Chrooma Keyboard MOD APK 5.1.1 (Unlocked)

Chrooma Keyboard MOD APK 5.1.1 (Unlocked)

September 26, 2020


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Chrooma Keyboard RGB poster

The ability to change colors is the highlight of the Chrooma Keyboard app. If the user is too bored with the keyboard apps on the Play store, Chrooma Keyboard is the right choice to download and experience.

The most special feature that GameLounge’s product brings is that it allows us to change the entire color according to the application that it supports. For example, the keyboard will be dark blue when using Facebook, yellow in Google Keep, or green in WhatsApp.

Also, Chrooma supports one-hand mode, gesture input, and font options. Besides the free version is limited to several features, GameLounge also offers a paid version of this application for $2.49. Fortunately, here we have the Chrooma Keyboard version.

General Information

Chrooma Keyboard is an application that allows users to customize color effects for the keyboard of the iPhone or iPad of famous technology company Razer. Chrooma Keyboard will simulate the decorative back-light style of the RGB LED system and provide users with a custom color effect panel on the iPhone and iPad keyboard.

Chrooma Keyboard does not support multi-language percussion and does not come with the option to turn off the sound when typing. If you want to experience, you can access the link above to download Chrooma Keyboard, which is free for a short time.

Chrooma Keyboard is a keyboard application only for iOS. Download Chroma Keyboard that will help turn the default keyboard of iPhone, iPad into Razer’s RGB LED keyboard unique and impressive.

If you use Razer products for gamers like keyboards or a mouse, it will impress you with the design, and the beautiful RGB lighting that has made its name. And if you love this RGB LED style, with the Chrooma Keyboard application, you will bring it on your iPhone or iPad easily.

Chrooma Keyboard for iPhone besides bringing the impressive RGB LED style. Chrooma Keyboard is still full of features of a pine keyboard. It means that entering characters will not change compared to the default keyboard. The app also brings shortcuts, word suggestions, and stickers to add fun to conversations.

How to Use Chrooma Keyboard

If you use Razer products for games such as keyboards or mice, it will impress you with the design, and the beautiful RGB lighting that has made a name for the company. And if you love this RGB LED style, with Chrooma Keyboard version, you will bring it on your iPhone easily.

Chroma Keyboard is a keyboard application only for the iOS operating system. This application, when activated, gives the user a very impressive keyboard with Razer’s RGB LED style. If you’re interested, here’s how to use the Chroma Keyboard for you. If you’ve always loved Razer’s RGB LED keyboard style, here’s how you bring it to your iPhone.

  • Step 1: Launch App Store, find and download the Chroma Keyboard app.
  • Step 2: After downloading the app, launch the Chroma Keyboard from the home screen. Chroma Keyboard interface will appear, now press Home to return to the home screen and click “Settings”.
  • Step 3: In Settings, click on “General” and then click “Keyboard.” The keyboard selection interface of the operating system will appear, now click on “Add a new keyboard.” Then click “Chrooma” under the Third Party Keyboard.
  • Step 4: Go back to the keyboard change interface, when you will see the Chroma keyboard selection will appear. Click “Edit” and move Chroma over “English”, then click “Done”. Continue to click on Chroma keyboard selection again and toggle on at the option “Allow Full Access”. At this point, a confirmation window will appear, click “Allow”.

Complete the above preparation steps. When accessing the editor of the applications, the Chroma keyboard will appear with beautiful color ranges. Here, you will have three keyboard color options to use. All things are black with Razer RGB LED tones. Clicking the gear icon will give you a handful of keyboard settings to customize it again.

Special Features

Chrooma Keyboard is a keyboard widget that possesses a highly customizable interface when this screen changes color according to the application you use. Chrooma Keyboard now supports iPhone and Android platforms, allows the free download, and is optimized for both smartphones and tablets.

Multi-functional Applications

Besides Hub Keyboard with a series of smart features such as the ability to translate text, to attach clipboard, to chat, or to search and share files without exiting the application, Chrooma Keyboard is also a desktop utility. Emerging keys are impressive.

One of the first notable points is that the keyboard interface can change according to the color of each application you are using. For example, if you are chatting with Viber, the Keyboard screen will be purple. When posting a status on Facebook, the keyboard interface will be white. It is like the white background on this social network and many other interesting changes.

One point that has not been optimized for this application is that the installer capacity is up to 48MB, much larger than Hitap Keyboard, DU Emoji Keyboard, or Flash Keyboard. However, in terms of stability and smooth operation, Chrooma Keyboard is not inferior. Chrooma Keyboard also supports perfect multiple platforms and offers a lovely sticker collection. So, you can download it to try it out.


