City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK 3.2.0 (MENU MOD)

City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK 3.2.0 (MENU MOD)

Game Theory Games MENU MOD

You’re interested in the exciting combat in Fighting Star, but are looking for a more liberated way to battle against your enemies. Then the interesting gameplay of street fighting in City Fighter vs Street Gang will certainly impress many of you. Feel free to engage in endless levels of street fighting as you go against some of the most intimidating enemies.

Experience and enjoy the epic gameplay of street fighting with epic action gameplay. Take your street fighter through an epic journey where he will go against thugs and criminals all over the city. Make uses of the intuitive controls and engaging fighting moves to fully immerse yourself in the in-game experiences. Have fun in the exciting side-scrolling combats and actions whenever you’re in the game.

Find out more about this awesome mobile game from Game Theory Games with our complete reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves joining our hero in his quests to retrieve the precious juices that were stolen from him. Take on ultimate fights on the streets as you go against the nasty criminal gang who’ve taken all the juices for their bosses. Take them down with your ultimate fighting skills and engage in epic actions as you progress.

Engage in addictive fighting gameplay with intuitive touch controls and accessible skill moves. Challenge the enemies with your impressive combos. Make uses of many available fighting styles that were introduced in the game, from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, to Karate and Kungfu. Power up our hero with many available skills and abilities while also letting him engage in addictive battles.

Takedown all enemies that are coming at you to retrieve the precious orange juices that were stolen from you. Find yourself fighting against all kinds of criminals and thugs while crossing the city. Have fun with the action-packed gameplay however you want.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive and enjoyable retro-styled action gameplay

To start with, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang will find themselves engaging in the exciting gameplay of retro-styled actions. Start by making uses of the intuitive button to quickly familiarize yourself with the gameplay. Here, the intuitive side-scrolling mechanics will make it a lot easier for you to get used to the game. And at the same time, the included touch button controls with many straightforward options will certainly come in handy.

Simply select whichever actions that you prefer with intuitive Dodge, Hit, Guard, Kick, and other accessible moves. Make uses of the intuitive analog control to move your characters. And try out different combinations to find yourself completely hooked to the awesome actions.

Tons of collectibles to pick up during the challenges

Engage in the exciting fights in the game as you take on nasty enemies all over the town. Bring them down and complete the levels to collect awesome collectibles and unlock special rewards. Discover boxes with new weapons and equipment. Grab your guns and explosives to strike your enemies with thunders.

Also, feel free to make uses of the different fruits and juices that you’ve collected along the way to power up your characters. Gain more strength with bananas, unlock new abilities with the oranges, and more.

Useful upgrades and power-ups to make uses of

Moreover, to further power up your characters, gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang will also find themselves having access to many available upgrade options with the game. Feel free to make multiple enhancements to increase your character’s Health, Attack Power, and Weapon abilities. Unlock new powers and better stats with your characters so you can fight against stronger enemies.

Choose between different martial arts masters

To make the awesome gameplay of City Fighter vs Street Gang more engaging and exciting, Android gamers can now choose between many available characters with different fighting styles. Here, you can freely engage in your Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, and many other fighting styles. Enjoy the game with many available master fighters with Arya, Hitman, Jason, and many other great heroes. Take them all on your ultimate quests to retrieve the precious juices.

A series of exciting challenges with escalated difficulties

And for those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the exciting gameplay of City Fighter vs Street Gang with endless actions and fighting challenges. Here, you’ll find yourself being challenged by bosses and gang beasts from all over the city. Take them all down through a series of exciting fighting levels to give people their desired justices. All the juices must be fairly distributed between the people.

Enjoy the exciting Battle Royale experiences

Moreover, with the new Battle Royale game mode, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang will now find themselves enjoying the epic gameplay of actions even more. Find yourself engaging with enemies in endless levels of brawling and oranges. Experience epic fighting challenges and become the hero as you defeat other enemies.

Play the game with or without the Internet

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang can now engage themselves in the simple and accessible mobile gameplay without having to connect to the Internet. Hence, it’s totally possible for you to enjoy the offline gameplay whenever you’re in the game. There is no need to use your mobile data when you’re outdoor.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features that the game has to offer, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang can still have their favorite mobile game available for free. As a result, you can easily get the game from the Google Play Store and have it ready on your mobile devices without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

And finally, for those of you who’re interested in getting the full game without pay for the in-game purchases, our modified version of the game would certainly impress you. Feel free to download and install the City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go. Now, it’s totally possible to enjoy the epic action gameplay with ad-free experiences and unlimited money.

Visual and sound quality


With simple 3D graphics, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang will find themselves enjoying the smooth and satisfying gameplay. At the same time, the improved visual effects and interesting physics will certainly make the game a lot more enjoyable. Lastly, with optimized graphics, you can enjoy the game on many of your Android devices with ease.

Sound & Music

To make the exciting gameplay of City Fighter vs Street Gang more enjoyable, Android gamers also find themselves engaged in addictive soundtracks and responsive sound effects, which will make you totally hooked to the fights.

Final thoughts

With simple and addictive fighting gameplay, Android gamers in City Fighter vs Street Gang will certainly find their in-game fighting experiences enjoyable. Plus, with the unlocked version of the game on our website, Android users will find themselves having all the reasons to start enjoying the game.

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