Case Clicker 2 MOD APK 2.4.2a (Unlimited Money)

Case Clicker 2 MOD APK 2.4.2a (Unlimited Money)

May 3, 2020


Additional Information
Hawk Games!
84.90 MB
MOD Features
A lot of money, cases, capsules and keys

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It’s surprising how such a simple game can become so interesting and addictive, but that’s exactly the case with Case Clicker 2. If you’ve played the original game, you would surely know why the game has been so famous. But with Case Clicker 2, things even get more exciting with new and improved features.

That being said, you can now dive into the multiple case opening, enjoy online real-time coin flips, explore the new casino games, collect new equipment and upgrades, climb the global rank, and so on. Enjoy the game with friends and gamers from all over the world.

Find out more about this amazing game from Hawk Games with our review.


The game is the perfect simulator for the CS case opening gameplay as well as the addictive idle clicker styles that have become quite popular lately. That being said, in the game, your main goal was to tap on the screen for as much as you can and in as long as possible to effectively collect money and rewards.

You can then use the money to collect items and equipment with varied uses from increasing the clicking efficiency to customize your clicking effects. The game also features exciting coinflip challenges, addictive casino games, and real-time online betting system, which are extremely impressive.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay with intuitive controls

You’ll find the game extremely easy and simple to get started. Just open it and start tapping on the screen so you can generate coins. This allows you to quickly collect coins, so you can use them for buying all kinds of stuff. As for the controls, there isn’t anything special about it. All you have to do is tap on the screen. And the interfaces are also extremely intuitive, making it a lot easier to navigate between the options.

Multiple upgrades options to pick up

With more than 300 different upgrade options that are available, you can easily increase your clicking proficiency by purchasing new items. With these, you can collect more coins even when you’re not playing the game at all. That being said, the idle clicking feature will be perfect to collect your coins.

In addition, if you’re not satisfied with the current clicking rates of your purchased items, you can try to upgrade them to better ones. But keep in mind that there are also risks of losing your money and the items. So don’t risk it if you’re not confident with your luck.

Case Clicker 2 screenshot 1

Collect bonuses to enhance your performances

Along with the available items and upgrades, the game also features multiple buffs that you can make uses of. With these, you can easily earn bonuses cash from clicking, enhance your chances of success with upgrades, and so on. Hence, you shouldn’t miss out on them.

Feel free to customize your clicking experiences

And to make the game more personalized, gamers in Case Clicker 2 can also pick up multiple skins and stickers to customize their looks. That being said, you can choose from more than 1000 different skins and 1300 different stickers, which are pretty impressive. Not to mention that you’re also allowed to name your own skin in the game to whatever you feel like. And if you don’t like what you get, you can easily trade them with others on the online trading market.

Case Clicker 2 screenshot 3

Enjoy trading and competing with online gamers

Speaking of which, Case Clicker 2 features multiple online gameplay that you can enjoy whenever you want. This includes the Custom Case Creator where you can make your own cases and share with others, the exciting Trading System where gamers can have their items officially traded with others, or the exciting ranking system for the best clickers in the game. It’s the perfect place to collect your desired items and to get rid of the unwanted ones for a good price.

Exciting gambling mini games to enjoy

Along with the simple idle clicking gameplay, Case Clicker 2 also features awesome mini gambling games for you to enjoy. Find yourself playing the common games like Roulette, Mines, Coinflip, Jackpots, and more.

In addition, the game also features the unique Crash game mode where you can try to get the skin before the price crashes. Or try your luck in the Tower mode and reach the very tops of the towers for awesome loots.

Moreover, you can also take the game online and participate in exciting Online Jackpots, Scratches, or Coinflips challenges where you can try your luck with other online gamers.

And most importantly, the game offers the real-time betting system which gamers can participate in and place their bets on the actual eSport matchups. Place your bets whenever you want as long as you have the cash and collect valuable rewards.

Complete multiple missions and achievements

In addition, the game also features multiple missions and more than 200 different in-game achievements that you can choose to complete and unlock awesome rewards. Finish your challenges and earn awesome souvenir items.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy completely unlocked gameplay with our mod

Moreover, if you still find the ads and in-app purchases annoying, then our modified version of the game can present it to you for completely free. That being said, you just need to download and install our Case Clicker 2 Mod APK instead. Do it and unlock unlimited rewards with money, keys, and cases. Feel free to do whatever you want with all the hack features that were provided.

Visual and sound quality


Featuring simple graphics with little impressive elements, gamers in Case Clicker 2 will find the game quite plain. However, it also makes up for this with intuitive interfaces and undemanding requirements. Hence, you can easily have the game installed on your mobile devices, regardless of their low-end hardwares.


Enjoy the powerful and impactful soundtracks as you dive into the enjoyable experiences in Case Clicker 2.

Final thoughts

If you’ve played Clicker Heroes and Cookie Clickers before, then you would probably don’t find the unique game refreshing gameplay Case Clicker 2 very strange. In fact, it is even more interesting thanks to our mods.

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