training areas because there are plenty of different city maps in which they can test their driving. These cities are so realistic that they are populated by real cars and traffic. It is a challenge to drive on streets full of vehicles, so remember to follow the rules, or you will be fined by point deduction.

The scoring system is easy to understand, if you make some common mistakes such as driving in the wrong lane, scratching other cars, forgetting to turn on blinkers while making a turn, etc., you will lose some points. There are two types of scores: car handling score and road rules score. Therefore, it is important to remember all the lessons that you have gone through before.

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Online multiplayer mode

If you are done with lessons or the single-player mode, you can try “Car Driving School Simulator” ‘s the multiplayer mode with players all over the world. You can drive with other cars on different maps. Points are added when players drive in accordance with the law, and additional bonuses are added for collectibles. On the other hand, scores may be deducted for violating traffic laws. Compete with other players locally and globally to see who the best driver is.

Unlimited money

Players can focus on enjoying the game without worrying about how much money they have because Car Driving School Simulator Mod APK has supported an unlimited money feature. Hop on the car and drive around the city with your local or global friends. Feel free to unlock all the maps and spend your money on all types of cars, show them off to your friends to see how jealous they are. Enjoy this feature because it is free!


Car Driving School Simulator has such stunning graphics with beautiful colors. While driving, players can enjoy the outstanding scenery in California or Canada. This game is so realistic that players can feel like they are truly driving in real-life cities. The control system is smooth, the frame rate is steady, and no bugs or lags are found during the gameplay. Moreover, the weather changes from sunny to rainy. The sound effects are also very realistic with the sound of traffic, the sound of the horns, blinkers, etc.


All in all, Car Driving School Simulator Mod APK is such a worth playing game with incredibly unique features. Players can enjoy the game after a hard day with their family and friends, offline or online.

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