CarX Drift Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

CarX Drift Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

February 28, 2023


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CarX Technologies, LLC
515 MB
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Unlimited Money

Get yourself immerse in the intense racing and drifting activities as you join others in this amazing car drifting game from CarX Technologies. Choose your favorite cars from all the available vehicles. Upgrade your gears and engines to attain better speed and controls. Find out about everything you need to know in CarX Drift Racing with our reviews.


In the game, players will join a huge drift racing community and practice to become one of the best. As a novice driver, you’ll have to earn your places from the bottom. Participate in different racing activities and tournaments to perfect your drifting skills. Win competitions, earn money to upgrade your cars, and have the right to race with the big boys.


Let’s take a look at all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the addictive drifting game

For the first time in your life, feel the powers of an actual supercar and the amazing sensations when you successfully perform your amazing drifts. That being said, CarX Drift Racing will give you the opportunities to experience unique and realistic handling of your cars as you learn to drift. There will be separate handbrake for you to start drifting.

Hence, if you’re someone who’re interested in this kind of activity, then prepare yourself for the incredible experiences it provides. Spend hours on end learning and enjoying the art of drifting in your amazing sports cars. In addition, the amazing animations will also make the game more addictive, to say the least.

Explore realistic mobile racing experiences

In CarX Drift Racing, you’ll have the opportunities to get immersed in some of the most realistic mobile racing experiences. Feel the insanely powerful sports cars as the engine begin to scream. Choose between different handling schemes to find the ones that suit you.

And to make your cars suitable for different racing events, you can easily switch between different setups, which includes Stock, Turbo, Racing, Drift, and so on. Have your cars be readied to join the competition.

Those who love drifting and are confident in their skills will have the chances to explore unique drifting experiences on different tracks. Each track will consist of varied racing surfaces, whether it’s asphalt, grass, or even sand. Take your drifting skills to another level by practicing on tough surfaces. Drift wherever you go, even on the grass or sand.

Upgrade and customize your cars

And for those who’re interested in the art of car tunning and customizing, you’ll have yourself plenty of options in Carx Drift Racing. Collect your resources and unlock many tunning options. Give your cars new engines, suspensions, wheels, brakes, transmissions, and so on.

You can also access many customizing options which allows you to change the colors of your car, give it new accessories, and so on. And once you’re done, it’s possible to take your car out for a test drive.

Journey to become the best drift racer

Embark your drifting career and journey to become the best drift racers in CarX Drift Racing. Start by participating in small competitions and tournaments. Use your skills and abilities to win new cups and earn some coins.

Make uses of the money and invest in your new vehicles. Select between 40 different sports cars with official licenses. Fulfill your dream and have yourself drifting in your favorite vehicles.

Advance to the higher tournaments, compete with the big boys and earn your victory. Become the best drift racer in the history and own the best sports cars.

And if you find all the opponents aren’t giving you any challenges, it’s possible for players in CarX Drift Racing to compete with themselves. Select the Ghost Mode and have fun playing against your best self.

You can also perform simple and easy video recording inside the game using the built-in record features. Select your best scenes and upload those to YouTube.

Explore massive online gameplay

If the offline gameplay isn’t enough for you, players in CarX Drift Racing can also have easy access to the online mode where they could join other online gamers from all over the world. With a huge community of 30,000,000 people, it’ll be easy finding yourself some opponents to test your skills with.

Compete with the best online racers in epic World Time Attack Championship. Challenge the world best players and beat their own records. You’ll have a worldwide ranking system that shows all the players who’ve competed and make progress.

Free to play

This amazing car drifting game is currently free for all Android users to enjoy. That being said, you can easily join others in this epic racing event just by having the game installed on your devices. Still, there might be some in-app purchases or ads that you might find a little bothering.

Unlimited gameplay with our mods

That being said, if you’re concern about the in-app purchases, our awesome CarX Drift Racing Mod will give you full access to all the in-game features. Explore unlimited gameplay by download and install the CarX Drift Racing Mod APK file on your Android devices. Follow our additional instructions for the best results.

Graphics and sounds quality


The game is one of the few Android racing games that could offer high-level of realistic visual elements as well as a smooth gameplay. That being said, you can easily enjoy incredible drift effects while playing the game. Experience the burning asphalt, smoking roads, and sparkling flashes when you drift.


For the first time, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the true engine sound from all the available cars in the series. Explore the simulated turbo sound as well as the blow-off valve. Ride like you are actually on a real car.

In addition, the incredible music with officially licensed soundtracks will make it hard staying away from the addictive audio experiences.

Final  verdicts

With CarX Drift Racing, Android gamers will find everything they need and more. Explore an incredible racing experience like never before in this amazing game from CarX Technologies. And most importantly, with our Car Drift Racing Mod APK, you won’t have to worry about the in-app purchase since everything will be free for you to enjoy. Just pick your favorite spot, sit down, and prepare to enjoy this amazing game for hours on end.

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