CetusPlay Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

CetusPlay Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

September 24, 2023


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CetusPlay Global
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Pro Unlocked

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Fire TV Universal Remote poster

The use of Android TV Box today has almost dominated the technology market, instead of having to spend a lot of money to buy a smart TV. Today’s users are geniuses and grasp the trend quickly. They know to choose the best entertainment device for their family, so surely they cannot ignore the Android TV Box product. Many applications to control the Android box by phone were born to increase convenience for users. So, what is the app to control the android tv box on the phone?

If you are extremely confused with questions such as: how to control Android Box by phone, which Android Box control application should you choose, you should try the Cetusplay experience. Are you starting to get excited? Let’s find out this convenient application with me.


First of all, to give you a better understanding of this novel application, I will define Android TV Box. What is an Android TV box? Android TV box (or Android TV box) is a transceiver running the Android operating system, which is used to turn ordinary TVs into smart TVs, listen to music, read newspapers, play games, … Many people also know this as the Smart TV box.

The features of the Android TV Box are extremely attractive and convenient.

  • Rich online entertainment features: Supporting network connection to read newspapers, listen to music, watch movies, play games, connect to social networks, and many other gadgets.
  • Easy to connect, can be used on both old and new TVs: For example, if your TV is a flat-screen TV with an HDMI port, you can easily connect to the Android TV box. If your TV is an old television, you can still connect through the AV port
  • Load more applications: Android TV box allows you to easily download hundreds of entertainment and work apps from the Play Store app store
  • Full range of connection features: Like Smart TV, the Android TV box also allows you to connect to USB, laptop, speakers, mouse, keyboard, and wireless connectivity features such as projecting the phone screen on TV, controlled by phone, etc. help you to have more convenient operations.

Android TV Box runs on the Android operating system. The interface or language is supported in Vietnamese, so controlling the TV box by phone is also one of the utilities that many people prefer to use. And using the phone controls for a much more enjoyable experience, so the need to use and explore this gadget also increases.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying an Android TV Box:

  • Internet access is required to use TV Box
  • Which TV do you want to use connected to TV Box?
  • The audio devices you want to connect
  • Connect TV Box to external devices
  • Wireless connections
  • Select to purchase a TV Box device type
  • Configuration options are appropriate
  • Manufacturer
  • TV Box is sold at what price, is it reasonable?
  • Warranty and after-sales service of the supplier

Through the above information, perhaps you can also understand CetusPlay – a multifunctional remote control application for Android TV / Fire TV / Android TV box. With the CetusPlay app, users can easily control the Android TV Box remotely on the phone instead of using the wireless remote or mouse.

Fire TV Universal Remote screen 2


  • Size: 18M
  • Installations: 5,000,000+
  • Current version:
  • Requires Android version: 4.1 and up
  • Suitable age: 3 years old and up
  • Provided by: CetusPlay Global
  • Visit the website: [email protected]

Features of CetusPlay Pro

CetusPlay has many attractive features that you will surely enjoy:

  • There are different navigation modes. Which include: Keyboard Mode, Mouse Mode, TouchPad, and Direction-Pad.
  • You can quickly transfer local files from your phone like photos, videos, DOC, PPT, TXT, XLS to TV.
  • Besides, CetusPlay also features Live Channels. You can add a local M3U file to transfer to Box / TV / Stick.
  • With just a single click on your phone, you can launch TV apps quickly.
  • Speed up your TV by cleaning cache and trash. It should not be difficult because you just need to press lightly on the speedball.
  • Feel free to share screenshots on social media as you view them.

Steps to Use Your Phone as A Remote-control Android TV Box

  • Step 1: Download CetusPlay – TV Remote Server application on TV Box

You can install the CetusPlay App – TV Remote Server version for Android TV Box from CH Play app store with the keyword “CestusPlay.”

  • Step 2: Download the CetusPlay app on your Smartphone

You also install the Cetusplay remote version app for your phone from the Play Store (for devices running Android operating systems) or from the App Store (for iPhone, Ipad devices).

  • Step 3: Connect Android TV Box and phone to the same wifi network

After the installation is complete, you open the CetusPlay app on Android Box and your phone. Note on Android TV Box, and your phone needs to be connected to the same wifi.

On the Cetus Play application screen of the phone, you start to select the “Network connection administrator” for the device to scan the TV box’s IP code. And then click on the “Smart TV” that you want to connect. You can easily see the connection between the two devices.

A 4-character code appears on the TV screen for you to enter into your phone and press OK to start controlling the Android TV Box.

Enter the 4-character code on the TV screen into the phone to control the Android TV Box.

Instructions for Using CetusPlay Application on Your Phone

Control Modes

The main interface of CetusPlay on the phone, by default, displays the Remote function. We can choose from 4 remote functions

  1. Dpad mod: primary control mode like a standard remote
  2. Touchpad mod: Control mode by vibrating electric touch
  3. Mouse mod: Mouse control mode
  4. Number keyboard: Basic control mode with full numeric keys

For the virtual keyboard task, you can now type right on your phone instead of having to use the Remote to move back and forth between letters as before. It is simple.

