Cat War 2 MOD APK 2.4 (Unlimited Money)

Cat War 2 MOD APK 2.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Cat War 2 poster

The cat and dog are familiar pets around us. There is always the war between us. If you want to watch these wars, Cat War 2 will help you to do it. Cat War 2 is a strategy game that show fierce battles of the cats and dogs. In the game, the player will become a commander of the cats. You will fight to protect the kingdom of the cats from an aggression of the dogs. Let’s help the cats to protect their kingdom and bring peace for them.

The image of nice cats

Cat War 2 is one of the games that has been built and published by WestRiver. The game is upgraded from ‘Cat War’. But you can just install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. Cat War 2 is available on Google Play and free to download. The game is just for simple player. And you can play Cat War 2 anywhere you want without the Internet connection.

In Cat War 2, you will be taken to many strongholds at different places. The design of the strongholds is very detailed. Besides, background around the stronghold is also changed. An area with many trees, a mountainous region with large rocks or the area that is covered by a thick layer of show. You can also see wooden fence, rock pillars or a forest that is in the long distance.

In addition, our main characters are the cats. They are very nice in armors with weapons on their hands. The cats will have many different color such as green, blue, brown, … The publisher has also provided a lot of weapons for your cats. Militia archer will use bow and arrows to fight. But militia warrior will use an axe to fight enemies and use a shield to protect themselves. Besides, our enemy is the dogs. Their face is grim and has the weapons like the army. Especially, the cats and dog in Cat War 2 can walk on two legs. Moreover, sound of the game will bring dramatic battles. The cat’s meow or the sound of sword. Eye – catching graphic also helps you to experience the game better.

Become the commander of cat army

Start Cat War 2, the kingdom of cats is being invaded by the dogs. But long time ago, even before the human race was appeared, the cats and dogs were civilized creatures. The kingdom of cats was always overpowered by the kingdom of dogs, and even the kittens were taken to the dogs. So the kingdom of cats has found Catphinx’s help. Catphinx was involved in the matters on the earth without having discussed with other gods, so Catphinx was rebuked. In the meantime, the dogs began to invade the kingdom of cats. Therefore, the scattered cat heroes gathered to protect their kingdom in order to stand up to evil force of Dog Kingdom. Now you will become the commander of cat army and help the cats to win the battles and save the kittens.

Your main mission is to prevent the dogs from attack the cat’s stronghold. The game has 100 levels with the increasing difficulty so that you conquer it. In the first level, you will be provided 3 basic types of army and one hero. The game has also provided the certain number of fish so that you can buy the first soldiers. Each soldier will need the number of own resource point. The workers that find resources will need 10 resource points to hire them. The resource is fish. you can hire up to 12 workers. But with mercenary, the player will need to have enough 20 fish. You will need 25 fish to hire militia archer. After you have overcome the certain level, you will unlock the new character. For example, when you overcome level 3, militia warrior will be unlocked. To unlock general of the Kingdom – the strongest unit, you have to overcome level 36.

Besides, each hero will have their own skill and they be stronger than normal soldiers. Duncan is a warrior who destroys the enemy with great power. He can blast nearby the enemies for a period of time. Sonia is Dark Assassin. He is a sniper that can thrust into an enemy’s heart. His skill is to throw an explosive bomb. You can buy additional heroes by diamonds that you receive after you have completed the level. Before the player starts their battle, they can select their hero units. But they just can select 3 hero units. You can summon the heroes by clicking on highlighted hero units on the left. Click on high-lighted the hero skill on the left to use the hero’s skill. Each hero will have the uniquely inherited skills. They will help you to win the battle easily. You just can win the battle when you have destroyed their stronghold. Especially, 10th level is the “Hero vs Boss” level. This level is hard. In this level, you are only allowed to use the heroes. All heroes that are selected can be summoned and all associated skills can be used.

An upgrade for the characters and bonus game

Like some games, the characters of Car War2 can be upgraded. There are up to 20 levels that you can upgrade them. The heroes will need more diamonds than the units to upgrade. Besides, you can also buy items to increase attack power, health point, resource capture rate, movement speed or switch game speed anytime during game play. You will need a lot of diamonds to create the strong army. Let’s try to earn many diamonds to upgrade your army.

In Cat War 2, the publisher has provided more bonus game for the players. If you move your character with your finger and catch fish, you will get points and diamonds. You can also find the treasure chest here. To play bonus game, you have to acquire 100 bonus points or diamonds.

The action game brings funny experiences

With outstanding graphic and the nice cats, Cat War 2 has attracted many players. The battles take place in the different locations. The cats in the armors and weapons can walk on two legs. A system of character is diverse. Besides, the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. So you will need to have the good strategies to win the battles quickly and save the kitten. This will improve your thinking ability. Cat War 2 is the action game but it isn’t so dramatic. The players just have to choose the heroes and units. They will fight the dogs. Therefore, you can relax with the game. Cat War 2 will bring the funny and interesting experiences for you.

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