Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey MOD APK 1.62 (Unlimited Money)

Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey MOD APK 1.62 (Unlimited Money)

September 29, 2023


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For those of you who’re interested in the exciting gameplay of truck driving simulation, you can now have fun with another great mobile game that can rival the likes of World Truck Driving Simulator, and a few others. That being said, with Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey, Android gamers can now have fun with exciting truck driving experiences that would allow you to fully immerse into the business.

Explore the life of a truck driver, this time, in a new and completely refreshing setup of Turkey. Android gamers will have their chances to dive into awesome long-haul driving experiences that will take you through the famous Anatolia with countless of amazing sites. Explore the realistic routes and enjoy fully interactive traffics with many interesting elements.

And most importantly, have fun discovering the complete experiences of cargo driving as you travel through the lands and dive deep into the experiences.

Find out more about the awesome game from smSoft with our complete reviews.


In this game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as a newbie truck driver in Turkey. Here, you’ll have access to the actual and realistic Turkey roadmaps with endless routes that you can follow as you take on your cargo driving jobs. Explore the life of a truck driver in Turkey and also explore the awesome in-game environments and experiences.

Start your adventures by taking on a variety of different tutorials and missions in the city of Ankara that would guide you through every aspect of the job. And with experiences, you’ll find yourself slowly capable of performing the extended rides across the country. Explore the different cities in Turkey as you travel from the West to the East and discover the beautiful Anatolia.

And along the way, feel free to find yourself completely hooked to the driving gameplay that would take you through the amazing in-game experiences. Have fun with exciting challenges and enjoy the exciting interactions with other vehicles and elements along the way. Explore the in-depth traffic with a complete map of Turkey’s traffic system on your phone. And most importantly, find yourself being able to experience the life of a Turkish truck driver with the most complete experiences ever.

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Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Experience the authentic truck driving simulator with amazing elements

For those of you who’re interested, you can now have fun with exciting driving experiences in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey with authentic truck driving gameplay. Find yourself taking on the awesome rides throughout the countries and enjoy unique aspects of the jobs. Enjoy the actual feelings of being able to drive on your amazing vehicles with awesome features. Explore the actual routes, travels with your different cargos, enjoy interesting interactions along the way, or find yourself fully immersed in the realistic experiences. The list goes on.

Have access to the real Turkey map and all the available routes

And to make the game more interesting, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will also have their chances to enjoy awesome rides with the actual Turkey map. Here, you’re able to travel to all the different cities throughout the country. Explore the real routes with accurate tracks and paths. And along the way, feel free to take a look at the beautiful environments with realistic elements. Explore the true Turkey with this authentic cargo driving gameplay whenever you want. Have fun discovering Ankara, or any other cities in this beautiful country.

Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey screenshot 3

Drive on multiple trucks and trailers with unique experiences

As you find yourself diving into the awesome gameplay of cargo simulation, the game will also introduce Android gamers to their unique and exciting experiences on multiple trucks and trailers that you can pick up and enjoy. Here, you can have fun driving on a variety of different models, each having their own unique designs and feels. Explore and experience unique driving gameplay as you progress and feel free to collect whichever truck that you prefer. And most importantly, with each truck having its own unique driving experiences due to the varied physics and mechanics, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will definitely find themselves enjoying the awesome gameplay to the fullest.

Realistic and immersive touch control options on many of your rides

To assist drivers in their exciting truck driving gameplay, Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey also offers realistic and immersive touch control options for you to pick up and make uses of. Here, you’re free to have fun with authentic truck driving simulation experiences while sitting in your accurately-designed cockpits with their unique builds.

Experience the true feelings of controlling your entire truck as you explore the multiple control options. Guide your cars to a certain direction with its touch steering mechanics. Choose the break or gas pedals as you effectively control the speed. And adjust the gearbox to match your current speed. Also, remember to check the mirrors to make sure your rears and back are safe. There will be tons of exciting and in-depth control options for you to get used to as you get into the driving job.

Realistic traffics with complete setups

In addition, along with the in-depth driving simulation and immersive routes, drivers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will also have their chances to explore the unique in-game traffics. Here, there will be realistically constructed roads with complete street signs and traffic signals that will make you feel like you’re actually riding on an actual path. And of course, the interesting traffic with many interactive vehicles along the ways would surely make your overall gameplay a lot more exciting.

Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey screenshot 4

Explore the roadsides with interesting interactions

Along with the in-depth traffics, Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey also offers interesting in-game elements along the way. That being said, Android gamers are allowed to make their stops and visit whatever they find interesting or needed. These could be the truck station where you can rest and refuel, or an interesting car exhibit where you can take a look at the amazing trucks that are currently for sale. See all you want and decide whether to purchase on your own.

In-depth cargo driving job simulation gameplay

Along with the driving experiences, the game also features in-depth cargo driving job gameplay, in which Android gamers can enjoy themselves in exciting transportation jobs. That said, the game offers multiple cargoes with different types of goods that need your care. From dealing with normal foods and household items, to carefully ride on the roads as you transport fuel tankers, chemicals, and so on. These unique experiences with your jobs will make the game a lot more interesting and enjoyable.

Realistic damage system with immersive elements on various objects

And as you dive into the long roads, make sure to always stay careful as the realistic traffic systems will mean that you won’t be driving along. Pay attention to other vehicles as well as following the traffic signals as you proceed. Accidents will come if you’re not careful, and you may lose the cargo and damage your cars with realistic physical damages. Don’t do this if you don’t want to pay for repairing the damages, which would cause your entire trip to be void.

Enjoy exciting online multiplayer experiences

Along with the exciting rides in the career mode, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey are also allowed to have fun with exciting online gamers as you dive into the awesome online game mode. Feel free to enjoy endless rides with friends and online gamers from all over the world as you experience the driving simulator gameplay to the fullest.

Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey screenshot 2

Record your amazing cinematic clips with your driving

In addition, for those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible to have your amazing and interesting movements in the game properly recorded with the built-in camera mode. That said, you can easily record your cinematic clips with realistic in-game elements, exciting controls, and full customizations. Feel free to create some of the most amazing pieces of art as you progress.

Free to play

And despite all the amazing in-game features, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will also find themselves having their favorite mobile game for free. That being said, it’s possible for you to download the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Have access to unlocked gameplay with our mod

To make the game more interesting, you can also get rid of the annoying ads and in-game purchases and have access to the complete gameplay for yourself. Just download and install the Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey Mod APK on our website, which is also free for all gamers. Follow the provided instructions to make sure that everything is in place and you’ll be good to go. Here, you can have fun with your ultimate driving simulation gameplay to the fullest.

Visual and sound quality


In the game, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will have their chances to enjoy amazing in-game visuals and realistic physics that would make your rides extra epic and enjoyable. In addition, with the adjustable graphics, you can have fun with smooth and satisfying rides on each and every of your mobile devices.


Together with exciting in-game visuals, Android gamers in Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey can also have fun with its awesome audio experiences. That being said, the game offers exciting soundtracks that would hook you to the experiences. And at the same time, the powerful and in-depth sound effects that would make you feel like you’re driving an actual vehicle.

Final thoughts

For hardcore driving simulator fans, this new game from smSoft will offer you the unique in-game experiences of cargo driving. And this time, you’ll have the chance to discover the beautiful region of Anatolia. Feel free to explore the amazing cities with realistic in-game elements that would make you completely hooked to the experiences. And most importantly, with the game being completely unlocked and free on our website, there is no reason for you to deny it.

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