First, the Chrooma Keyboard version offers multi-language support. One Hand Mode allows the keypad to switch to one side of the phone screen. In contrast, the split layout option can split the keyboard interface into two.

It features many optional icons for keys with four different color styles. There are also many font styles to select. The app also supports input options using swipe gestures. You can change the keyboard size and the interface color according to the application in use with ease.

Chrooma Keyboard also includes paid IAP packages that require a premium to be used by users. You can disable this feature in your device’s settings.

About the Latest Version

With the recent update to version 3.0 of the Chrooma Keyboard, the gestures, themes, and options arrive. It is very similar to the Google keyboard. But with a unique vision, integrating Google Now. And there is a model that combines the color of the keyboard with the application that we are using.

We will have a one-hand mode, better prediction of text and emojis, support simultaneous multi-language, and a customizable action bar that we can use for numbers, emojis, copy/paste, etc.

Overall Evaluation

Writing from your mobile is no longer joining each letter one by one, which Swype or Google took care of, making it easy with stroke writing and voice dictation.

Many other keyboards did their thing to improve the way of putting words together, such as SwiftKey with its excellent prediction or KiKa, including a thousand ways to personalize the experience. But there is also another that is advancing step by step to the podium with its development line, Chrooma Keyboard.

This Android keyboard is an old acquaintance of ours since we loved it from the first version. And it has not stopped strengthening, going from the paid model to a free one with the option of premium use. Now it jumps to the latest version, 3.0, with many additional features that notably help to produce long texts.

Premium Updated Version

Version 3.0 of this well-known and versatile Android keyboard had been in the Google Play Store for a few days in beta form, but now it is officially updated, including the news that was announced. And they work very well, with some swipe gestures that raise the possibilities in text processing.

Chrooma Keyboard for iPhone besides bringing the impressive RGB LED style. Chrooma Keyboard is still full of features of a pine keyboard. It means that entering characters will not change compared to the default keyboard. The app also brings shortcuts, word suggestions, and stickers to add fun to conversations.

Now we can move within the text, starting from the space for gestures. Thus, if we slide our finger over the space key to the left or right, we will move the cursor in that direction. And if we start from space, we move our finger up and move it to the left or right. Without releasing the screen, we will apply a selection on the text we want.

We can also delete a word, starting with the delete key and going to the left. Or erase all the text by swiping up. Without forgetting the emoji, Chrooma Keyboard in its version 3.0 expands the list of emoticons including a setting that, despite not being active yet, is expected for future updates. We suggest emojis based on the typed text.

One of the best Android keyboards available

If we already linked with its powerful prediction engine, the customization options, or how it adapted to the environment of the app by adopting its colors for the keyboard template, now Chrooma Keyboard goes up a level with the adoption of the gestures for selection and deletion. After testing them, we can say that they are the best additions to a keyboard. Selecting text is much easier with them.

It is still free, but it has a premium option (without knowing what the difference is yet). For those who bought it, it allows you to restore the purchase by rewarding the Pro user. And the improvements introduced in 3.0 deserve even more than your download.

Chrooma Keyboard versus Google Keyboard

Since Chrooma is based on the Google keyboard, they look very similar. We bet it is difficult for most people to distinguish. They all have the same flat appearance and almost the same button layout. And depending on the keyboard you choose, the options for changing the appearance vary.

But let’s start with some features available in Google Keyboard. First, the Google keyboard can choose gesture input, usually called “swipe input.” This feature can be enabled and disabled, and slightly customized, which is one of the major reasons we chose Google Keyboard as our Fleksy alternative. You can also enable or disable the one-handed mode through the keyboard settings or the keyboard itself.

However, we encountered some errors. In some applications, the prediction line of the keyboard became white, making the text unreadable. One of our favorite options in Chrooma is “Night Mode”, which will darken the color of the keyboard when you use your phone at night.

Final Words

It is difficult to be surprised by the functions of a keyboard, especially when the evolution of the Google keyboard gives such excellent results. Since they made it available in the Play Store, we are sure we have not been the only one to try various keyboards. And in the long run, many people did not get what they needed.

One of the most colorful keyboards has received a nice update. Chrooma Keyboard MOD APK is presented as a fresh and useful proposal. It is a virtual keyboard that uses a large part of Google’s functions. Once mastered, they are of great help.

Chrooma Keyboard is available for free with the option of three paid versions that unlock various advanced functions. If you want to try it, the free version is more than enough. Then, you will decide if it is necessary to pay for more functions.

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