For the Cetusplay Pro mouse feature, the worry of using the mouse to navigate with the navigation keys in the remote is no longer a problem. Here, the mouse feature is already integrated with an easy-to-use design. There is a dedicated box where you can use your finger to hover on it, touch and swipe on the phone screen. Left are a right mouse square, a scroll wheel, and a square for the left mouse. We can imagine all the features of the computer mouse on the market are integrated into Cetusplay Pro.

For keyboard tasks like the Remote you are using, you can see, the keyboard design of Cetusplay is much more intuitive. At first glance, we can immediately visualize each key’s features, with four navigation keys surrounding the OK button in the middle, along with the layout of the Home and Menu buttons symmetrically on both sides, especially Especially with a built-in voice search button. “Search” you can use this voice search feature on your phone, and your Box will receive commands and search as you command. At first glance, you should distinguish the characteristics of each key and the usage of each key.

Access CetusPlay Function Menu

Besides, to perform other functions of CetusPlay, users can choose to go to the Menu section denoted by three dashes on the upper left with an intuitive interface and very easy to select.

Fire TV Universal Remote screen 3


Runs on TV

You can easily share videos, photos, and files from your phone to Android TV Box. It is a handy feature for users. We can completely forget about some photo and video sharing apps like Miracast, Happycast. Because now our work is much more comfortable without any problems.

Application Center

This feature will allow us to install many other utility applications on Android Box without doing extra steps when opening. For example,  downloading the application to the computer and then copying to USB to establish, on CHPlay right Type each item with a wireless mouse to search. Now it has become too simple.

My Application

A great feature. Similar to the mirroring protocol on the Hicontrol app dedicated to the Himedia box line. We see all of the apps installed on our Android Box. Turn on / off apps on the Android box with just one click. It is probably the unique feature of CetusPlay; karaoke fans should install CetusPlay urgently.


It allows users to play videos with a vast content store from Youtube on the TV screen right on the CetusPlay application.

Clean master

CetusPlay also cleverly integrates spam scanning and caching files on its drivers for users to easily manipulate. Mostly this is a feature that Android box users use a lot and often have to install some more. Third-party apps to an android box

Screen capture

For someone specializing in writing content and reviewing products, this is probably a feature that should give the absolute score. If before, we often have to install some third-party applications to capture the screen of the android box, then use some methods to copy these image files to the computer for processing, CetusPlay for Our solution is much better. All screenshots will be saved in the gallery on your phone or tablet. The image file processing will now reduce many steps and save much more time.

Live channel. One more unique feature, allowing add IPTV list from URL or add m3u file from Local. Perhaps even simpler than IPTV Simple or Kodi when playing IPTV


The CetusPlay application also allows you to customize several other useful functions according to individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Use CetusPlay?

There are a few notes that you need to take to use this utility application:

  • First, you need a smartphone
  • Then, note that you use a shared wifi network to connect your phone to the TV box to perform the controls.
  • Finally, make sure you use the application software installed on your phone. Thanks to this application and software, users can conveniently control the Android TV Box on the phone.

Why Can’t I Use CetusPlay on My Device?

Please make sure that your device is suitable for this application. Currently, CetusPlay is compatible with the following devices:

  • Online media players (including Android TV) such as Google Nexus Player, Fire TV / Stick, MXQ, MX Pro, H96 Pro, M8S Box, or NVIDIA Shield TV.
  • The device uses the Android operating system.

Some Notes When Using CetusPlay Pro

  • For new users of Fire TV / Stick:

Before restarting Fire TV / Stick, enable ADB debugging.

Install CetusPlay’s mobile version and connect it to Fire TV. Please ensure that the CetusPlay TV version is available on the TV device.

  • For Fire TV / Stick update users:

Make sure that you are using the latest version for your phone. Similar to the TV version, you should pay attention to your online media player.

Use the same wifi for all devices.

You can use other advanced functional apps for clicks. When you want to debug ADB, you have to enable it on your online media player. If you do not know-how, you can seek help from the in-app help center.

  • For Android TV:

When you do the following on your Android TV thoroughly, you are free to enjoy its convenience:

  • Install “CetusPlay – TV version” on your TV via the search engine.
  • As I said above, connect the devices to the same wifi.

Final Thoughts

For those who often have difficulty using conventional controls, CetusPlay Pro MOD APK is a wise solution. Of course, today’s tech market has a lot of good support options, but Cetusplay is one of the most exciting applications. With it, controlling Android TV Box becomes more accessible and convenient than ever. You will have the best experience without missing out on any gadget on your Android Box.

Thanks to the convenient features of CetusPlay, users can fully interact with the phone, TV, and other devices more easily. Hopefully, through this article, you can understand more about this utility application and experience it.

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